Botox Dublin treatment delivered for over two decades

Botox as a treatment has been around since the nineteen-seventies and was first used to help patients suffering with ‘strabismus’ commonly known as crossed eyes. Our clinician is a qualified doctor who has been delivering Botox Dublin treatments for the past twenty-one years. He also regularly attends seminars and training in the latest aesthetics treatments and techniques to ensure that he stays up to date.  We always adhere to the highest sterile requirements as laid down by the dental industry. As a dental surgery we are familiar with the use of syringes and the importance of sterile guidelines in our specialist treatment rooms. The medical care and security of all of our patients is our primary objective at all times. We believe that there is no substitute for experience and knowledge.


Safe quantities of Botox

Botulinum type A is a toxin that has been reduced to a safe strength in line with the medical standards agencies. The effect of the toxin is to reduce the signs of ageing by obstructing the signal of the nerves to the area being treated. By reducing the amount of contraction delivered by the muscle a more youthful appearance results. Lines which tend to form around your eyes, your forehead and between your eyebrows and nose can be visibly reduced by Botox Dublin treatment.

Skin tone

Unfortunately as we all get older our skin tends to lose some of its firmness and elasticity, lines and wrinkles become more permanent. Botox Dublin is a temporary non-surgical relief which provides you with a youthful complexion for between three to four months, depending on your age. Regular treatment can help to prolong the effects for longer as your skin experiences less movement in specific areas.

Botox used for other conditions

Botox has been used to treat a variety of other conditions including myofascial pain and excessive underarm sweating. Botox treatment has also been used for migraine, Parkinson’s disease and incontinence in the past.

Treatment delivery

Botox treatment takes approximately half an hour with limited discomfort. If, however, you want some form of anaesthetic we will use anaesthetic gel to make the experience more comfortable for you. To ensure that you are satisfied with your treatment, we allocate a coordinator to you who takes you through each step of your treatment from start to finish and your follow up treatments. Appointments are booked in advance by about two weeks and we can accommodate you with early morning or late evening appointments to suit your schedule. We apply the same level of care and attention to our facial aesthetics patients as we do to our dental patients. We like to develop a relationship with all of our patients so that we can know and understand what your expectations of your treatments are and how we can best deliver the results required. You are also encouraged to ask as many questions as you feel you need to, in order to be able to make the final decision to have the Botox treatment or not. You are always in control and we are here to guide you.