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Fissure Sealants For Children Near Blackrock At Dublin18 Dental Care

Your oral health is our priority and we do everything we can to ensure that our patients have the best chance of keeping oral diseases at bay. We offer a range of dental hygiene and preventative dental services, including fissure sealant treatment for children. If you would like to book your child in for treatment during the summer holidays, call us and arrange an appointment today!

What is fissure sealant treatment?

Fissure sealant treatment is a means of reducing the risk of tooth decay in children. It involves applying a plastic coating on the biting surface of tooth, which is known as fissure sealant. The sealant covers the fissures, tiny cracks in the tooth surface, to form a barrier between the teeth and bacteria and food debris. With sealants in place, it is much harder for food to become trapped in the fissures and this lowers the risk of cavities forming. This treatment is usually used on the back teeth, which are involved in chewing and breaking up food.

How does fissure sealant treatment work?

Fissure sealant treatment is quick, painless and very effective. Treatment takes less than half an hour and there is absolutely no pain involved, no drilling and no scary injections! The sealant is applied to the teeth once they have been cleaned thoroughly and it is then set firm using a light; at this stage, your child will be asked to pop on a pair of protective goggles.

What are the benefits of fissure sealant treatment?

Fissure sealant treatment is a really effective means of reducing the risk of decay in children and it is quick, simple and safe. Children are able to enjoy the benefits of treatment without worrying about pain and the results of treatment last a long time.

Fissure Sealants For Patients Near Deansgrange

Easter has just been celebrated but now that children have lots of chocolate eggs, it could spell trouble for the teeth. Indulging in chocolate eggs is a nightmare for your teeth and gums, so why not consider oral hygiene and preventative treatments for your children? At Dublin18 Dental Care we provide a full range of general dental treatments and preventative treatments and we also have information packs for parents, which provide advice and tips for caring for your child’s oral health.

Preventative dental treatments

Prevention is always better than cure and the good news is that tooth decay and gum disease are both largely preventable. We offer fissure sealant treatment for children which is a safe, quick and completely painless procedure, which protects the teeth helping to reduce the risk of damage and decay. Fissure sealant treatment involves applying sealant over the biting surfaces of the molars. The sealant is set hard using a light source and once it is in place it protects the teeth by preventing plaque and food from getting stuck in the fissures (small cracks) and pits on the surfaces of the teeth.

Sealant treatment takes less than half an hour and there is no pain or discomfort involved.

Easter tips

Everyone loves to tuck into an Easter egg, but there are things you can do to try and reduce the risk of dental problems after Easter. If you are planning to crack open a chocolate egg, try to resist the urge to eat between meals; chocolate is full of sugar and sugary foods cause the bacteria in your mouth to release harmful plaque acids, which attack your tooth enamel. Your teeth can only resist a limited number of acid attacks per day and as they will already be under attack at mealtimes, avoiding snacking will help to keep the number of attacks down. Always remember to wait around one hour after eating to brush your teeth, as the enamel is softer after you eat and brushing during this time can cause damage. If you would like more information about looking after you and your families’ teeth, why not contact the team at Dublin18 Dental Care near Deansgrange.