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Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock Care about Children’s Dental Health

Want to know the best way to look after your children’s teeth? It’s as easy as A – B – C!

A is for … ADVICE. As a parent, it is important to know that you are doing the right thing for your child. Taking your child to regular dental check-ups at Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock is important, because at these appointments you will be able to get all the advice you need to help ensure your child’s teeth are healthy, strong and well looked after. Dentists draw upon their expert knowledge and years of experience to help you make informed choices about your child’s dental health care. Regular visits to the dentist will help familiarise your child with the practice, reduce their nerves and minimise the risk of developing dental phobia.

B is for… BRACES. Deciding whether or not your child needs orthodontic treatment can be a difficult decision, but the importance of braces should not be under-estimated. Braces can help correct tooth alignment problems, such as gaps, crowding or abnormally shaped teeth. They also correct bad bites, including Overbites (when the upper teeth significantly overlap the bottom teeth), Underbites (when the lower set of teeth overlap the top teeth) and Crossbites. Properly aligned teeth not only improve your child’s confidence and self-esteem, they also ensure that your child can eat and speak properly and maintain good oral hygiene in later life. If your son or daughter is worried about wearing the traditional metal braces, ask their dentist about some of the more discreet treatment options, such as our ‘invisible’ braces.

C is for… CLEAN. When it comes to young children and oral hygiene, it is important to establish a good routine. Teeth should be brushed twice a day – once in the morning and once at night before bed. The recommended brushing time is two minutes, and you could even try setting an egg timer to make the process more fun for your child and to let them know when they can stop.  There’s also a good selection of novelty toothbrushes out there to make brushing more appealing for children. To strengthen your child’s teeth and prevent tooth decay, it is important to buy toothpaste that contains fluoride and to monitor their sugar intake.