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Are You Fed Up With Slightly Wonky Teeth? Ask Us About Inman Aligners

Quite a few people have teeth that are slightly wonky. There is nothing really wrong with them, but they could look better. If you fall into this group, and are fed up with having crooked teeth then you might have thought the only solution was to have years of expensive orthodontic treatment. There is an alternative that could be far quicker and easier, and that is to have cosmetic braces.

inman alignersDublin18Dental offers an orthodontic system that can correct the position of slightly crooked teeth in just a few weeks or months. It is called the Inman Aligner, and although not completely invisible it is very discreet. The aligner is removable, so you can take it out when absolutely necessary. It consists of two thin metal aligner bows, one in front of the teeth and one behind. These are powered by two nickel titanium springs that work to squeeze the teeth into position. It is fast, comfortable and affordable.

Some people will use this system as a standalone cosmetic dental treatment, while others might wish to use it in conjunction with other cosmetic dentistry procedures. It can be used prior to veneering the teeth, providing a conservative approach as the tooth preparation for veneers will be less than if the teeth had been veneered without any orthodontic treatment. It can also be used prior to dental bonding. This is a process that uses tooth coloured composite resin to change the shape of teeth, and is another very conservative treatment.

The Inman Aligner is a great solution for correcting front teeth that are too protrusive, or for moving teeth that look too crowded. It is only designed to work on the front teeth as this is a cosmetic braces system, so if you have more extensive problems with the way your teeth bite together we might recommend a different orthodontic system that would be better suited to your needs.

The best way to find out if this system could help correct your teeth is to visit your dentist in Dublin. If you decide to go ahead, then treatment is very easy. You will need to have some impressions taken as these are sent to the laboratory so they can fabricate your brace. Once the brace is ready you can return to Dublin18Dental for fitting. After that it is simply a matter of wearing the brace every day, for between sixteen and twenty hours each day. This means that if you do have a special event to attend you can easily leave out your aligner for the evening without worrying that it will delay treatment. You’ll need to make an appointment to visit your Dublin dentist every two or three weeks, just so we can check your teeth are moving as planned.

Once treatment is completed it is important that you wear a retainer to prevent the teeth from drifting back to their original positions. The retainer can be removable, or it can be bonded onto the back surfaces of your teeth so it is invisible. The exact choice is something you will need to discuss with your dentist in Dublin so you can pick the most suitable.

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