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At-Home Teeth Whitening For Patients Near Seapoint

Over the course of time, general wear and tear can take its toll on your teeth and you may start to notice that your teeth become discoloured, especially if you are fond of a latte in the morning or a cup of tea before bed. Drinking strongly coloured drinks, such as coffee and red wine, smoking and neglecting your oral hygiene can all cause the whiteness of your teeth to fade, but there is a solution. At Dublin18 Dental Care near Seapoint we pride ourselves on offering the best treatments and our home whitening kits are guaranteed to give you a beautiful, gleaming smile.

How does home whitening work?

We recommend a two-week home treatment, which uses EU standard carbamide peroxide gels, to bleach the teeth and give you a gorgeous, white smile. The beauty of home whitening is that you can get the look you want in the comfort of your own home; all you have to do is wear your tailor-made whitening tray for 2 weeks at home (most people prefer to wear the tray at night so that treatment does not alter their normal daily routine).

Home whitening is advantageous because it produces great results without the need for top-up treatment shortly after the original whitening session, which is the case with some in-chair treatment.

How long will the results last?

The results of treatment should last a long time, but this is dependent on your diet, your oral hygiene routine and whether you smoke. It is easy to top up your treatment at any time to prolong the results.

If you would like to find out more about our home whitening kits, call the practice today! A whiter, brighter smile awaits!