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Dental Veneers For A Smile Transformation Near Foxrock Village

At Dublin18 we understand the importance of feeling confident when you smile and we aim to create beautiful, natural smiles using the latest and most effective dental treatments. One of our most popular cosmetic dental treatments is veneers.

If you’ve ever wished for a flawless smile or you hate looking in the mirror because you dislike your crooked or discoloured teeth, why not contact us today to find out about how veneers could transform your smile and boot your confidence?

What are veneers?

Veneers are very thin, tooth-shaped pieces of ceramic material, normally porcelain, that are placed over the top of the teeth to create a perfect new smile. The veneers are custom-made to ensure that they fit your teeth perfectly and you can choose from different shapes and shades to create your ideal smile; some people choose a natural look, while others prefer a more glamorous, celebrity-style smile.

Veneers are an ideal treatment for people who have:

  • chipped teeth
  • worn or uneven teeth
  • discoloured or stained teeth
  • small gaps between the teeth

The procedure

Veneer treatment is usually carried out in two sessions; during the first session, the teeth are prepared, which involves removing a very fine layer of the tooth tissue and then creating an impression using dental putty. The veneers are then custom-made to fit the mould. Once they are ready, the veneers can then be applied over the top of the natural teeth to produce a beautiful new smile.

Veneer treatments

At Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock Village we are proud to offer two of the world’s leading veneer treatments: Lumineers and Da Vinci veneers, both of which have been featured on famous American and British television makeover shows.

Lumineers are ultra-thin veneers, which are just 2mm thick; they have a natural looking glossy sheen and as they are so fine, only minimal tooth preparation is required.

Da Vinci veneers are made in California; they are very thin and have a very lifelike finish, which makes them a popular choice.

If you would like to find out more about veneers, call us today to arrange a consultation!

Crowns On The Day At Dublin18 Dental Care Near Foxrock Village

Dental crowns are used for a number of different reasons; cracked or fractured teeth, tooth decay, and to steady a dental bridge. However, at Dublin18 Dental Care our crowns are different and we are proud to know that we are one of only 16 dental clinics in Ireland that use the innovative Cerec crown system.

What are Cerec crowns?

Cerec crowns are onsite created crowns, made using our innovative Cerec technology, which we keep within the practice. Cerec crowns do not require moulds and can be made on the very same day of your visit, without the need for temporary crowns while you wait for your permanent fixture.

How are Cerec crowns made?

Cerec crowns are made using digital impressions of your teeth, which we make using a 3D camera, rather than using messy moulds and impressions. This scan of your teeth is then fed straight into the computer, where it will be used to create your personalised crown, which will fit perfectly over your damaged tooth. The crown is then made onsite with our Cerec drilling machine, using only the highest quality materials to create a life-like crown to restore the health and appearance of your tooth or teeth. Once your crown has been made we bond it to your tooth to instantly rejuvenate the aesthetics and strength of your smile.

If you have suffered from tooth decay or have fractured or chipped a tooth we can provide swift treatment to help prevent further decay and erosion. Tooth decay can quickly spread to surrounding teeth, causing much pain and discomfort, but with a Cerec crown, we are able to halt the continuation of decay before it takes hold of your smile. Contact the team at Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock Village for more information.






White Fillings for patients near Foxrock Village

Even the most diligent patients may need a filling; fillings are a type of restoration, which are used to fill cavities and prevent further damage to teeth once a cavity has formed. White fillings are very popular because they blend in with the colour of the tooth, which means that they cannot be distinguished from the rest of the tooth. Metal fillings are highly visible when you smile and more and more people are choosing to their metal fillings replaced with more aesthetically pleasing white fillings.

The procedure

Before a filling is placed, the cavity is cleaned thoroughly and your dentist will remove the decayed tissue from the hole. Once the cavity is clean, bonding material is added and the composite filling material is poured into the cavity. It is then set hard using a light beam and then trimmed to ensure that it fits perfectly.

The filling procedure is relatively straight-forward and you should not experience any pain; typically, treatment is complete within 40 minutes.

Advantages of white fillings

White fillings have become very popular because they provide better aesthetics than metal fillings; over the years, the materials have become stronger and they can now be used to fill most cavities. White fillings are also considered to be safer and more environmentally friendly than metal amalgam fillings.

Why would I need a filling?

You may be advised to have a filling if you have a cavity; a cavity is a hole in the tooth. Fillings help to make the teeth stronger and reduce the risk of further damage or injury; they also help to prevent the spread of infection. If you are interested in white fillings get in touch with us at Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock Village.


What Should I Look For In A Good Toothpaste Near Foxrock Village?

If you’ve been shopping for toothpaste recently, you will probably have noticed that there hundreds of different products on offer, so how do you choose which toothpaste is best for you?

We recommend using fluoride toothpaste, as fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel ad protect the teeth from decay and damage. Most toothpastes contain fluoride, but you should take care when buying products for children, as the level of fluoride in adult toothpaste may be too high and it is usually best to stick to children’s oral hygiene products, particularly with children under the age of 6 years old.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Sensodyne is the leading toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth and they have a range of products, which are designed to reduce sensitivity, provide relief from pain caused by sensitivity and protect the enamel. Sensitivity is caused by the enamel becoming worn; this results in the dentin being exposed.

Whitening toothpaste

The jury is out on whitening toothpaste, as some studies have shown that they have little effect. You may notice minor changes in the shade of your teeth, but if you are looking for drastic results, a professional whitening treatment is a much more reliable option.

Toothpaste features and benefits

If you take time to read the labels or packaging on toothpaste, you will see the features of the toothpaste listed; these usually include fighting bad breath, preventing gum disease and strengthening the teeth, but you can also buy products that claim to whiten the teeth and remove surface stains, repair and protect the enamel and tackle plaque.

If you have any questions about toothpaste or any other oral hygiene products, our dentists and dental hygienists will be happy to answer them and recommend products, which will benefit you and cater for your individual needs. Contact us at Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock Village for more oral hygiene information.

Planning A Summer Trip Abroad- Have You Completed Your Check List Near Foxrock Village?

Are you looking forward to an overseas adventure or heading off for a relaxing holiday? If you are, you probably have lists of things to do and buy before you go and you may be frantically trying to get ready, but don’t forget to book a check-up with your dentist; the last thing you want is to miss out on family fun or a romantic getaway because you’ve got toothache or a painful abscess.

If you’re counting down the days until you jet off, now is the perfect time to call and arrange a check-up or a cleaning treatment. Not only will you have peace of mind that your teeth and gums are healthy, but you will also have a shiny, bright smile in time for your vacation.

About dental check-ups

Dental check-ups are quick and painless, but they make the world of difference and will prevent you from suffering unnecessary dental pain. Check-ups are nothing to worry about and they only last around 15 minutes. They are an opportunity for your dentist to check that your teeth and gums are healthy and strong and to identify any possible warning signs. If there are symptoms of decay or gum disease, your dentist will treat them as quickly as possible.

We recommend 6 monthly check-ups for all our patients and we encourage parents to ring their children from the age of 12 months. Regular dental visits will keep your mouth healthy and ensure that your teeth look clean and glossy.

Cleaning treatments

If you’re planning a special holiday or a trip abroad, a cleaning treatment is a great idea. Hygiene treatments have benefits for your oral health, as well as the look of your teeth and you may be surprised what a difference a 30 minute treatment can make! Your mouth will feel lovely and fresh and your teeth will look bright, white and healthy.

We want you to enjoy your holiday as much as possible, so make sure dental problems don’t ruin your time away and book yourself a dental appointment now at Dublin18 Dental care near Foxrock Village.