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Importance Of Hygienist Visit At Dublin18 Dental Care For Patients Near Seapoint

Our dental hygienists are an integral part of the team and we strongly recommend their services to all our patients. Our hygienists have expertise in providing preventative treatments and they also work tirelessly along with our dentists to manage cases of gum disease.

Why are hygienist visits so important?

Good dental hygiene forms the basis for healthy teeth and gums and our hygienists provide a wide range of really effective treatments and services, including cleaning treatments, such as scale and polish, gum disease prevention and treatment, preventative services for children and oral health information and advice.

Prevention is always better than cure and studies have shown that gum disease can have a very serious impact on general health, as well as oral health. Studies have shown that the bacteria associated with gum disease can contribute to potentially serious health complications, including an increased risk of heart disease and strokes. This is because bacteria can travel around the body in the bloodstream.

What are the benefits of going to a dental hygienist?

Seeing a dental hygienist on a regular basis will not just reduce your risk of developing oral diseases, including decay and gum disease, but it will also boost your general health and ensure your teeth look bright and white and feel lovely and smooth. Dental hygienists can also help patients to tackle bad breath and they are able to offer advice about diet, oral hygiene at home and giving up smoking.

We recommend seeing a dental hygienist once a year if you have good oral health and more frequently if you suffer from problems such as bad breath or gum disease. Call the practice or pop in to find out more and book an appointment.