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Little Patients Near Foxrock Learn The Importance Of Looking After Their Teeth

Baby teeth are not, as often thought, a chance for your child to ‘test the water’ with their oral health. Losing a baby tooth early can have a drastic impact on the formation and development of a child’s face. Letting a child skimp on their oral healthcare at young age can also lead to bad habits developing, which might end up being responsible for losing teeth that don’t come back in later life! To be blunt: Children’s dentistry is quite important.

Let’s begin at the beginning

A child’s teeth start emerging in the womb. Once their teeth become visible (which will be sometime after they are out of the womb!) it is important that you start to core for them immediately! You are going to be the one cleaning your child’s teeth for quite some time. This period is crucial, however, as it can help develop a child’s attitude to oral health. Try brushing their teeth at regular times: After breakfast and before bed are popular times! Make sure you don’t skimp on your own oral health either! Set a good example and, hopefully, your children will follow.

The practicalities of cleaning a baby’s teeth

Firstly, get hold of a child’s toothbrush as these have smaller heads and more gentle brushes. Put a dollop of toothpaste on the brush and sit the child down on your knee with their head placed against your chest. Then simply brush their teeth, gently, in little circles for about two minutes. Note that two minutes is the recommended brushing time of all ages! Once your child’s teeth start emerging, we thoroughly recommend you get them checked by a dentist.

Dietary advice

Kids love sweets. Sadly, it can be what we love that hurts us most. It isn’t just those infamous bonbons that rot milk teeth however, starchy foods such as bread and pasta can be just as damaging! Bacteria is always present in the mouth and it feeds on sugar and starch, producing plaque from them and wreaking havoc on those pearly whites. Teaching kids to enjoy healthy snacks such as low fat yoghurt, hard fruits and vegetables can help prevent plaque from forming in the first place! For more information on children’s dentistry please contact the team at Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock.