How should I choose a Botox practitioner?

It has become an everyday phenomenon to use facial injectables like Botox Dublin to complement one’s natural features. Despite its popularity in the non-surgical cosmetics market, not many are aware that these facial injectables are considered medical procedures. Even though Botox Dublin offers high rates of efficacy, it must be borne in mind that there are risks and complications if procedures are not carried out with due consideration to best practice safety and quality standards.


It is of fundamental importance that patients considering Botox Dublin opt for a suitably trained and experienced practitioner for naturally-pleasing quality results. It only stands to reason that being a medical intervention, that Botox injections be administered by a medical professional, of which, a dental practitioner is best placed.

It is the in-depth training in facial musculature together with their well-practised use and handling of fine needles and strict adherence to safe medical protocols that usher dentists as a favoured choice for the administering of facial injectable treatments. At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, we have helped countless patients improve the aesthetics of their facial appearance as well as treat numerous medical conditions including excessive sweating, chronic migraines and easing muscle aches.

Top things to look for in a Botox practitioner

The first thing to look at would be qualifications – how qualified is the practitioner to carry out Botox treatments? The quality of patient experience and the results of the procedure are both heavily impacted by the qualifications of the practitioner. Choosing someone with low-level non-medical training only heightens the risk of complications and adverse effects.

Specific formal training in administering facial injections is another non-negotiable factor not to ignore. Knowing how to identify the most suitable injectable sites for best results and how to promptly deal with any adverse reactions to minimise risks are some of the critical areas of covered in training.

Real-world hands-on experience of the Botox practitioner is invaluable for producing high-quality aesthetically-pleasing end results. The experience of a practitioner is often showcased in before-and-after photos of patients.

The setting of where treatment is carried out is important too. As is the case with all medical procedures, a sterile environment is of the utmost importance. A clinical medical environment is a preferred setting to avoid infections when receiving Botox injections. A nail bar or beauty salon are unsuitable settings as there is no guarantee of the level of cleanliness as is required by authority bodies.

Only qualified medical practitioners have legal authority to prescribe Botox injections as designated prescribers.. Thus illegal use of Botox in unauthorised hands can cause damage and is the cause of many botched procedures.

It is important to have relevant knowledge of facial anatomy. The face is a dense concentration of nerve endings, muscles and blood vessels that require a delicate hand and a sound knowledge of facial anatomy for effective and results-oriented cosmetic treatments.

The duty of care, we at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, offer all of our patients is second to none. Our medically trained professionals are committed to a patient-first philosophy that ensures we address patients’ questions and concerns to ensure their goals are achieved successfully. Reach out to us for more information about our facial injectable treatments.