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Dublin18 Dental Care Helps Patients from Carrickmines Combat a Fear of the Dentist

Many people are afraid of the dentist, or to be more accurate, they are afraid of what they think the dentist is going to do to them. In some cases the fear or phobia is so strong that it stops the sufferer from going to the dentist for many years, meaning that their teeth are in desperate need of attention by the time they summon up the courage to make an appointment.

There are lots of things that you and Dublin18 Dental Care can do to try and alleviate such fears, whether you are coming from Carrickmines or adjoining areas. Ask to take a tour of the clinic ahead of your appointment. Dentists themselves can do a lot to help people get over their fear by having a good “bedside manner” and remaining calm and gentle at all times. Not only does this make the patient feel calm, but the dentist will instantly seem more approachable and the patient more comfortable asking questions that may have bothered them for years. Good communication between patient and dentist is essential at all times.

Simply by calmly talking through everything involved in an appointment, dentists can help to relieve a lot of the fear; for many, dental phobia is a fear of the unknown. People who have not been to the dentist often, or who had a bad experience as a child, will always imagine the worst, but by explaining what is happening dentists can remove the mysterious and scary image and make treatment less frightening.

If you have a fear of the dentist that has stopped you from making an appointment, the staff at Dublin18 Dental Care are happy to help. All our dentists and dental nurses have dealt with nervous patients many times in the past, changing smiles and perceptions of the dentist for the better. The sooner you make an appointment and have your oral health checked, the less likely it is that serious problems will develop with your teeth.