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New Year’s Check List- Dental Check Ups For All The Family Near Foxrock

Dental checks

Christmas is over, it’s time to get back to work and plan ahead for 2014. You may be thinking about booking holidays, going to special occasions or applying for a new job or course, but have you though about booking your dental appointments?

We recommend 6 monthly check-ups for all our patients and we also advise visiting a dental hygienist. If you are due a check-up, call the practice today to book your next appointment!

Check-ups are very quick and they aren’t painful, but they are really important. When you come for a check-up, your dentist uses a check-list to look for any changes in your mouth, any signs of gum disease, decay or oral cancer and to check that everything looks ok; they can also answer any questions you have about dental treatment, oral hygiene or giving up smoking.

Good health for 2014

Your health should always be a priority and if you are looking for ways to boost your health in the New Year, here are some simple suggestions:

  • exercise more: health experts recommend doing 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 times per week
  • eat well: eating a healthy and balanced diet will help to reduce your risk of a host of illnesses, as well as helping you to look and feel good
  • prioritise your oral health; maintain a good daily oral hygiene routine, take good care of your teeth and gums and see your dentist for regular check-ups
  • look after yourself; it can be very easy to forget about yourself, especially if you have a very busy schedule and you may find that you are constantly putting others in front; try to make more time for yourself this year
  • get more sleep: research shows that many people do not get enough sleep; try to go to bed earlier, de-stress and unwind before bed and relax

We look forward to seeing you for your dental checks this year; to book your next routine check-up, contact our friendly reception team today or pop in and see us near Foxrock! We wish you a happy and healthy 2014!