Patients Near Deansgrange Find Out What Type Of Problems Veneers Are Good For

Ah, dental veneers; False nails for the teeth, as they are often called. One dresses up for a special occasion to feel confident – who knows, you might even wear false nails – but a special occasion, importantly, ends. There is something far more fundamental about the appearance of your teeth than there is about a cocktail dress or tuxedo. It is possible to end up in a situation where the state of your teeth may weigh so heavily on your mind that the thought of another’s gaze seems terrifying. But what can help in said situation? Enter dental veneers.

What ‘exactly’ are veneers?

Going beyond the false nails analogy, Veneers are essentially wafer thin shells of material which are bonded to the teeth.

So what are they good at treating?

Elementary dear Watson, Veneers are capable of treating a number of problems. Badly stained teeth which cannot be improved by whitening procedures can essentially be covered up by dental veneers and no one will be the wiser. Teeth that have been damaged through an accident, a little too much grinding or even excessive consumption of carbonated drinks can be repaired. Gaps or spaces between teeth can also be closed via the use of veneers, providing you with a harmonised smile. Veneers are not ideal for use with crooked teeth, but can be of some use to people with only marginal misalignments. Sometimes referred to as ‘instant orthodontics’, veneers can be placed in front of crooked teeth to immediately give the impression of a uniform smile. In the long run, conventional orthodontic treatment may be a better option for crooked teeth. Conventional treatment can, however, take up to a year to complete. Veneers thus offer very quick results for slightly crooked teeth. In all cases, Veneers can be altered in colour so as to blend seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

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