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Our multi-skilled dentist in Dublin

Dentistry in the twenty-first century requires providing a variety of services to a more savvy and well-informed patient demographic than in the past. Restorative, cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry are considered to be at least the basic services today’s dentist should be providing. Additional treatments that are becoming more prevalent include facial aesthetics which provide cosmetic, as well as some medical, benefits.


Keeping abreast of developments

Dental science has progressed at a rapid rate and having embraced modern technology the equipment, techniques and procedures we use have advanced enormously. Keeping up with this progress requires a dedication and passion for the industry. It’s not only our dentists that must attend seminars and training, but the entire team at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, because how patients are managed is now a large part of the dental service. As a progressive dentist Dublin our practice spends a lot of time, effort and money ensuring that our patients always receive the best treatment available.

Building relationships

Our patients are now more involved in deciding on which treatments that they would prefer and building a rapport between our patients and practitioners is extremely important. As a well- established dentist Dublin servicing the local community for almost two decades, that patient/dentist relationship allows for candid discussions about dental maintenance and treatment. This honest relationship allows our patients to enjoy a more relaxed and confident attitude to procedures.

Creating a relaxed environment

Many patients still experience anxiety when they have to visit our dentist and part of our dental team’s training is to be able to help a patient to remain calm and relaxed. The surgery environment, the attitude of our staff to patients and the sounds of a dental surgery can all be engineered to produce a calming effect.

Helping patients to improve dental care

As a responsible and caring dentist Dublin educating patients about correct dental hygiene techniques is all part of a preventive strategy. This strategy even comes down to selecting the right toothbrush and toothpaste. We are all different and there is no one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to dental care. Some patients have sensitive teeth and gums and it is important for them to be able to maintain their teeth correctly using the right equipment.

All singing from the same sheet

Family dentistry is an area where preventive dentistry requires all members of the family to adhere to a prescribed dental regime. Teaching children from a very young age the importance of proper dental care could be regarded as one of the greatest gifts that a parent can give to their children. If a child is introduced to our dental surgery as and when a parent goes for their check-up or treatment, the child will become more relaxed and less likely to experience dental anxiety in the future.

Healthy teeth, healthy life

Teeth are part of the gateway to your body, you eat and drink through your mouth and what you eat and drink affects your health. It is important to maintain proper dental care so that no bad bacteria can affect your physical health. Maintaining your teeth also allows you to smile broadly and confidently, ensuring that your mental health is maintained. It is therefore paramount that you take care of your oral cavity, as your overall health depends on it!

How to ensure a positive experience at the dentist

A positive patient experience at the dentist Dublin is important for both adult as well as younger patients. One of the main objectives of a satisfactory patient experience is that this encourages a patient to be more proactive about their oral healthcare needs.


Large numbers of patients forego dental care and even routine check-ups because of their fear of the dental chair. One of the top causes of anxiety in nervous patients at the thought of entering the dental environment is prior bad experiences in childhood or even in adulthood.

 At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms we are well aware that the level of care we provide our patients who visit our practice will determine how likely they are to repeat their visit. This is why we take great pride in being a patient-first dental practice with a highly capable and caring dentist Dublin to provide quality care.

It is not just the clinical skills that are important when it comes to providing quality dental care but equally so is the manner in which patients are treated.  In this post, we take a look at some of the ways patients can improve their experiences when visiting a dentist Dublin.

Ways to improve patient experience when seeking dental care

The very first requirement is to choose a compassionate and understanding dentist. It is best not to wait until a dental emergency arises to find a dental practice for quality care. Starting the search process early will leave patients with the luxury of time to ensure they choose the right one. There are many indicators that point to an empathetic dentist.

Desirable personable traits of a dentist with a good bedside manner include approachability, friendliness, good listener and communicator and trustworthiness.

Next to personality traits is the range of dental care, efficient processes and pleasant dental environment that contribute to positive patient experiences.

A dental practice offering personalised treatment plans is preferable to one that favours a cookie-cutter approach. Individual patients have their own unique oral situations directed by particular complexities. Personalised dental care is the only solution to give these patients the quality care they need to resolve their oral health issues.

Positive patient experiences are also influenced by efficient processes as they are by effective treatment plans. Towards both ends, modern dental technologies play a substantive role.

State-of-the-art dental equipment is more likely to deliver a higher degree of accuracy in diagnosing dental problems than a dental practice furnished with old-fashioned equipment.

An all-inclusive dental service menu at one trusted dental clinic will ensure that patients do not need to find different dental practitioners to attend to their different dental care needs. This can make resolving oral health issues more efficient, saving patients valuable time.

In the search for the right dentist, other patients’ experiences can also prove to be a useful guide. There is a reason why we at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms are noted for exceptional patient care – it is simply evident in all that we do. Reach out to our friendly team at the front desk to schedule an appointment for a time suitable for you.

Our dentist Dublin team is on your side!

As a 21st century dentist Dublin, we at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms believe that our patients and ourselves are all part of the same team, all working to achieve the same goal. That goal is to ensure that your teeth are cared for so that they will last you throughout your lifetime.


The thought of going to the dentist Dublin is usually one that is accepted with some reservations by most. We at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms have worked over the past 17 years to change that perception. We work hard at getting to know our patients, their desires, fears and aspirations, especially from a dental point of view. Leading from the front, Dr Eddie Goggins has assembled a like-minded group of people over the years to join his team; a team that enjoys the art of dentistry, which in today’s world is far more than just filling and pulling teeth. The way that dentistry is practised today often requires more than one member of the team to complete treatment, and your team is right here to deliver for you.

Preventive dentistry at the core

Progressive dentistry requires us as a dentist practice to actively educate, encourage and promote the benefits of a comprehensive dental regime. Because we spend a lot of time getting to know our patients, we believe that we can be candid with you and that you can be as candid in return. This allows us to enjoy a relationship built on trust and honesty. It is easy to assume that everybody knows how to brush their teeth, but nothing could be further from the truth. Brushing teeth correctly and with the correct equipment that suits your teeth and gums requires the help and expertise of a professional.

Part of our treatment is to ensure that all of our patients use the right brush, toothpaste and method to keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy. Adults are also encouraged to bring their children into our surgery as early as possible so that they can get used to the sight, smells, noises and the general environment. Our staff also spend a lot of time getting to know your children so that they can be relaxed and comfortable.

Aiming high

Our ambition is to provide five-star treatment, and by aiming high, we believe that we can achieve our goals. We want to be the “go-to” dentist Dublin for treatment and service that is of high quality and standards. Having lofty ambitions means that our staff members regularly attend seminars and training to stay up-to-date with the latest treatments and techniques to give you high-quality treatment. We constantly review our equipment and, where necessary, invest in the latest available. For us to provide a unique dental experience, we will always listen to your requests, fears and concerns intently and act upon them.

Our treatments are focussed on our patients

Wherever possible and within our scope of expertise, we will act on your requests, and to this end, we offer some additional treatments. As dentists, we are trained on the head and neck, bones, muscles and skin. In this modern, fast-paced world, patients require some additional non-dental treatment. Because we have the expertise and the sterile rooms, we can also offer anti-wrinkle treatment and fillers.

Our Dublin dentist team

At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms we have dedicated individuals all working as one cohesive team to provide you with the best dental care available. Patients are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining their teeth and gums. We are here to provide you with that facility and we are flexible with our hours by arrangement, to make it as easy as possible for you. We open at eight in the morning and close at eight in the evening on certain days and if that does not suit you we will work to accommodate you wherever possible. Emergencies happen and if you should be unfortunate enough to require emergency treatment you can rest assured that one of our team will be available to attend to you. Our ambition is to make your experience the best it can be and we pride ourselves on our care and dedication, treating you as we would like to be treated ourselves. Sometimes it is necessary for your treatment to involve more than one of us and you can rely on us to work seamlessly as a team to get the results that you expect.


Regular thorough dental health checks

As an established dentist Dublin with almost two decades of service to the community and as part of our preventive dentistry, your dental appointment will normally include a thirteen point dental health check. This is a comprehensive oral cavity check which also involves a search for any signs of mouth cancer. We would like to see you at least once a year for a complete detailed oral health examination. We also look carefully at surrounding structures, as your gums are vital for the health of your teeth and maintaining healthy gums will go a long way to helping to maintain healthy teeth.

Preventive dentistry for adults and children

The importance of introducing your children to our dentist Dublin cannot be emphasised enough, because starting early is the key to dental longevity! We encourage parents to bring their children into our surgery from a young age, even before their baby teeth have gone. Regular visits will result in a relaxed and comfortable attitude when it comes to their own first appointment. Early visits allow us to develop a relationship with your children making education in the proper dental regime much easier. It also allows us to ensure that there is uniformity in the dental regime of parents and children alike.

Full range of dental treatments and more

As a progressive dentist Dublin we know how important it is in the twenty-first century to be able to produce a healthy confident smile. Our team provides a full range of general and cosmetic dental treatments from simple teeth whitening, bridges and veneers to root canal treatments. Extractions, fillings and teeth straightening using the latest braces and aligners are all part of our team’s routine procedures. If you have lost a tooth or teeth due to an accident or as a result of tooth decay we can offer dentures or dental implants to restore your ability to chew properly. We also understand how you may require just that little extra treatment for improving facial aesthetics. We offer Botox and dermal filler treatment in our safe and sterile treatment rooms by a qualified clinician. Your team is available to take care of your dental needs and that little extra!

When you need a dentist, Dublin 18 Dental Rooms has it all!

If you are looking for a dental practice with a relaxed environment and one that uses the latest technologies, then Dublin 18 Dental Rooms is for you! We offer a wide range of treatments to suit all dental needs, including general dentistry, restorative procedures and cosmetic ones. We also offer facial aesthetics treatments to finish off your look and help you to smile with the confidence you deserve to have. At our practice, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent care, no matter what the age of our patients. If you have missing teeth, our dentist Dublin offers a very popular treatment that can help you to get your smile functioning and looking completely natural again, dental implants.


What are dental implants?

Dental implants consist of titanium screws that are fitted into the jawbone, where you have missing teeth. These screws are used to attach replacement teeth to and once they are firmly fixed in place after your body’s tissues have fused over the screws, the replacement teeth won’t be going anywhere! Replacements for the visible part of the teeth can be crowns, bridges or dentures, depending on how many you need to replace. At our surgery, our dentist Dublin has a range of brands to choose from depending on your specific needs – and we tailor our treatment to you.

What are the benefits of choosing implants with our dentist Dublin?

The obvious benefit of an implant is that once the screw has fused with your body’s tissue, it is held rigidly in place. This means that you will be able to talk freely, without the fear of your replacement teeth loosening and embarrassing you, as can sometimes happen with dentures for example. Equally, you should also be able to eat and drink whatever you want to and not have to worry about finding a little extra crunch in your meringue! At our dental rooms, we offer a valuable treatment, which delivers replacement teeth for the whole mouth, using just 4 screws. Once the healing has taken place between the screws and the jawbone, you then return for your permanent replacement prosthesis to be fitted.

A further advantage of choosing implants is that you can continue to care for your oral hygiene without any additional effort. Simply maintain your implants by brushing and flossing twice daily and come to see us for your routine dental check-ups. It couldn’t be easier to care for your new smile! Many patients feel that their smiles look extremely natural and nobody knows that they haven’t got a full set of natural teeth. The beauty of dental implants is that replacement teeth are made to match each other, and any remaining natural teeth that you may have.

What next?

If you are interested in finding out how we can help you at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, no matter what your concerns are, book in for a consultation with us to discuss your goals. We will examine your mouth thoroughly to identify what your treatment options are and together we will be able to devise a treatment plan for you. Whether you just need general dental care or something a little more special, we can help you to gain a smile that you won’t want to hide.

Sore gums? Our dentist explores the reasons below

Do you ever brush your teeth and feel that your gums are a bit sore afterwards? Or do you frequently notice that your gums are sensitive?


There is a wealth of articles relating to sensitive teeth and how to alleviate them, but as many as 50% of dental patients experience intermittent episodes of sensitive gums. In this article, we are going to look at why.

At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, our dentist Dublin believes that a person’s entire mouth should be healthy and so, if you are experiencing gingival discomfort, you should see our team to explore the reasons why. After all, your gums need care too!

So what are the most common reasons why people experience gum pain? Our dentist Dublin explores them below!

Rough brushing

OK, so we touched on this earlier, but the leading cause of patients experiencing recurrent sore gums, according to our dentist Dublin, is hard brushing.

If you are a bit more vigorous with your cleaning when you brush, this can easily cause the soft tissue of the gums to become inflamed and sore. And, unfortunately, as brushing is done every day, it can quickly lead to an ongoing problem.

If your teeth hurt after you brush, you should book an appointment to see our team; this will allow us to offer you tips on how to brush sensitive gums, as well as enable us to discuss the correct brushing technique and toothbrushes.

Gum disease

Sore gums that bleed can also be a sign of gum disease, even in the early stages.

And as you may know, gum disease is often the result of incorrect brushing technique and an excess of bacteria in your mouth, leading to the gums becoming spongy and sore.

Luckily, gum disease is treatable in minor cases and manageable in more severe ones, with our team being able to provide you with a scale and polish, and bacteria targeting mouthwashes.


More common when you are ill or under stress, ulcers or canker sores can cause your gums to feel sensitive and uncomfortable in daily life.

Sadly, as the cause of ulcers is non-specific, they may resolve themselves when you get better or feel less stressed. However, if your ulcers are larger than a 5 pence piece, are recurring in the same part of your mouth or bleed, then you should see our team for an appointment, as this can sometimes point to oral cancer.

Hormonal changes

This is a more common issue with women, but is not solely exclusive to them, as men experience hormonal changes too.

But, if you are female, you are more likely to experience sore gums if you are menstruating if you are pregnant or are going through menopause. Many teenage girls also experience sore gums due to hormonal fluctuations, so if you have a teenage daughter who has painful gums, it may be worth contacting our team and your doctor for an assessment.


It should come as no surprise that if you smoke, you have a higher chance of developing sore gums. The hot air that is breathed in during smoking can cause inflammation and can alter the texture of the gingival tissue, making it more likely to bleed.

Our dentist discusses the advantages of veneers

Do you want a whiter smile, but aren’t too keen on traditional whitening techniques?


At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, our dentist Dublin can assess your suitability for dental veneers; thin, porcelain coverings placed over your teeth for an instant whitening and concealing effect!

Here, our dentist Dublin discusses 5 key advantages of having veneers fitted by our team, so enjoy!

Low maintenance

Veneers are a great way to restore your smile because, in short, they are low maintenance.

When you have them fitted, you will need to see our dentist Dublin every 6 months for a check-up and continue with your regular dental regime, but that’s about it!

If you have concerns that your veneers are becoming discoloured or are falling off, then please call us as soon as possible so we can assess the situation.

Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the attractive aesthetics that these nifty coverings can provide!

Natural look

As a veneer is fitted to your tooth or teeth, we can colour match it, shade match it and even match its translucency to your surrounding teeth.

If you are looking for a more natural look as opposed to a Hollywood one, this is easily achieved with veneers. The finished result is completely within your control, so talk to our team about what you hope to achieve from having these restoratives fitted.

Conceal cracks

Cracks in your teeth can not only create issues with your confidence when you smile, but they can also act as a magnet for plaque and bacteria, thus resulting in a higher incidence of decay, even if the crack isn’t that deep.

Luckily, veneers can be used to cover these cracks and can also conceal a myriad of other dental issues such as bad spacing, misalignments and asymmetries with teeth.

Our team will be able to assist you in determining if you are suitable to have veneers fitted to conceal all of these issues.

Reduce sensitivity

Many patients suffer from dental sensitivity; that sharp pang that you get when you drink hot coffee or sip cold water.

And while the cause of any dental sensitivity will have to be explored by our team, having veneers fitted may be the answer. Why? Because some sensitivity is caused by microscopic holes in the teeth allowing external stimuli access to the pulp, this can be stopped by placing a layer over the top of the hole.

A veneer is fitted, discomfort reduces and your smile looks great!

Stain resistant

Many people experience dental staining. And as such, many people require their teeth to be whitened regularly to keep their teeth stain free.

However, if you have sensitive teeth, this may not seem to be an appealing option. Veneers can offer a stain-resistant solution that also allows you to get whiter teeth. The porcelain that the veneers are made from is less porous than that of enamel on your teeth and so, even if you drink coffee every day on your morning commute, they are less likely to stain than your natural teeth. Perfect!

If you would like to know more about having veneers fitted, please call our team today!

Dental implants at your dentist Dublin

If you are suffering from missing teeth, you need to speak to our dentist Dublin as soon as possible to make sure that you are not causing further detrimental effects to your surrounding teeth. Quite often they will try to move into spaces created by tooth loss. We will also help restore and improve the look and function of your teeth and smile which may have been affected by the opening up of these gaps.


Here at our dentist Dublin we are proud to present dental implants and dental implant surgery as an excellent tooth replacement therapy.  Over the last few decades dental implants have become the gold standard in replacing missing teeth. If you book an appointment to visit our dentist Dublin you can undergo a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums to find out how dental implants can benefit you. Finally you can begin your journey in creating a beautiful smile once again.

How do dental implants work?

The surgery itself requires that you have sufficient healthy bone for the implant to be successfully integrated into your jaw. Some patients require bone grafting if there is insufficient bone and this can be carried out either a few weeks prior to the surgery or at the time of the surgery, depending on the extent of grafting necessary. However, it is important that you speak to our dentist as soon as possible following the loss of your tooth, because if left unattended, bone decay can be quite common after tooth loss.

A small hole will be drilled into the bone socket of your missing tooth and a titanium screw, which is the implant, is inserted into the hole and this initiates a natural process of the human body known as osseointegration. This causes osteoblasts, or bone forming cells, to form around the implant, so that it is securely fixed in place in your jaw.

The process itself can take 3 to 4 months for successful osseointegration to happen. It is important that you visit our dentist regularly during this time to make sure that the process is coming along successfully and that you have no other dental issues presenting themselves during this time. Once successful osseointegration has occurred then a connector post known as an abutment is securely fixed to the screw to which your crown can be attached.

A permanent solution for missing teeth

With good oral hygiene and regular visits to our dentist Dublin, this is a permanent solution for your missing tooth and will help restore the full functioning of your mouth and improve the aesthetics of your smile immediately.

Speak to one of our experienced and professional team today and find out more about dental implants and how they can benefit your oral health for life.

Facts about root canals from our dentist

Need to have a root canal performed and have concerns?

When you come to Dublin 18 Dental Rooms for endodontics, our dentist Dublin will ensure that all of the questions you have are answered, in jargon-free language. That way, you can make the best choice about your dental care for optimal results.

Here, our dentist Dublin explores the top 5 facts you may not know about root canals.

They prevent extraction

As our dentist Dublin will tell you when you have had a dental abscess or have suffered damage to your tooth or teeth, there are typically only 2 options to restore the damage. The first is a root canal, which is preferred (especially if the tooth is largely intact) and the second is an extraction.

As you may have guessed, having a root canal prevents an extraction that can encompass a myriad of health issues including excessive plaque and even orthodontic issues.

They have aesthetic advantages

Many people have concerns that when they have a root canal performed, the tooth that is treated will die. And as you may know, a dead tooth is black or grey and doesn’t leave an aesthetically pleasing finish!

Luckily, root canals do not have this effect and, if used on one of the front teeth, will actually leave you with an impressively finished tooth that looks no different from the ones around it.

And while you may not like the idea of a root canal, you have to admit that having a gap in your smile will likely have a bigger impact on your confidence.

They are over 200 years old

You may be surprised to learn that, although they seem to be a rather modern procedure, the first root canal was performed in 1766.

While not as comfortable as the options available today, the underlying principle was the same; to treat a diseased tooth by removing the pulp. Today, however, we use more sophisticated techniques and will usually achieve better results than they did in 1766!

They don’t hurt!

Many dental patients worry that root canals are painful.

This is a common idea, which may have become so because when you attend a dental surgery to have a root canal fitted you will probably be in quite a bit of discomfort, especially if you have an abscess.

But our team will aim to reduce any discomfort you have when you attend our practice by applying a numbing agent to your mouth before we begin the root canal. So, you won’t feel a thing!

They can be lifelong!

You may have heard that root canals have a short lifespan and that they are only a stop-gap until the infected tooth is extracted.

However, if you have good aftercare, maintain good oral hygiene and see our team every 6 months, then your newly fitted root canal can easily last the rest of your life.

In the unlikely event that a root canal fails, our team will then aim to refit it. Should it continue to fail, we will probably opt for extraction, based on the clinical situation.

A guide to oral cancer from our dentist Dublin

Everyone knows that dental checkups are important for maintaining good oral health.


But did you know they play a crucial role in defending you against cancer too?

At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, we know that your mouth can affect the rest of your body and so, during your biannual checkup with our dentist Dublin, we will be sure to check you for signs of oral cancer and, if we spot anything to be concerned about, we will refer you to a hospital immediately.

With that in mind, what exactly are some of the warning signs of oral cancer that you can look out for during your twice-a-day brushing routine? Our dentist Dublin answers that question and others below.

What are the symptoms of oral cancer?

Some general warning signs could point to oral cancer and, if you notice them, contact our dentist Dublin immediately for a checkup. These signs include but are not limited to lumps, bumps, and swellings that are inside or around the mouth or on the lips.

Another sign to look out for is the presence of ulcers that show up often, are larger than a 5 pence piece or bleed when touched. If you have problems chewing, swallowing or speaking, then you may need to contact our team for a checkup and an oral cancer screening.

Risk factors

As is the way with most cancers, you can have a heightened risk for the condition due to genetics; if someone in your family has had oral cancer, then we recommend regular screening for it.

Also, if you smoke or chew tobacco, spend long periods in the sun or drink excessive amounts of alcohol, your chances of developing oral cancer can go up. There has also been a link discovered between certain strains of human papillomavirus (HPV) and the development of oral cancer so, if you have had this ailment in the past, please contact us right away.

How is it diagnosed?

We check for oral cancer during a standard checkup by feeling around for lumps and other swellings in your mouth. We will also look for any oddly coloured areas of tissue and ask you to move your mouth and jaw into certain positions to determine if you have any hidden growths.

If we suspect that you have a lump that looks worrying or detect any related problems using an x-ray, we will refer you to a hospital for more detailed biopsies and diagnostic tests.


Should you be diagnosed with oral cancer in the early stages, there is a very high chance that you will make a full recovery. Treatments for it include radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy.

How to prevent it

To prevent oral cancer, we recommend that you stop consuming any tobacco-based products and reduce your alcohol intake. Furthermore, you must aim to reduce your exposure to the sun and, if you work outside, wear a strong anti-UV sunblock. And, of course, make it a point to see our team every 6 months for a checkup!