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A short guide to Botox from our team

When it comes to undertaking cosmetic treatments that can halt or reverse the signs of ageing, during the last few years, the more non-invasive methods have become very popular.


And with this popularity more spas and surgeries being able to offer these procedures to patients have emerged. So, if you are looking for a straightforward option for reversing the signs of wrinkles and fine lines, then it may be worth approaching a dental team to do so.

When you come to Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, we will be able to suggest the most suitable non-invasive facial aesthetics treatments for you and we are very proud to be able to offer Botox Dublin. Our dental team knows the anatomy of the face in fine detail and will be able to ensure that the results you receive from using this treatment will look natural and help you to look more youthful.

But do you want to know a little bit more about Botox Dublin? In this article, this topic is explored in more depth so you can determine whether or not it is the right treatment for you.

What is botulinum toxin?

Botulinum toxin is the chemical name for Botox Dublin and when it is applied to a muscle or nerve it temporarily paralyses it. This may sound intimidating, but when it comes to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a paralysed nerve or muscle can work wonders, as you will not be able to contract the area to form or deepen wrinkles.

What can it treat?

On the face, this treatment can help to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead lines, wrinkles around the eyes, and sagging jowls and can even be applied to the neck and hands to reduce the appearance of wrinkles there.

Of course, this treatment also has very strict medical applications and can be used in a surgical setting to reduce the instances of migraines, issues relating to the bladder and even sweating.

How is it applied cosmetically?

When you come to see our team to have this treatment applied, we will do so via injection. These injections do not feel uncomfortable for many people, but if you have concerns about your level of sensitivity then we can offer you an analgesic cream beforehand to numb the area. Depending on what is being treated, you may need between two to four injections which will take around half an hour to inject.

How soon will I see the results?

Most people who have had this treatment notice the effects of it within around 48 hours post-injection, but for many people, the full effects are not noticeable until around 2 weeks after the treatment has been completed. This will vary based on your age, what is being treated and your general health at the time of injection.

How often can it be reapplied?

We would be happy to reapply these injections twice a year if needed and it’s worth noting that for most people, the effects of this treatment last between 4 to 6 months.

Are you considering Botox Dublin? Here’s what you need to know!

You may have read that in places like the UK, the facial aesthetics industry is a bit like the wild West, with no primary legislation in place to regulate who can provide the treatment and what qualifications they need to have. For Botox Dublin, however, a medical practitioner such as a doctor or dentist needs to administer treatment, so you can be reassured that you are in safe hands. At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, our dentist, Dr Eddie, is a facial anatomy expert, so delivering the delicate treatment of Botox Dublin is also par for the course. Dr Eddie is always up to date on the latest techniques and treatments for facial aesthetics, so you can feel even more confident that you are receiving excellent care from a fully trained professional.


How does Botox Dublin work?

Botox treatment consists of a series of injections that are administered into the area of concern. The injectable solution we use is botulinum toxin type A. It is a non-surgical procedure that is FDA approved and it is designed to block the nerve impulses in your face. Once injected and the nerve impulses are blocked, this allows the face to relax and fine lines and wrinkles to appear smoother, giving you the fresh face you are seeking.

How long does treatment last for?

The effects of Botox can be seen for 3 to 4 months, after which you will require additional treatment. However, over time, your skin can begin to rejuvenate itself, because it becomes used to being more relaxed and so can hold the results for longer.

How long does the treatment take?

Having Botox can take just up to 30 minutes. We always book appointments for this length of time to ensure that you don’t feel rushed and it allows us to have plenty of time to discuss the areas of concern. Some dental practices may suggest just a few minutes, but we prefer to allow 30 minutes to be on the safe side! We have appointments from early morning through to late evening to fit in with your busy schedule as well. After you have had your treatment, there shouldn’t be any need for downtime, so you will be able to continue with your day afterwards.

Can Botox be used for anything else?

If you have suffered from excessive sweating under the armpits, Botox can also be used to address this issue. It is used to block the nerve impulses that cause sweating, reducing the amount of sweat that is produced by the sweat glands.

Come and see us!

If you like further information on how Botox can be used to reduce sweating or to give you a glowing face, then why not book in for a consultation to discuss this treatment with us? We will be happy to advise you on the treatment and the areas that can be visibly improved with this treatment for a natural, fresh looking face. By entrusting your treatment to a dentist, who is an expert in facial anatomy, you can be confident that your treatment will be carried out gently and efficiently. Dr Eddie is particularly passionate about this treatment, having had the latest training in this field. All that remains is for you to take the plunge at a practice you trust. Our team is here for you, when you do.

A quick guide to Botox Dublin

Most people have heard of Botox Dublin, and now, you can have this non-invasive procedure performed at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms. Quick, non-invasive and with striking results, there is a lot to be gained from using botulinum toxin to eradicate the appearance of wrinkles. So, let’s have a quick look at what is involved.


What is botulinum toxin?

Botulinum toxin, or Botox Dublin, is an injectable protein that causes temporary paralysis to the muscles and nerves that it is injected into.

It very rarely causes allergic reactions and is used medically to treat issues such as migraines and incontinence. Botox is used in many beauty treatments too; when injected into a muscle or nerve, it causes temporary paralysis, which in turn prevents wrinkles from forming or deepening.

The injections

The injections themselves can be performed by our team within about 30 minutes, making them an ideal procedure to fit into your lunch break.

Many patients have described the sensation of receiving the injection as being similar to a bee sting or less. If you are concerned about this, our team can numb the area beforehand to ensure that you won’t feel anything.

The number of injections you need will depend on the severity of the wrinkles that you want to treat, but generally, on your first visit, we will not inject Botox more than three times.

Side effects

While it is rare for these injections to cause allergic reactions, if you suspect that you are having such a response, you must seek medical help immediately. An allergic reaction to Botox can present as excessive swelling in the area surrounding the injection site.

Generally speaking, the side effects of these injections include soreness, redness, bruising and tenderness to the injection site. To alleviate any swelling, you can apply an ice pack gently to the affected area. You can also take pain relievers such as paracetamol if needed.


When you have had Botox injected, it will still be mobile under your skin for about 24 to 48 hours; therefore, you will need to avoid applying make-up, having facials or applying excess pressure to your skin.

You should also avoid direct sunlight since this can cause the Botox to become more liquid and prompt it to move into the surrounding tissues. Sleeping with your head elevated for the first few days is recommended since this will also prevent the toxin from moving under your skin. If you find that you have excessive soreness, take some pain relief medication such as paracetamol and gently apply an ice pack to the affected area.


Many patients notice the effects of these injections within the weeks following the procedure, but how fast you see results will depend on how many injections were administered, your general age and your health.

It is worth noting that, unfortunately, the effects of these injections do gradually fade away roughly 6 to 9 months post-treatment. However, our team will be happy to reapply Botox Dublin every 3 to 4 months if needed.

Botox Dublin treatment delivered for over two decades

Botox as a treatment has been around since the nineteen-seventies and was first used to help patients suffering with ‘strabismus’ commonly known as crossed eyes. Our clinician is a qualified doctor who has been delivering Botox Dublin treatments for the past twenty-one years. He also regularly attends seminars and training in the latest aesthetics treatments and techniques to ensure that he stays up to date.  We always adhere to the highest sterile requirements as laid down by the dental industry. As a dental surgery we are familiar with the use of syringes and the importance of sterile guidelines in our specialist treatment rooms. The medical care and security of all of our patients is our primary objective at all times. We believe that there is no substitute for experience and knowledge.


Safe quantities of Botox

Botulinum type A is a toxin that has been reduced to a safe strength in line with the medical standards agencies. The effect of the toxin is to reduce the signs of ageing by obstructing the signal of the nerves to the area being treated. By reducing the amount of contraction delivered by the muscle a more youthful appearance results. Lines which tend to form around your eyes, your forehead and between your eyebrows and nose can be visibly reduced by Botox Dublin treatment.

Skin tone

Unfortunately as we all get older our skin tends to lose some of its firmness and elasticity, lines and wrinkles become more permanent. Botox Dublin is a temporary non-surgical relief which provides you with a youthful complexion for between three to four months, depending on your age. Regular treatment can help to prolong the effects for longer as your skin experiences less movement in specific areas.

Botox used for other conditions

Botox has been used to treat a variety of other conditions including myofascial pain and excessive underarm sweating. Botox treatment has also been used for migraine, Parkinson’s disease and incontinence in the past.

Treatment delivery

Botox treatment takes approximately half an hour with limited discomfort. If, however, you want some form of anaesthetic we will use anaesthetic gel to make the experience more comfortable for you. To ensure that you are satisfied with your treatment, we allocate a coordinator to you who takes you through each step of your treatment from start to finish and your follow up treatments. Appointments are booked in advance by about two weeks and we can accommodate you with early morning or late evening appointments to suit your schedule. We apply the same level of care and attention to our facial aesthetics patients as we do to our dental patients. We like to develop a relationship with all of our patients so that we can know and understand what your expectations of your treatments are and how we can best deliver the results required. You are also encouraged to ask as many questions as you feel you need to, in order to be able to make the final decision to have the Botox treatment or not. You are always in control and we are here to guide you.

FAQs about Botox Dublin answered by Dublin 18 Dental Rooms

When most people think of cosmetic dental care, few people consider that a dental team is also usually able to perform non-surgical facial aesthetics that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face.


This is because dental teams have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the facial muscles and nerves, so they are usually better equipped to perform these procedures than a spa or shop on High Street.

At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, our dentist is happy to offer all patients Botox Dublin. Botox is one of our more popular cosmetic procedures, and it can yield very impressive results if applied correctly.

If you are considering having Botox Dublin for the first time, you will likely have some questions about what this treatment will be like, and as a leading provider, our team is happy to answer common questions that we receive about this treatment below.

How does it work?

Botox Dublin is a neuromodulator, which is a form of botulinum toxin type A.

It is injected into targeted areas on your face or neck using an ultra-fine needle and works by blocking nerve signals that are needed for the facial muscles to contract. If the muscles cannot contract, expression lines and wrinkles will reduce in their appearance.

Is it uncomfortable?

It is a common concern that many patients have that having these injections will be uncomfortable. And while we cannot speculate how you will feel about having this procedure, we have heard from many of our patients that the application of the toxin to the subdermal layer of the skin feels no worse than a bee sting. If you do not like the sounds of that at all, we completely understand and can provide a numbing agent to the area beforehand, so you will not be in any discomfort.

How soon will I see the results?

The experience of each person may differ, but it will usually take between 3 to 5 days post-procedure to notice the effects. For those who may have more deeply set wrinkles, it can take up to 2 weeks. Bear in mind that you will need to adhere to the aftercare advice of our team to ensure that this treatment works correctly.

How long does it last?

The results of having Botox injected under your skin typically last between 3 to 5 months. This is because the body gradually metabolises the material, which will lead to the return of the muscular movement in the face as the nerves become more sensitive. If you wish to maintain the effects of this treatment for longer, you can undergo periodic maintenance treatments every 4 months or so, but this will depend on an assessment by our team.

Are there any side effects?

There are a few common side effects of having this procedure, which include bruising, swelling and redness around the injection site and general tenderness that will last a few days. If you experience this, simply apply an ice pack to your face, but try to avoid rubbing the area, as the material is still loose under your skin and may ‘bleed’ into the surrounding tissues.

Safe, sterile and vastly experienced: Dublin 18 Dental Rooms’ team for Botox Dublin

Individuals are complex creatures and decide to experience different things throughout their lives for a variety of personal reasons. Dentistry allows us to experience the pleasure of maintaining our teeth healthily for the duration of our lives. Facial aesthetic treatments allow us to benefit from non-surgical Botox Dublin treatments which rejuvenate our skin and allow us to look younger. We provide this treatment with our  highly experienced practitioner in the safe and sterile treatment rooms that Dublin 18 Dental Rooms provide .


Patient’s choice

How we look in the twentieth century has become a subject of much discussion but as adults deciding on appearance is a matter for the individual. Dentistry today is a lot more than pulling and filling teeth and cosmetic dentistry has become an important aspect of dental care. Teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic procedure, much like smoothing facial lines using Botox Dublin is a relatively simple procedure. Whitening teeth with the wrong solution can cause problems to gums and teeth so having it done by a qualified practitioner makes sense. Facial aesthetic treatment such as Botox Dublin and fillers done correctly by our qualified team in our safe and sterile environment makes similar sense.

Relationships built on trust

Our dentists spend a lot of time building relationships with their patients sometimes over many years. This relationship is built on trust and allows for the opportunity to enjoy candid discussions about condition and treatment of dental issues. It therefore makes sense to have facial aesthetic treatment with someone that a patient knows and trusts. The reason for electing to have Botox or filler treatment is usually based on a personal, voluntary decision. Because our patients and our dentists have a relationship built up over many years it allows for a frank and candid discussion about the reasons for choosing the treatment. That relationship means that our patients will be more circumspect about having an aesthetic procedure because they will have had the opportunity to have a candid discussion.

The final decision is the patients

Making a decision to have any kind of treatment to our bodies must always rest with our patients and our practitioners can only advise. Facial aesthetic treatment is fortunately non-surgical and lasts for a period of time requiring repeat treatment. The duration of the treatment and the frequency will depend on the patient’s skin and exactly what they want to get out of the treatment. The advantages of having a dentist perform facial aesthetic treatment cannot be trivialised. The patient dentist relationship is very important and the fact that our dental surgery is already prepped for sterile procedures is critical to the safety of a patient.

It’s not all about feeling good about yourself

Facial aesthetics are not always used to provide a rejuvenated appearance. Botox treatment can be used to correct a drooping brow, to reduce migraine and pain and to reduce excessive sweating under the armpits as well as other parts of the body. Botox treatment has also been known to correct the problem of crossed eyes. More serious conditions have also benefited from this form of treatment. Botox treatment is also used to relax facial muscles in Bell’s Palsy patients and also to correct twitching eye and squinting problems.

How should I choose a Botox practitioner?

It has become an everyday phenomenon to use facial injectables like Botox Dublin to complement one’s natural features. Despite its popularity in the non-surgical cosmetics market, not many are aware that these facial injectables are considered medical procedures. Even though Botox Dublin offers high rates of efficacy, it must be borne in mind that there are risks and complications if procedures are not carried out with due consideration to best practice safety and quality standards.


It is of fundamental importance that patients considering Botox Dublin opt for a suitably trained and experienced practitioner for naturally-pleasing quality results. It only stands to reason that being a medical intervention, that Botox injections be administered by a medical professional, of which, a dental practitioner is best placed.

It is the in-depth training in facial musculature together with their well-practised use and handling of fine needles and strict adherence to safe medical protocols that usher dentists as a favoured choice for the administering of facial injectable treatments. At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, we have helped countless patients improve the aesthetics of their facial appearance as well as treat numerous medical conditions including excessive sweating, chronic migraines and easing muscle aches.

Top things to look for in a Botox practitioner

The first thing to look at would be qualifications – how qualified is the practitioner to carry out Botox treatments? The quality of patient experience and the results of the procedure are both heavily impacted by the qualifications of the practitioner. Choosing someone with low-level non-medical training only heightens the risk of complications and adverse effects.

Specific formal training in administering facial injections is another non-negotiable factor not to ignore. Knowing how to identify the most suitable injectable sites for best results and how to promptly deal with any adverse reactions to minimise risks are some of the critical areas of covered in training.

Real-world hands-on experience of the Botox practitioner is invaluable for producing high-quality aesthetically-pleasing end results. The experience of a practitioner is often showcased in before-and-after photos of patients.

The setting of where treatment is carried out is important too. As is the case with all medical procedures, a sterile environment is of the utmost importance. A clinical medical environment is a preferred setting to avoid infections when receiving Botox injections. A nail bar or beauty salon are unsuitable settings as there is no guarantee of the level of cleanliness as is required by authority bodies.

Only qualified medical practitioners have legal authority to prescribe Botox injections as designated prescribers.. Thus illegal use of Botox in unauthorised hands can cause damage and is the cause of many botched procedures.

It is important to have relevant knowledge of facial anatomy. The face is a dense concentration of nerve endings, muscles and blood vessels that require a delicate hand and a sound knowledge of facial anatomy for effective and results-oriented cosmetic treatments.

The duty of care, we at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, offer all of our patients is second to none. Our medically trained professionals are committed to a patient-first philosophy that ensures we address patients’ questions and concerns to ensure their goals are achieved successfully. Reach out to us for more information about our facial injectable treatments.

Botox Dublin responding to our patients’ needs

Our patients are our primary focus, and we pride ourselves on listening to them and responding to their requests. Modern dentistry requires us as a dental practice to utilise all of our training to the maximum benefit of our patients. Part of our training includes facial and neck anatomy, which provides us with thorough knowledge of the skin, muscles and bones of this area of the body. We already have sterile treatment rooms where we can offer you safe treatment. Our knowledge and facilities, therefore, make our clinic a great place to provide this form of treatment as an extra benefit for our patients.


Botox is more than just a beauty treatment!

As a dental practice, we offer Botox Dublin treatment as an additional aesthetic enhancement service to our patients. Botox Dublin is often associated purely with reducing facial wrinkles, but it’s far more than that. This form of treatment has been around for more than five decades and is also used to treat a variety of medical conditions; cervical dystonia (neck spasms) and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) are two of the more common applications. Conditions such as an overactive bladder, lazy eye and even chronic migraines are known to benefit from Botox Dublin.

What is botox?

Botox is a toxin that has been adapted in a laboratory so that it can be safely used in a variety of medical and cosmetic applications. It is important to understand that in the first instance, there are four different types of injectable botox: Dysport, Botox, Xeomin and Jeuveau, and then there are variants of these as well. We use type A, which is approved for cosmetic use and has been used for more than fifty years.

How long is treatment

Treatment duration depends on the patient’s age and the complexity of the treatment (based on how many areas require treatment). On average, treatment takes around thirty minutes and is conducted by our highly experienced Dr Eddie, who has over twenty years of experience. This is a rapidly evolving industry, and Dr Eddie stays up-to-date on the latest developments by attending seminars, conferences and courses. As with all our staff, we always want to be offering the latest treatments at all times to our patients, ensuring that they get the maximum benefit of our knowledge and techniques.

How long do the results last?

The results will depend on the age of the patient but, on average, may last for around 3 to 4 months. The more treatments that you have will normally extend the period of time that the results last.

What areas can be treated

As this is a non-surgical treatment, it is very popular for use on the forehead, around the eyes and between the nose and eyebrows. This treatment can also be used on other areas such as the lower face, and it can be used to reduce excessive underarm perspiration. If you would like to reduce the signs of ageing, give us a call here at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, and we will explain how we can help you.

Safe Botox treatment in Dublin

At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms we understand that the signs of ageing can have a negative effect on your self-confidence. We can alleviate this anxiety by providing you with our two decades of experience in facial aesthetics and by using Botox Dublin in our safe and private treatment rooms. Facial aesthetics treatments are evolving rapidly and our practitioners attend regular seminars and training on the latest developments and techniques so that we stay up to date.


Is Botox safe?

Administered in the correct dosages and by a competent and skilled clinician, Botox Dublin is perfectly safe. This type of treatment is a non-surgical way of reducing the visible signs of ageing and can be administered to those areas of the face where it is most noticeable. The procedure is relatively quick and painless and can be completed in thirty minutes. Botox is also approved by the FDA for a variety of issues related to health. Botox is used in the treatment of certain bladder disorders, to alleviate excessive sweating and of course in facial aesthetics treatments. The actual amount of botulinum toxin that is administered in each dose is extremely small, to ensure that the effects are contained only in the area where it is applied. Botulinum toxin is produced in a powder form which is diluted in a saline solution before being administered by injection. It is recommended that women who are pregnant or who are breastfeeding should refrain from Botox treatment. Part of our process is always to discuss the treatment with you and to ascertain if you have had any allergic reactions in the past. We will discuss the benefits to you and encourage you to ask any questions that you may wish to have answered.

How does it reduce the signs of ageing?

It works because Botox Dublin is a neurotoxin which disrupts the nervous system by targeting the process by which the nerves send signals to the muscles. Your nerves release acetylcholine to your muscles making them contract. The Botox injections stop the release of this chemical which prevents your muscle from contracting, resulting in smoother skin.

What types of wrinkles can Botox be used to reduce?

One of the facial areas that is commonly targeted by using Botox is the area between your eyebrows, where you will normally find what are referred to as glabellar lines. Another area that is regularly targeted is around the outside of the eyes which is often referred to as ‘crow’s feet’. Creases that naturally occur above the area between the eyebrows, on the forehead, are also something that patients identify as requiring treatment. The corners of your mouth may also be in need of a little attention. Some other areas that are considered medical conditions where Botox can be used are scars, but as our expertise is in the facial area that is where we concentrate our procedures.

How long does the effect of the treatment last?

It normally takes between twenty-four and seventy-two hours for the treatment to show results and it can take up to five days to be completely effective. Your skin will appear smoother and wrinkle free for anywhere from three to twelve months.

Botox Dublin: getting the elixir of youth in minutes!

At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, our dental practice has a little secret! While you may not be a mastermind for realising we do all things teeth, you could get a bonus point for realising that we are also highly qualified to deliver facial aesthetics treatments. For those of you who may be thinking this is a little irregular, do not be alarmed! Dentists are highly experienced and knowledgeable about facial anatomy. This means that our dentists are well-equipped for carrying out Botox Dublin treatments. With delicate procedures being intrinsic to dentistry, injecting the tiny facial muscles with Botox Dublin is also a treatment we can deliver in just 30 minutes to give you a fresher, more youthful appearance.


What is Botox Dublin?

While you may have seen some photographs in magazines of celebrities who have taken Botox a little too far, the fact is that the results can be far more natural. We use botulinum toxin type A in our injections and carry out the procedures in the sterile and safe environment that you would expect from any medically trained person. Our dentist has over 21 years of experience in Botox procedures, there is no need for general anaesthetic or downtime required after treatment, although we do use a local anaesthetic gel to minimise the risk of you feeling any discomfort.

The aim of the treatment is to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; this is achieved by injecting the targeted area with the botulinum toxin type A. This blocks the nerve endings that cause your skin to contract and allows the muscles to relax and look smoother. Botox is a purified form of this toxin, which is FDA approved. We only use extremely small amounts of this to achieve the most natural looking results.

How long will the results last?

It is reasonable to assume that you don’t want to be popping in to see us every week to keep on top of your youthful glow (as much as we’d love to see you!) With Botox, you only need to come to see us for repeat treatments every 3 to 4 months. This means you may only need to see us roughly 4 times a year. It should also be noted that with these treatments, the skin can also start to rejuvenate itself, as it becomes smoother with the muscles being relaxed, it can start to hold this look on its own for longer periods of time.

How do I get started?

To find out if Botox is the right treatment for you, simply come and visit us for a consultation. We will discuss your goals and will be able to advise on the best way forward for you. We also offer dermal fillers, which may be more appropriate for your needs. You can ask us as many questions as you need to about the proposed treatments, to be able to make an informed decision about your own personal plan.

At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, we want you to feel and look fabulous, so come and see us to find out more about how Botox can give you a new lease of life!