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Patients from Foxrock don’t need to fear a visit to Dublin18 Dental Care

It is well documented that many people feel anxious about going to the dentist. The very idea of sitting in a waiting room surrounded by the sights and sounds of the surgery can often be daunting, so much so that it can cause people to avoid the dentist altogether. At Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock we understand that a visit to the dentist is not everyone’s idea of fun, but we will do all we can to make it a positive and relaxing experience.

Why do you feel nervous?

There are a myriad of reasons why people from Foxrock and around Ireland experience dental phobia or anxiousness. You may have had a negative experience in the past, be worried that there is a severe underlying problem or it may be a fear of needles or dental instruments that keeps you away. Rest assured that you are not alone and we can help you overcome your fears.

Distraction techniques

If you feel butterflies in your stomach and suffer from nerves when you think about going to see the dentist, try to distract yourself and think positively. At Dublin18 Dental Care we aim to provide techniques to help our patients feel relaxed when they come into the practice, and we invite all clients to take a moment and relax in their surroundings. We will never pressurise you and will always be on hand to provide reassurance and advice.

Speak to the dentist

If you suffer from anxiety or dental phobia feel free to inform us.  We take pride at Dublin18 Dental Care in caring for all our patients needs. We can offer nervous patients sedation to help alleviate the fear of your visit or we can simply talk you through every step of the way to ensure you are comfortable to proceed with treatment.

Once you have come into the practice and grown accustomed to your surroundings, we can then help you get the dental treatment you deserve.