Get A New Tooth In One Day With CEREC Crowns For Patients Near Dun Laoghaire

Over the course of your life your teeth can become weaker than they once were. When a tooth becomes weakened there are restorative treatments that can help. One of these treatments is a dental crown. Dental crowns are a form of tooth restoration that can help protect damaged or cracked teeth and teeth that have broken down over time. They cover the entire tooth and form a protective barrier against further injury or decay.

There are a number of different dental crowns available for you to choose from, but at Dublin18 Dental Care we also offer Cerec Crowns, which are crowns that can made in just one visit.  It couldn’t be easier to protect damaged or weakened teeth.

Using modern technology

This efficient and time freeing option is a modern, computerized technology that allows dentists to restore decayed teeth, remove problem amalgam fillings and place crowns all in just one appointment.

This innovative technology uses a camera in order to take a digital picture of your tooth. By doing this, the need to make impressions of your teeth has been removed, thus meaning no more discomfort whilst you sit there with a mouth filled with moulds. The image of your tooth will then be converted into a three-dimensional virtual model of your tooth by the Cerec 3D software; this then allows the dentist to design your new restored tooth on the screen there and then. It is then created by the machinery and is bonded into place, completely eliminating the two or three week wait that was once mandatory.

Range of crowns

At Dublin18 we also offer a variety of other crowns which include; porcelain crowns, which can help achieve natural looking results, Post and Core crowns that are usually applied following root canal treatment and Procera Crowns that consist of stronger material and last longer than regular crowns. They can also be made the same colour as the rest of the teeth so that they look as natural as possible

So if you don’t know which is the best option for you, make an appointment at Dublin18 Dental Care near Dun Laoghaire to discuss the options.