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Teeth Whitening For Easter Time At Dublin18 Dental Care For People Near Dun Laoghaire

There’s a warm glow in the air and everyone is looking forward to the summer, so what better way to celebrate than with a bright new smile? Our whitening services cater for everyone, with a range of convenient and affordable options to suit all.

Our home whitening kits

At Dublin18 Dental Care, we are well aware that time is of the essence and we offer amazingly convenient whitening treatment for patients who are pushed for time and looking for a simple and easy way of getting a gorgeous, glowing smile. Our home whitening kits are easy to use and the results are very impressive. All patients have to do is wear a bespoke whitening tray for a period of time at home. The tray contains whitening agent, which gradually lightens the shade of the teeth, giving you a beautiful new smile. Patients are advised to wear their whitening trays at night, so that treatment does not impact on their day to day life. With this treatment, you can expect your teeth to look up to five shades whiter in just 2 weeks!

What are the benefits of tooth whitening?

The most obvious benefit of tooth whitening treatment is a more attractive smile, but this can also trigger additional benefits, including increased self-esteem and greater confidence. Many people who have yellow, stained teeth admit that they are reluctant to smile in public because they are conscious of the appearance of their teeth and whitening can help to eradicate these concerns.

We comply with the latest EU regulations regarding the use of premium whitening products and all our treatments are approved for use in the European Union. We no longer offer Zoom! whitening treatment, but have found home whitening treatments to be extremely effective.

Bright White Smiles With Our Bespoke Home Teeth Whitening Package For Patients Near Cornelscourt

Are you longing for a bright white, healthy smile? Why not choose one of our bespoke home whitening kits and enjoy a great looking smile with treatment in the comfort of your own home?

At Dublin18 Dental Care we offer bespoke home whitening treatment, which enables patients to enjoy maximum convenience, as well as a healthy, radiant smile. All you need to do is pop in and see us for a half hour appointment and we will manufacture your whitening trays on-site.

The treatment process

We are lucky to have a laboratory on-site, which enables us to start the whitening process straight away. During the half hour consultation, we will examine your teeth and create impressions of your teeth, which will be used to manufacture your whitening trays. We will also be happy to answer any questions you have about the treatment.

We will prepare your custom-made whitening pack as soon as possible and you can start treatment as soon as you get home. All you have to do is to wear the whitening trays for a period of time at home. Many people choose to wear their whitening trays during the night so that treatment does not interfere with their normal daily routine.

If you have sensitive teeth, you can still have whitening treatment; we may simply advise a shorter treatment period.

Is whitening safe?

Whitening treatment is very safe provided that a consultation is carried out before and the treatment is overseen by a trained professional. We use the finest whitening systems and are confident that you will be amazed with the results. If you have any questions about whitening treatment, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Dublin18 Dental Care near Cornelscourt.