Implants From €2000 For Patients Near Seapoint

Dublin18 Dental Care is proud to offer patients in Seapoint amazing dental implant treatment for just €2000. This innovative treatment is an excellent solution for patients of all ages who are searching for a long-term replacement for lost natural teeth. Whether you’ve lost a tooth playing sport or you’re looking for an alternative to dentures for a full arch of missing teeth, dental implants could prove the perfect choice.

About dental implants

Dental implants are made from titanium and shaped like small screws; the aim of an implant is to replace the root section of the lost tooth. Implants are placed inside sockets in the jaw bone and then left to heal. As titanium is a biocompatible material, it integrates into the bone tissue and this allows the implant to offer the same standard of stability as a natural root.

Dental implants are the most versatile option for replacing missing teeth because they fit with different restorations and this means that they are suitable for patients with one or multiple missing teeth.

How does an implant work?

Implants are placed inside pre-drilled holes in the jaw bone and they are then left to undergo the process of osseointegration; once this is complete, the implant will have become part of the actual bone tissue and it can be attached to a new restoration to produce a strong, healthy and natural looking tooth. Implants are the closest match to a natural tooth and they also last a lot longer than bridges and dentures. As the implant takes on the role of a new root, the restoration is completely stable and this allows you to do everything you would be able to do with a natural tooth.

Am I a suitable match for treatment?

Dental implants are a suitable match for most patients; however, if you smoke heavily or you suffer from a condition, which affects bone density, there may be other options, which are better suited. If you lack bone density in the jaw bone, we may recommend bone grafting prior to treatment; this is because the implant may fail if the bone tissue is not dense enough.

To find out more and arrange a consultation to see if you’re a suitable candidate for treatment, call us today!