How to ensure a positive experience at the dentist

A positive patient experience at the dentist Dublin is important for both adult as well as younger patients. One of the main objectives of a satisfactory patient experience is that this encourages a patient to be more proactive about their oral healthcare needs.


Large numbers of patients forego dental care and even routine check-ups because of their fear of the dental chair. One of the top causes of anxiety in nervous patients at the thought of entering the dental environment is prior bad experiences in childhood or even in adulthood.

 At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms we are well aware that the level of care we provide our patients who visit our practice will determine how likely they are to repeat their visit. This is why we take great pride in being a patient-first dental practice with a highly capable and caring dentist Dublin to provide quality care.

It is not just the clinical skills that are important when it comes to providing quality dental care but equally so is the manner in which patients are treated.  In this post, we take a look at some of the ways patients can improve their experiences when visiting a dentist Dublin.

Ways to improve patient experience when seeking dental care

The very first requirement is to choose a compassionate and understanding dentist. It is best not to wait until a dental emergency arises to find a dental practice for quality care. Starting the search process early will leave patients with the luxury of time to ensure they choose the right one. There are many indicators that point to an empathetic dentist.

Desirable personable traits of a dentist with a good bedside manner include approachability, friendliness, good listener and communicator and trustworthiness.

Next to personality traits is the range of dental care, efficient processes and pleasant dental environment that contribute to positive patient experiences.

A dental practice offering personalised treatment plans is preferable to one that favours a cookie-cutter approach. Individual patients have their own unique oral situations directed by particular complexities. Personalised dental care is the only solution to give these patients the quality care they need to resolve their oral health issues.

Positive patient experiences are also influenced by efficient processes as they are by effective treatment plans. Towards both ends, modern dental technologies play a substantive role.

State-of-the-art dental equipment is more likely to deliver a higher degree of accuracy in diagnosing dental problems than a dental practice furnished with old-fashioned equipment.

An all-inclusive dental service menu at one trusted dental clinic will ensure that patients do not need to find different dental practitioners to attend to their different dental care needs. This can make resolving oral health issues more efficient, saving patients valuable time.

In the search for the right dentist, other patients’ experiences can also prove to be a useful guide. There is a reason why we at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms are noted for exceptional patient care – it is simply evident in all that we do. Reach out to our friendly team at the front desk to schedule an appointment for a time suitable for you.