A quick guide to Botox Dublin

Most people have heard of Botox Dublin, and now, you can have this non-invasive procedure performed at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms. Quick, non-invasive and with striking results, there is a lot to be gained from using botulinum toxin to eradicate the appearance of wrinkles. So, let’s have a quick look at what is involved.


What is botulinum toxin?

Botulinum toxin, or Botox Dublin, is an injectable protein that causes temporary paralysis to the muscles and nerves that it is injected into.

It very rarely causes allergic reactions and is used medically to treat issues such as migraines and incontinence. Botox is used in many beauty treatments too; when injected into a muscle or nerve, it causes temporary paralysis, which in turn prevents wrinkles from forming or deepening.

The injections

The injections themselves can be performed by our team within about 30 minutes, making them an ideal procedure to fit into your lunch break.

Many patients have described the sensation of receiving the injection as being similar to a bee sting or less. If you are concerned about this, our team can numb the area beforehand to ensure that you won’t feel anything.

The number of injections you need will depend on the severity of the wrinkles that you want to treat, but generally, on your first visit, we will not inject Botox more than three times.

Side effects

While it is rare for these injections to cause allergic reactions, if you suspect that you are having such a response, you must seek medical help immediately. An allergic reaction to Botox can present as excessive swelling in the area surrounding the injection site.

Generally speaking, the side effects of these injections include soreness, redness, bruising and tenderness to the injection site. To alleviate any swelling, you can apply an ice pack gently to the affected area. You can also take pain relievers such as paracetamol if needed.


When you have had Botox injected, it will still be mobile under your skin for about 24 to 48 hours; therefore, you will need to avoid applying make-up, having facials or applying excess pressure to your skin.

You should also avoid direct sunlight since this can cause the Botox to become more liquid and prompt it to move into the surrounding tissues. Sleeping with your head elevated for the first few days is recommended since this will also prevent the toxin from moving under your skin. If you find that you have excessive soreness, take some pain relief medication such as paracetamol and gently apply an ice pack to the affected area.


Many patients notice the effects of these injections within the weeks following the procedure, but how fast you see results will depend on how many injections were administered, your general age and your health.

It is worth noting that, unfortunately, the effects of these injections do gradually fade away roughly 6 to 9 months post-treatment. However, our team will be happy to reapply Botox Dublin every 3 to 4 months if needed.