An attractive smile reflects a healthy, happy life

Attractive, natural-looking teeth help us look and feel our best says Dublin implant dentist Eddie Goggins from Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, formerly known as Cabinteely Dental Care. 

Implants let us enjoy the foods we love and allow us to be confident where it really counts: at home, at work, or with friends – but especially on the inside.

People lose their teeth for many reasons but whatever these are, the consequences can have a negative impact on our quality of life.

Are you ignoring missing teeth?

Our teeth do not stand alone. They are part of a complex, integrated system and each tooth plays an important role. Every single tooth ensures, for example, that the teeth on either side stay aligned. 

Has your facial silhouette changed?

Missing teeth can cause a loss in bone density because the bone is no longer stimulated when chewing. The jaw line changes and shrinks, making you look older than you really are.

Are you a candidate for implants?

If you are missing one or more teeth, then you may be a candidate for dental implants.

Do you wear dentures?

If so, you may experience problems with an insecure fit, or embarrassing situations and pain. Implants are a good option because they act like your own natural tooth roots. They can support dental crowns that look and feel like real teeth or provide a secure anchor for dentures.

Exceptional reputation

Eddie Goggins has successfully placed many dental implants. He has an excellent reputation for providing dental implant treatments, including single implant crowns and full implant-retained bridges and dentures. 

How much do dental implants cost?

Details of costs can be found on our fees page. We are also able to offer interest-free credit.

If you would like to find out more about dental implants from Dublin 18 Dental Rooms in St Gabriels Court, please contact us and we would be happy to chat you through the process.