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Tips to prevent decay from our dentist

Most people have a basic idea of what tooth decay is.

Plaque builds up on the teeth, due to ineffective brushing or poor diet and leads to a small, rather sore brown hole in the tooth called a cavity. If left for long enough, this then starts to expand and breaks down the tooth further, causing discomfort and sensitivity.


And, if you have visited a dental team in the last 5 years or so, then you may be fed up with hearing about how to prevent tooth decay. But, it’s an important list to have to hand, especially if you have let your dental hygiene go astray!

At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, we are extremely proud of the support that our dentist Dublin gives to our patients relating to their general oral health. We pride ourselves on being able to offer targeted advice for each of our patients and work with them to ensure that they get the most out of seeing our team for check-ups.

So, what are some of our top tips to prevent tooth decay? Our dentist Dublin lists them below.

Brush your teeth

Right, so let’s start with the most well-known way to prevent decay – brush your teeth! Twice a day, in the morning and evening, for around 3 minutes. Use circular motions with your brush and, if possible, be sure to use an electric toothbrush with a round head. Our dentist Dublin also advises that you get a toothbrush with a built-in sensor that will detect if you are pushing too hard when you brush. Doing this can cause your gums to become eroded, and your enamel to become too thin.


If you are new to the world of flossing, be sure to ask our team for a demonstration on how best to do it. Flossing cleans that hidden 40% of the tooth’s surface and removes plaque from hard to reach and unseen areas. If you find that flossing is causing your gums to bleed, you may be flossing a bit too hard and should talk to our team for advice on the correct method.

Water flossers and interdental brushes

If you suffer from severe gum disease or are prone to cavities due to genetics, then it is probably worth also investing in a water flosser and interdental brushes. Try to use these before you use dental floss and before you brush your teeth, as both of them will remove stubborn or stuck bits of food and debris, which can then be better accessed with normal flossing and brushing.


Most people do not drink enough water. And so, one of the top ways to prevent tooth decay is to drink more water. Water promotes the production of saliva, which helps to remove bits of stuck-on food and plaque, thus reducing the chance of developing tooth decay.

Attend check-ups

And finally, even though you may be less than eager to, you should aim to visit our team every 6 months for a check-up. This will allow us to assess the condition of your teeth, apply sealants and provide you with prescription toothpaste and mouthwash if needed.

Dublin 18 Dental Rooms: a dentist Dublin you and your family need

When searching for a dentist Dublin, it can be as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. If you choose to go with a dental practice that doesn’t offer all of the treatments you may require in the future, such as restorative care, then you could find that you end up needing to go elsewhere and start the search again. With Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, however, we move with the times, keeping our training and technology up to date, providing a wide range of treatments, so you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else, now or down the line. One example of our restorative treatments is dental implants, which enable you to have a natural-looking smile that functions like a natural smile too!


The low-down on dental implants

If you have missing teeth, then you may be aware of treatments such as dentures, crowns or bridges for replacing them. However, all of these options involve removing your replacement teeth, and there is a possibility that they can loosen when you eat or talk. With dental implants, however, this risk is removed. Implants involve small metal screws being attached to the jawbone. They are firmly fitted, because the body’s tissues heal around them. To these screws, our dentist Dublin can then attach the replacement teeth, so they are securely fitted and won’t need to be removed at all.

The hype

So, you may be wondering why we are getting ourselves worked up over dental implants and the answer is because they are an excellent solution, our patients tell us so, but also because they give you the opportunity to have teeth you can rely upon. Dental implants are easy to maintain by brushing and flossing, and coming to see us for your routine check-ups. If you do that, then you could have your dental implants for a lifetime! Once they are fitted, nobody else will realise that you don’t have a full set of natural teeth, especially when you continue to eat whatever you want. With other methods of replacement teeth, you may need to avoid hard or chewy foods, but as implants are attached to your jawbone, you can continue to have a steak well done, or chomp on an apple a day – whatever you fancy is fine by us! Equally, you can be the life and soul of the party and chat away to your heart’s content, because your replacement teeth shouldn’t loosen either.

And, if that isn’t enough, dental implants could also make you look younger. If you have missing teeth, your face can lose its structure and become drawn. By having implants, you support the face again, allowing it to look fuller and more youthful. Result! Also, by replacing missing teeth, you are protecting the gums and any remaining natural teeth that you have from being overexposed to bacteria, so you should have a healthier smile too.

Initial consultation

If you would like to know whether or not dental implants are a suitable treatment for you, come and see us at our dentist Dublin as our friendly, professional and experienced team are ready to greet you and discuss your concerns. We will examine your mouth and present you with the range of treatment options available to you and if dental implants are one of them, you can look forward to having a beautiful smile that functions like a natural one too. With treatments like this, you and your family should get to know us really well over the years ahead.

How our dentist Dublin can help nervous patients

Many people have concerns about seeing dentists, but we are not blind to this issue and want you to get the best oral health you can. Therefore, our dentist Dublin is here to offer our nervous patients additional procedures that can help them feel more at ease when they come to us for treatments. Let’s take a look at what they are.


Why are people afraid of dental treatment?

Often patients may have had a bad experience early in life when their dental teams were not very kind or understanding toward them. In other cases, patients may have undertaken uncomfortable procedures that have made them wary of seeing dental teams due to association.

But, whatever your reason is for being nervous, we can help you. Our dentist Dublin is trained in managing patients who have all levels of dental phobias, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our team can typically offer the following options for those who have a dental phobia:

  • Nitrous oxide
  • Intravenous sedation
  • Distractions
  • Compassion
  • Comfortable dentistry


The days of dental teams being judgemental are long gone, as this was not an effective way to get people to attend appointments.

Our team is aware of how scary it can be to undergo dental treatments at any age, and we are proud to offer a compassionate approach to dentistry. We will aim to treat you holistically and gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have about the treatment you need.

Comfortable dentistry

Many people have phobias of dental care due to associations with large needles and uncomfortable procedures.

However, our team at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms will always offer comfortable approaches to dental care, thanks to their extensive knowledge and our modern equipment.


Many patients feel better about attending dental check-ups if they have something to distract them; this can be something as simple as a headset to listen to music or even watching TV, as both can eliminate the sound of the drill.

We are always happy to accommodate patients who need distractions when undergoing dental procedures; our dentist Dublin will work with you to find the best option that can help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Nitrous oxide

We can offer our more phobic patients a more removed experience of being in the dental chair.

Inhaled through a mask, nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, will allow you to enter a state of sedation where you will not feel discomfort but still be able to follow our team’s instructions. Afterwards, you should be able to go about your day as usual.

Intravenous sedation

IV sedation is a suitable option for those who have more extreme cases of dental phobia. Much like nitrous oxide, IV sedation allows you to be removed from the experience and not feel any discomfort; however, it is administered via a needle into your arm.

After the needle is removed, you will regain consciousness but still need to have a family member or a friend escort you home. You should also refrain from driving or making any long-term decisions for the next 24 hours.

Our dentist Dublin and your personal dental team!

Because modern dentistry requires a team effort we put you at the forefront of your treatment. We do not adopt a one-treatment-suits-all approach, our experienced team are all working for our patients as individuals. After a very thorough examination we will discuss in depth with you what your condition is and provide you with the treatment options available to you. You are encouraged to ask all the questions that you deem necessary to be able to decide on which treatment you feel will give you the results that you desire. Of course, we will guide you, but as a progressive dentist Dublin we want you to take charge and feel that we are your exclusive dental team working to achieve your dental objectives.


A history that you can rely on

As a dentist Dublin, operating in this community for the past seventeen years, we have built up a reliable reputation which has encouraged our patients to stay with us and pass on recommendations. Dentistry like any other undertaking will only succeed if the product or service provided meets the quality and standard that is expected. All of our team, whether it’s front of house or back of house, attend regular seminars and training to ensure that our knowledge and techniques are of the high standard that you expect.

Making dental treatment more accessible

Life in the twenty-first century is hectic and we don’t want you to put off your dental maintenance because you cannot fit appointments into your busy schedule. To accommodate you we will provide early morning and late evening slots during the week by arrangement. If a Saturday is more convenient for you we will accommodate you as necessary.

Team responsibility

You and our entire dental surgery are all part of the same team and it is therefore incumbent on us all to play our part. You, as the patient, are expected to take personal responsibility for your own teeth by brushing and flossing regularly, at least twice a day. As part of your regime you are expected to attend a dental appointment at least twice a year. We will guide you and educate you as to the correct equipment and techniques to use to maintain a healthy mouth. As your dentist Dublin we take our responsibilities very seriously, because we know how precious your teeth are.

You only get one shot at keeping your teeth

Once your baby teeth have been replaced by your adult teeth, that is the start of a lifetime of dental maintenance that you must implement to ensure a healthy mouth. If you fail to maintain your teeth with a proper dedicated dental regime your teeth will not last your lifetime. We are here to help you by providing all the dental treatment necessary and as a team we are committed to supporting you.

In addition, enjoy some facial pampering

We will take care of your teeth with your help and if you feel the need to enjoy some facial therapy, we offer that as well. As a dentist we have been trained in facial anatomy and therefore have a thorough knowledge of the face, skin, muscles and bones. This knowledge allows us to safely offer non-surgical, anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatment in our sterile treatment rooms. So for your dental care and your aesthetic requirements we are here as your personal team ready to provide every service.

A guide to root canals from our dentist Dublin

When it comes to generalised dental treatment, there are few options available that invoke concern as much as a root canal does.


This is unfortunate, as root canals have been a part of dental care for over 100 years, and in that time, they have saved countless smiles and preserved damaged teeth. However, our team at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms has a theory as to why root canals are so unpopular, and it lies in misinformation.

At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, our dentist Dublin has performed hundreds of root canal procedures and can personally attest to how useful this treatment is for patients who have a severely damaged tooth or have recently suffered from a dental abscess.

With this in mind, it is important to expand a little bit on what is involved in a typical root canal, so here, our dentist Dublin provides a short guide.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is simply the process of our dentist Dublin drilling down through the tooth to reach the root, or the pulp, which is likely to be infected should you need this treatment. It falls under the category of dental treatment known as endodontics.

It is usually recommended as part of the treatment for dental abscesses or for repairing teeth that have been damaged severely. It can also be used to minimise sensitivity, but this is usually a last resort.

The process

The process of performing a root canal will usually start with an x-ray so that our team can assess the extent of the abscess or the damage to the tooth. Then we will numb the area with a local anaesthetic, or if you are a nervous patient, general anaesthesia or a sedation method will be used. After this, we will drill down through the tooth to reach the pulp and use a set of small scraping brushes to remove any source of infection, essentially cleaning the tooth from the inside. Once we are happy with this, we will fill the canal with a substance known as gutta-percha and top this newly filled tooth off with either a filling or a crown. Depending on how many roots need cleaning, this process may be spread over multiple appointments.


The aftercare of a root canal is pretty straightforward. You will still need to clean your teeth as you did before the root canal, but be aware that the area may be sensitive for a few days, which is normal. You should also avoid having your teeth professionally whitened for at least one month after a root canal.


If you maintain good oral hygiene and attend dental checkups as and when you need to, the results of the root canal can easily last the rest of your life without the recurrence of an infection. However, if you have concerns that your root canal is failing, please make an appointment to see our emergency dental team as soon as possible, and we will assess the area to explore whether an abscess is forming or the tooth is damaged.

Our multi-skilled dentist in Dublin

Dentistry in the twenty-first century requires providing a variety of services to a more savvy and well-informed patient demographic than in the past. Restorative, cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry are considered to be at least the basic services today’s dentist should be providing. Additional treatments that are becoming more prevalent include facial aesthetics which provide cosmetic, as well as some medical, benefits.


Keeping abreast of developments

Dental science has progressed at a rapid rate and having embraced modern technology the equipment, techniques and procedures we use have advanced enormously. Keeping up with this progress requires a dedication and passion for the industry. It’s not only our dentists that must attend seminars and training, but the entire team at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, because how patients are managed is now a large part of the dental service. As a progressive dentist Dublin our practice spends a lot of time, effort and money ensuring that our patients always receive the best treatment available.

Building relationships

Our patients are now more involved in deciding on which treatments that they would prefer and building a rapport between our patients and practitioners is extremely important. As a well- established dentist Dublin servicing the local community for almost two decades, that patient/dentist relationship allows for candid discussions about dental maintenance and treatment. This honest relationship allows our patients to enjoy a more relaxed and confident attitude to procedures.

Creating a relaxed environment

Many patients still experience anxiety when they have to visit our dentist and part of our dental team’s training is to be able to help a patient to remain calm and relaxed. The surgery environment, the attitude of our staff to patients and the sounds of a dental surgery can all be engineered to produce a calming effect.

Helping patients to improve dental care

As a responsible and caring dentist Dublin educating patients about correct dental hygiene techniques is all part of a preventive strategy. This strategy even comes down to selecting the right toothbrush and toothpaste. We are all different and there is no one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to dental care. Some patients have sensitive teeth and gums and it is important for them to be able to maintain their teeth correctly using the right equipment.

All singing from the same sheet

Family dentistry is an area where preventive dentistry requires all members of the family to adhere to a prescribed dental regime. Teaching children from a very young age the importance of proper dental care could be regarded as one of the greatest gifts that a parent can give to their children. If a child is introduced to our dental surgery as and when a parent goes for their check-up or treatment, the child will become more relaxed and less likely to experience dental anxiety in the future.

Healthy teeth, healthy life

Teeth are part of the gateway to your body, you eat and drink through your mouth and what you eat and drink affects your health. It is important to maintain proper dental care so that no bad bacteria can affect your physical health. Maintaining your teeth also allows you to smile broadly and confidently, ensuring that your mental health is maintained. It is therefore paramount that you take care of your oral cavity, as your overall health depends on it!

How to ensure a positive experience at the dentist

A positive patient experience at the dentist Dublin is important for both adult as well as younger patients. One of the main objectives of a satisfactory patient experience is that this encourages a patient to be more proactive about their oral healthcare needs.


Large numbers of patients forego dental care and even routine check-ups because of their fear of the dental chair. One of the top causes of anxiety in nervous patients at the thought of entering the dental environment is prior bad experiences in childhood or even in adulthood.

 At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms we are well aware that the level of care we provide our patients who visit our practice will determine how likely they are to repeat their visit. This is why we take great pride in being a patient-first dental practice with a highly capable and caring dentist Dublin to provide quality care.

It is not just the clinical skills that are important when it comes to providing quality dental care but equally so is the manner in which patients are treated.  In this post, we take a look at some of the ways patients can improve their experiences when visiting a dentist Dublin.

Ways to improve patient experience when seeking dental care

The very first requirement is to choose a compassionate and understanding dentist. It is best not to wait until a dental emergency arises to find a dental practice for quality care. Starting the search process early will leave patients with the luxury of time to ensure they choose the right one. There are many indicators that point to an empathetic dentist.

Desirable personable traits of a dentist with a good bedside manner include approachability, friendliness, good listener and communicator and trustworthiness.

Next to personality traits is the range of dental care, efficient processes and pleasant dental environment that contribute to positive patient experiences.

A dental practice offering personalised treatment plans is preferable to one that favours a cookie-cutter approach. Individual patients have their own unique oral situations directed by particular complexities. Personalised dental care is the only solution to give these patients the quality care they need to resolve their oral health issues.

Positive patient experiences are also influenced by efficient processes as they are by effective treatment plans. Towards both ends, modern dental technologies play a substantive role.

State-of-the-art dental equipment is more likely to deliver a higher degree of accuracy in diagnosing dental problems than a dental practice furnished with old-fashioned equipment.

An all-inclusive dental service menu at one trusted dental clinic will ensure that patients do not need to find different dental practitioners to attend to their different dental care needs. This can make resolving oral health issues more efficient, saving patients valuable time.

In the search for the right dentist, other patients’ experiences can also prove to be a useful guide. There is a reason why we at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms are noted for exceptional patient care – it is simply evident in all that we do. Reach out to our friendly team at the front desk to schedule an appointment for a time suitable for you.

Our dentist Dublin team is on your side!

As a 21st century dentist Dublin, we at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms believe that our patients and ourselves are all part of the same team, all working to achieve the same goal. That goal is to ensure that your teeth are cared for so that they will last you throughout your lifetime.


The thought of going to the dentist Dublin is usually one that is accepted with some reservations by most. We at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms have worked over the past 17 years to change that perception. We work hard at getting to know our patients, their desires, fears and aspirations, especially from a dental point of view. Leading from the front, Dr Eddie Goggins has assembled a like-minded group of people over the years to join his team; a team that enjoys the art of dentistry, which in today’s world is far more than just filling and pulling teeth. The way that dentistry is practised today often requires more than one member of the team to complete treatment, and your team is right here to deliver for you.

Preventive dentistry at the core

Progressive dentistry requires us as a dentist practice to actively educate, encourage and promote the benefits of a comprehensive dental regime. Because we spend a lot of time getting to know our patients, we believe that we can be candid with you and that you can be as candid in return. This allows us to enjoy a relationship built on trust and honesty. It is easy to assume that everybody knows how to brush their teeth, but nothing could be further from the truth. Brushing teeth correctly and with the correct equipment that suits your teeth and gums requires the help and expertise of a professional.

Part of our treatment is to ensure that all of our patients use the right brush, toothpaste and method to keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy. Adults are also encouraged to bring their children into our surgery as early as possible so that they can get used to the sight, smells, noises and the general environment. Our staff also spend a lot of time getting to know your children so that they can be relaxed and comfortable.

Aiming high

Our ambition is to provide five-star treatment, and by aiming high, we believe that we can achieve our goals. We want to be the “go-to” dentist Dublin for treatment and service that is of high quality and standards. Having lofty ambitions means that our staff members regularly attend seminars and training to stay up-to-date with the latest treatments and techniques to give you high-quality treatment. We constantly review our equipment and, where necessary, invest in the latest available. For us to provide a unique dental experience, we will always listen to your requests, fears and concerns intently and act upon them.

Our treatments are focussed on our patients

Wherever possible and within our scope of expertise, we will act on your requests, and to this end, we offer some additional treatments. As dentists, we are trained on the head and neck, bones, muscles and skin. In this modern, fast-paced world, patients require some additional non-dental treatment. Because we have the expertise and the sterile rooms, we can also offer anti-wrinkle treatment and fillers.

Our Dublin dentist team

At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms we have dedicated individuals all working as one cohesive team to provide you with the best dental care available. Patients are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining their teeth and gums. We are here to provide you with that facility and we are flexible with our hours by arrangement, to make it as easy as possible for you. We open at eight in the morning and close at eight in the evening on certain days and if that does not suit you we will work to accommodate you wherever possible. Emergencies happen and if you should be unfortunate enough to require emergency treatment you can rest assured that one of our team will be available to attend to you. Our ambition is to make your experience the best it can be and we pride ourselves on our care and dedication, treating you as we would like to be treated ourselves. Sometimes it is necessary for your treatment to involve more than one of us and you can rely on us to work seamlessly as a team to get the results that you expect.


Regular thorough dental health checks

As an established dentist Dublin with almost two decades of service to the community and as part of our preventive dentistry, your dental appointment will normally include a thirteen point dental health check. This is a comprehensive oral cavity check which also involves a search for any signs of mouth cancer. We would like to see you at least once a year for a complete detailed oral health examination. We also look carefully at surrounding structures, as your gums are vital for the health of your teeth and maintaining healthy gums will go a long way to helping to maintain healthy teeth.

Preventive dentistry for adults and children

The importance of introducing your children to our dentist Dublin cannot be emphasised enough, because starting early is the key to dental longevity! We encourage parents to bring their children into our surgery from a young age, even before their baby teeth have gone. Regular visits will result in a relaxed and comfortable attitude when it comes to their own first appointment. Early visits allow us to develop a relationship with your children making education in the proper dental regime much easier. It also allows us to ensure that there is uniformity in the dental regime of parents and children alike.

Full range of dental treatments and more

As a progressive dentist Dublin we know how important it is in the twenty-first century to be able to produce a healthy confident smile. Our team provides a full range of general and cosmetic dental treatments from simple teeth whitening, bridges and veneers to root canal treatments. Extractions, fillings and teeth straightening using the latest braces and aligners are all part of our team’s routine procedures. If you have lost a tooth or teeth due to an accident or as a result of tooth decay we can offer dentures or dental implants to restore your ability to chew properly. We also understand how you may require just that little extra treatment for improving facial aesthetics. We offer Botox and dermal filler treatment in our safe and sterile treatment rooms by a qualified clinician. Your team is available to take care of your dental needs and that little extra!

When you need a dentist, Dublin 18 Dental Rooms has it all!

If you are looking for a dental practice with a relaxed environment and one that uses the latest technologies, then Dublin 18 Dental Rooms is for you! We offer a wide range of treatments to suit all dental needs, including general dentistry, restorative procedures and cosmetic ones. We also offer facial aesthetics treatments to finish off your look and help you to smile with the confidence you deserve to have. At our practice, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent care, no matter what the age of our patients. If you have missing teeth, our dentist Dublin offers a very popular treatment that can help you to get your smile functioning and looking completely natural again, dental implants.


What are dental implants?

Dental implants consist of titanium screws that are fitted into the jawbone, where you have missing teeth. These screws are used to attach replacement teeth to and once they are firmly fixed in place after your body’s tissues have fused over the screws, the replacement teeth won’t be going anywhere! Replacements for the visible part of the teeth can be crowns, bridges or dentures, depending on how many you need to replace. At our surgery, our dentist Dublin has a range of brands to choose from depending on your specific needs – and we tailor our treatment to you.

What are the benefits of choosing implants with our dentist Dublin?

The obvious benefit of an implant is that once the screw has fused with your body’s tissue, it is held rigidly in place. This means that you will be able to talk freely, without the fear of your replacement teeth loosening and embarrassing you, as can sometimes happen with dentures for example. Equally, you should also be able to eat and drink whatever you want to and not have to worry about finding a little extra crunch in your meringue! At our dental rooms, we offer a valuable treatment, which delivers replacement teeth for the whole mouth, using just 4 screws. Once the healing has taken place between the screws and the jawbone, you then return for your permanent replacement prosthesis to be fitted.

A further advantage of choosing implants is that you can continue to care for your oral hygiene without any additional effort. Simply maintain your implants by brushing and flossing twice daily and come to see us for your routine dental check-ups. It couldn’t be easier to care for your new smile! Many patients feel that their smiles look extremely natural and nobody knows that they haven’t got a full set of natural teeth. The beauty of dental implants is that replacement teeth are made to match each other, and any remaining natural teeth that you may have.

What next?

If you are interested in finding out how we can help you at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, no matter what your concerns are, book in for a consultation with us to discuss your goals. We will examine your mouth thoroughly to identify what your treatment options are and together we will be able to devise a treatment plan for you. Whether you just need general dental care or something a little more special, we can help you to gain a smile that you won’t want to hide.