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Emergency Treatment For Patients At Dublin18 Dental Care Near Dun Laoghaire

Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time and often, you end up with a dental injury or sudden dental pain when you least expect it. At Dublin18 Dental Care near Dun Laoghaire, we offer emergency dental treatment to ease your pain and ensure you are fit and healthy. Whether you have a sudden, sharp pain in your tooth, or you’ve lost a tooth after an incident on the rugby pitch, we can help.

Dental injuries

There are many different types of dental injury and causes of dental pain; these may include:

  • chipped teeth
  • broken teeth
  • dislodged teeth (also known as avulsed teeth)
  • jaw pain
  • toothache
  • dental abscesses

Sometimes, these issues require urgent treatment and we always try to arrange an appointment as quickly as possible when patients ring and ask to see a dentist in an emergency situation. In cases, such as a dislodged tooth, time is really of the essence and if we are able to see a patient quickly enough, we can often save the tooth.

Dealing with tooth pain

Many patients would admit to suffering from dental pain and simply hoping that it will go away; however, if you have tooth pain and it’s persistent or getting worse, the chances are that something is wrong. It is highly likely that whatever the issue, we will be able to arrange treatment very quickly, but you should never suffer in silence. If you have tooth pain, this could be a sign of decay, a fracture or a dental abscess and it’s always best to get the problem checked out.

What to do in an emergency

If you find yourself in need of urgent dental treatment, call the practice and the reception team will do their best to get you an appointment as quickly as they can. If you need help outside of normal opening hours, we also provide a weekend helpline. Our website also offers an enquiry form and one of our staff team will get back to you.



What To Do If You Have A Broken Tooth And The Treatment Available For Patients Near Deansgrange

We understand that accidents can happen at any time, usually when you least expect them and this is why we offer emergency dental appointments. Whether you have broken a tooth or you’ve had your tooth knocked out, we are here to help and once you have contacted the practice we will do everything we can to see you and make you comfortable as quickly as possible.

Dental emergencies

Common types of dental emergency include broken teeth, chipped teeth, dislodged teeth, severe tooth pain, jaw fractures and facial injuries and dental abscesses. Common causes of dental injuries include sports injuries, fighting, trips and falls and random accidents; dental abscesses are often a result of poor oral hygiene and bacterial infection.

What to do if you’ve experienced a dental emergency

If you suddenly experience severe dental pain, you think you’ve broken a tooth or you suffer an accident, which results in dental injuries, contact the practice and we will try to arrange an appointment as quickly as possible. Our aim is to ease any pain as soon as possible and once one of our dentists has examined your mouth and asked you a few questions, they will be able to discuss treatment options with you.

Treatment for a broken tooth

If you have a broken tooth you may find that your tooth is tender and painful, especially if you try to bite down on it or chew food. When you see your dentist they will X-ray your mouth to check the extent of the damage and confirm a diagnosis; they will then discuss the treatment options with you, which may include a filling, a crown or in very severe vases, when the tooth is damaged beyond repair, extraction.

Emergency dental appointments at Dublin18 Dental Care

In addition to urgent appointments during office hours, we also offer out of hours appointments. When you ring the practice, you will be directed to our emergency mobile phone. Emergency care is also available to non-patients at Dublin18 Dental Care near Deansgrange.

Emergency Dentistry Even on a Saturday for Patients Near Stillorgan

It goes without saying that looking after ones teeth is vitally importance. If we don’t have healthy, sturdy teeth, we are not able eat or speak normally, and that’s let alone any problems that damaged or unhealthy teeth might cause to our appearance. But, no matter how much trouble we take of our teeth, accidents may still occur. Some of the worst problems that affect our teeth can happen quickly, when we least expect it, rather than a gradual process. These sorts of ‘immediate’ problems can range from trauma to teeth – such as having a tooth knocked out or chipped in an accident – to an abscess suddenly making itself known by causing extreme pain that simply cannot (and should not) just be covered up with painkillers. When problems like this strike, it’s important that you go for emergency dental care.

Emergency dentistry at Dublin18 Dental Care

When problems such as chipped teeth, abscesses, loosened teeth or any unexplained severe pain in your mouth make themselves known, the first thing you should do is call the dentist. It’s not worth thinking that you should put it off, or just try to ‘grin and bear it’, as this will not only cause you to suffer, but could lead to further problems if the problem is not treated right away. Try to call Dublin18 Dental Care straight away, and we will try to see you as soon as possible, on the same day, to ensure that the problem can be solved as quickly as possible. This includes on Saturdays, when emergency dentistry is also available.  We can help with many problems, from emergency root canal surgery to helping with tissue damage or teeth which have fallen out. Call Dublin18 Dental Care for help with your emergency dentistry needs on 01 235 4631.