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Making teeth on site

We may be a local dentist Dublin, but we really are expanding what we can do in the clinic, not only fixing teeth but actually fabricating them!

It may not be obvious to the average patient, but the dental industry heavily relies on dental laboratories for the majority of the manufacturing of crowns and veneers. And although this arrangement usually works very well, recent shocks to supply chains have shown us all that being able to self-sufficiently provide services without third parties makes any organisation more robust. Our dentist, Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, is very pleased to be able to announce that we manufacture crowns and veneers in house, taking three-dimensional scans of our patients’ teeth, designing the necessary prosthetics and milling them in the surgery.

Normally reserved for dental laboratories, we are one of the few clinics with a CEREC machine, allowing us to perform the three main steps of dental fabrication. From recording a patient’s tooth position using a 3D scanner, to processing and designing, before sending the first design to the ceramic mill which will cut the desired prosthetic from a block of eMAX ceramic, we do it all.

Dental scanning

Dental scanning is a far less invasive procedure than the traditional plaster moulds which have a habit of becoming distorted and do not store well. Unlike the purely digital models generated by a scanner that can be saved to a computer, which create a more accurate image of the teeth.

Digital modelling

With a little additional training, our dentist Dublin has become adept at using and interpreting digital models. They provide many advantages when designing a prosthetic, allowing an initial model that can be predicted by the software and can then be modified to meet the exact specifications of the patient. This is far easier than making prosthetics by hand once they have been fitted into the patient’s mouth, saving both us and our patients time and money.

Milling in house

With the model for the designs tweaked, all that is left is the selection of the material that we use. We have a wide range of available shades allowing us to match any prosthetics to the patient’s teeth. Once the milling machine is loaded, it will automatically go about chipping away at the enamel block, leaving a  prosthetic with a fully finished surface ready to be fitted.

This can all be done whilst a patient is waiting, allowing us to meet the needs of a dental emergency, even if it involves creating a brand new crown on the same day. This is a huge advantage over the traditional two to three-week manufacturing time that we would expect if we use the third party dental laboratory. This time span would be even longer if we were working with traditional moulds rather than simply emailing over three-dimensional scans. Also, by controlling the quality of manufacturing, we can confidently stand by our work and offer guarantees.

If you would like to find out more information about how CEREC could help you, or to register as a patient, feel free to get in contact by phone or email. There are also contact forms on our website if you would prefer, so we hope to hear from you soon.

Finding the right dentist in Dublin

We are all aware that the only time that we visit a dentist, a doctor or a lawyer is when we have a problem. Surely then one of the primary reasons for choosing a particular practitioner must be the ability to communicate and develop a relationship that suits both parties. Finding a dentist in Dublin is the easy part, finding one that you can relate to is where the difficulty comes. In this day and age, the internet has made reading reviews and recommendations a lot easier. Is this however the only and best way of deciding who to select as your dental practitioner? It’s all about personality so where a particular review might not be favourable that does not mean that you cannot develop a solid happy relationship or that that dentist is not for you.


Deciding on what you want

Dentist Dublin is a provider of a service and you as a patient are a customer of that service provider. What makes a particular dentist that place that you will be happy to have your treatments. Decide on a set of qualities that you look for in a dentist, once you have visited the dentist you will quickly be able to determine if you have found the right one that suits you. The qualities that would best describe a “good” dentist are a welcoming comfortable atmosphere in a respectable and clean surgery. Someone who involves and educates patients in the diagnostic process and why a particular treatment is necessarily the best. A good bedside manner in that the dentist displays honesty about the pros and cons of treatment and has a compassionate and understanding attitude. This is especially necessary if you are a nervous or apprehensive patient, the dentist needs to be sensitive to your concerns. You want to experience a culture where you can see and experience a happy to help mentality, where everyone in the team is willing and able to answer your questions and allay any fears.

Why Dublin 18 Dental Rooms

Dublin 18 Dental Rooms started out seventeen years ago and have made it our goal to improve and grow every year since that time. Our goal is to be the best and to always offer the best service possible and strive to exceed the norms of the best. We constantly reinvest in our practice and our equipment keeping abreast of the latest technological advancements in software and hardware. Our team are continually involved in ongoing professional development training so that we can always provide you with the highest industry standards in dentistry. Our motivation and dedication to all our patients indicate our commitment to ensuring that you can rely on us to work tirelessly to ensure that your dental care from us is the very best available anywhere. Because our founder is still the director we have maintained consistency throughout our existence, applying his standards which have kept us at the forefront of dentist Dublin. All of our teamwork to the same standards and have the same ethos and because we are all pulling in the same direction your health and wellbeing are our primary concern. We are here to make your dental experience the best it can be with the least amount of stress and maximum satisfaction.