Our emergency dentist Dublin has your back

We are all too familiar with when those unexpected moments bring on an unforeseen event that causes us distress and panic. It’s all about knowing how to deal with those events and how and where to get help. Our team at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms understands the trauma that such situations can cause, and we have a plan. Our emergency dentist Dublin has been set up to help you cope with those dental crises, and we can provide you with a dedicated emergency number to call.

Determining what is an emergency

Emergency conjures up different meanings to different people. For example, we see people going to A&E at a hospital for ailments that are not generally classed as an emergency by the medical profession. Nothing is definitive, and if you feel distressed by an event that has caused a dental problem, you should phone us on our emergency line, and we will discuss your particular problem. By providing an emergency dentist Dublin service, we want you to know that we are here to help you no matter what your dental crisis is.

Obvious dental emergencies

Often, patients don’t want to trouble the dentist and feel that they can simply wait until they get an appointment. We want you to know that you should feel free to contact us in an emergency. You should never have to suffer for days with a constant toothache because a toothache is like any other body pain; it is your body’s way of alerting your brain that there is a malfunction and that you should act immediately.

Any sudden impact to the jaw, resulting in constant pain or severe bruising that does not subside, requires a call to our emergency dentist Dublin. If you damage a filling or crown by accident, then you require immediate attention. If you are bleeding from your mouth, have sores in your mouth, have a loose tooth or find that a tooth or part of your gum has noticeably discoloured, we suggest giving us an emergency call.

Some foods can cause bad breath, and we suggest brushing and rinsing after every meal. However, if the bad breath or bad taste persists, give us a call; this could be an indication of oral infection or some other health condition. If you do not feel well after a dental procedure, it is important to give our emergency number a call. If you are involved in an accident and a tooth becomes dislodged, you will need to follow a very specific procedure before calling us.

What to do if you knock a tooth out

Knocking a tooth out as a result of an accident causes a traumatic shock to your system, and you need to very carefully follow this procedure. As quickly as possible, retrieve your tooth by the crown (never touch the root), and immediately wash it, preferably with milk, but if you have none, use fresh water. Holding the tooth by the crown, place the tooth carefully back into your tooth socket, and using a clean handkerchief or tea towel, bite down to hold the tooth in place and call us immediately.

Always here for you

We at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms are your team, ready to provide you with any dental service, and we want you to know that we are here for any dental emergency. If in doubt, call us and discuss your problem with us, we will guide you!