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Teeth And Your Overall General Health And Wellbeing At Dublin18 Dental Care Near Foxrock

You may be all too aware that neglecting your oral hygiene and eating sweet foods have negative implications for your oral health, but you may not know that brushing, flossing and keeping an eye on your diet can also benefit your general health and wellbeing.

Gum disease and general health problems

Numerous research studies carried out in countries all over the world have not suggested a link between oral health problems and specifically, gum disease, and general health conditions. Researchers have found a link between gum disease and potentially life-threatening diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and strokes. Research teams believe that harmful bacteria can travel from the mouth to other parts of the body and increase the risk of atherosclerosis, a condition, which causes fatty deposits to collect in the arteries. Atherosclerosis is linked to an increased risk of strokes and heart attacks because it prevents blood from flowing freely around the body.

Your smile and confidence

As well as preventing you from developing decay and gum disease, good oral hygiene can also help to keep your smile looking healthy and bright. Surveys show that most people regard their smile as their most important feature and those who are happy with the look of their smile are more likely to come across as confident and outgoing, which can have benefits in many areas of life, from making a good impression at work, to creating new friendships and relationships.

At Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock we promote good oral hygiene, healthy eating and regular dental checks to benefit your health and wellbeing; our aim is for you to be free from pain and to feel happy and confident when you smile.