The Importance of Dental Bridges from Dublin18 Dental Care for People from Deansgrange

Having a dental bridge fitted is a common procedure and is one of the most effective ways of dealing with missing teeth. The natural teeth either side of the gap are used to anchor the false tooth in place, which helps to create a completely natural smile that no-one would ever know has been created thanks to the wonders of dentistry! Bridges can either be permanent, in which case they are cemented to the natural teeth, or removable, and both can be fitted in just a couple of appointments at Dublin18 Dental Care near Deansgrange.

But why is it so important to have a false tooth securely fitted wherever there is a gap in our smiles? Aside from the fact that gaps, even at the back, look ugly and can really affect a person’s self confidence, gaps can also affect the teeth that remain around them, as well as the general oral health of the patient. Even those who have decided to get a bridge fitted do not realise this, as they have often made the decision to undergo the treatment for what they see as purely cosmetic reasons.

Our mouths were designed to boast a full set of teeth, and each tooth has their own job to do when it comes to eating, chewing and even speaking. If one tooth is missing that dynamic is destroyed and some teeth have to take on jobs they were not designed to do, putting them under unexpected stress.

Missing teeth also means that your whole mouth and jaw area are not getting the full support they need, something which is especially important with the back teeth. Many people who are missing teeth right at the back of their mouth decide that they don’t need a bridge, but over time these empty spaces can cause cheeks to appear sunken and the appearance of dreaded wrinkles.

Finally, an empty area of gum where a tooth used to be is much more at risk of infection, which can cause gum disease. Gum disease has now also been linked to other more serious conditions affecting the heart and respiratory systems. The decision to get a dental bridge to complete your smile is therefore not a vain one and could be a move that could end up saving your life!