Veneers For Patients Near Donnybrook At Dublin18 Dental Care

If you thought dazzling, flawless smiles were just for celebrities, think again! We can create stunning smiles using the latest veneer treatments for patients in and around Donnybrook.

The ins and outs of veneer treatment

Veneers are small, light shells, which are usually made from porcelain; they are placed over the top of your natural teeth to create amazing aesthetics. You can choose to have a full set of veneers or partial treatment to repair chipped or worn teeth, for example, and there are different shades and shapes on offer. Veneers are versatile and you can get involved in the smile design process to create the smile of your dreams; whether you want a subtle and natural look, or you long for full-on glamour, we can help!

Veneer treatment is often used to create perfect smiles, but it can also serve a purpose for patients who have chipped, stained or worn teeth or spaces between their teeth. Treatment usually involves two separate sessions after the consultation, which are used to create the impressions of your teeth and then to fit the veneers.

During the first session, we will prepare your teeth and then create impressions and take photographs of your teeth. These impressions and images of your teeth are used to create your bespoke veneers.

The second session is used to fit your veneers. We will place the veneers on your teeth and then ask you to take a look and check that you are happy with the look of your smile. We will then secure your veneers onto the teeth using strong dental glue.

Our veneer treatments

We are delighted to offer some of the world’s leading veneer treatments, including Lumineers and Da Vinci veneers, both of which have featured heavily on television makeover shows. Both types of veneer offer strength and style, with beautiful aesthetics guaranteed.