Missing a tooth?

Are you on the lookout for a dentist Dublin who offers replacements for missing teeth? Have you recently lost a tooth or some teeth which you would like to replace? Maybe you have had a tooth or teeth missing for a while and you are wondering whether there are replacements available for people in circumstances such as your own. It might be that you are yet to lose a tooth, but you know you have dental extraction coming up in the next few weeks and you would like to be informed about the options you may have for replacing the teeth which are to be extracted. Whatever has led to you losing your teeth, we would be thrilled to welcome you in person at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms.


Our dentist Dublin has several options available for patients looking into replacing a missing tooth or teeth. The course of action which is recommended to each individual is dependent upon the patient’s individual needs. Therefore, we would encourage you to give us a call and book an appointment with our dentist.

It is very likely that our dentist would wish to examine your mouth and teeth in person before recommending suitable treatments for you. Our dental practitioner may also wish to ask questions about your medical and or dental history. It may be important for them to know how you lost your teeth. This helps them to build a full picture of your situation in order to be able to offer the most appropriate advice for you.

What treatment options are there for missing teeth?

Bridges and dentures are popular options for those missing teeth. These can be created using porcelain material which helps them to match any remaining natural teeth as closely as possible. Bridges and dentures can be used both where one tooth is missing, or where several teeth are missing. Dentures may be most commonly used where larger numbers of teeth are missing. Dentures and bridges are often anchored using remaining natural teeth, though more recently it has become common practice to use dental implants as an anchor for dentures and bridges.

Dental implants are made up of three portions. These include the implanted titanium screw, the metal abutment and the visible part of the replacement tooth (a crown, denture or bridge). The screws act in a similar way to the root of the natural tooth. They are screwed or tapped into the area where the tooth is missing. The metal rod, known as the abutment, is placed into the screw and becomes the surface which the visible replacement is bonded to. Dental implants can be suitable in cases where one tooth is missing and also where several teeth are missing.

Dental implants offer the additional benefit of encouraging bone regrowth in the areas where the screws are implanted. This may be particularly useful where the tooth/ teeth were lost due to injury, as damage may have also been caused to the surrounding bone on impact. To speak to our dentist Dublin about these options and how we can meet your needs, book in for a visit at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms.

Whatever is decided as the most suitable option for your personal needs, we would be thrilled to help you on your journey to a wider smile. Replacing missing teeth can boost your confidence, helping you claim your sparkle back and giving you even more reason to smile!