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Dental Implant

Do you have missing teeth? Wouldn't you love to have them back so you can chew and speak with the confidence you had before? To restore a full, beautiful smile and feel years younger!

Dental Implants have changed the face of dentistry over the last 30 years. They provide permanent replacement to either loose or missing teeth; replacing a single tooth or various teeth and are a suitable alternative to wearing dentures. Implants are made of titanium, which is biocompatible, lightweight and strong. The bone cells are attracted to the titanium so that they fuse together. It has been used for decades and studies worldwide confirm that success rates after 15 years are still better than 95%.

Denture Stabilisation

Loose dentures can be stabilised with 2 to 4 implants using click on connectors. Your denture will be secure, you will be able to chew foods that have been impossible for years, your speech will improve and of course your confidence too! After placement, a period of integration is normally required, during which you will have temporary teeth. This setting period lasts a couple of months in duration but can vary from patient to patient.

Practice The Team at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms placing multiple implants to give back a smile!

Teeth in One Day

For those of you who have hopelessly loose teeth, find it hard to wear a denture or would just like to see the last of it, we can replace your full set of fixed teeth in one day! Using an incredible procedure known as All-on 4, where four dental implant roots are placed in precise positions so that up to 12 teeth can be held in by 4 implants. Our dental team will connect your implants to a temporary bridge on the day of the procedure, meaning you leave our clinic with a full set of teeth! The integration will occur while you immediately use your new teeth. We allow time for the bone to join with the implant and you then return to us to swap your temporary bridge for the final one.



Whichever option that you feel is best for you, please feel free to call us with any questions or you can arrange a free consultation with our treatment coordinator.

If you wish to take it further, then we can schedule a diagnosis and planning appointment. In some cases we may take a CT scan and this can be used to design and fabricate a surgical positioning guide to ensure that your implants are perfectly positioned to support your new tooth or teeth, and are fully able to withstand the forces generated by biting and chewing.

At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, we understand and empathise with the needs of people who are afraid of the dentist. Many nervous patients are so anxious or even phobic about routine dental treatments that they feel the idea of having an implant is too daunting. However, replacing a single missing tooth can be surprisingly straightforward. And more extensive cases can be done under conscious sedation. It's often easier than having the original tooth out!

We use three of the world's top implant brands –Nobel Biocare, Straumann and Southern Implants. We will find the best system to suit your needs.

Southern implants
Southern implants
Southern implants

Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, a dental implant practice in Dublin, is ready to serve your needs. You can count on us to perform the procedure reliably.

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Ring us now and we can answer any of your questions. If you prefer, why not book in for a free consultation with our treatment coordination team. You will be able to find out more information about implants and any other additional services that you may be interested in.

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