What are the benefits of going to an emergency dentist?

When experiencing discomfort in the mouth, the first objective is naturally to find relief from the pain. Dental pain can be extremely uncomfortable to endure. In fact, dental pain can make all ordinary tasks impossible. Consider for a moment how a toothache can interfere with your day; you can barely eat, sleep or even think. Working is impossible and so is playing.


In a dental emergency situation, who do you go to for treatment? Do you try to locate an emergency dentist Dublin or would a general medical practitioner do?

At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, we have a dedicated emergency dentist Dublin with the required knowledge and experience to tend to dental emergencies. In this post, we will look at why our emergency dentist Dublin is the preferred health practitioner to treat dental emergencies.

Top reasons to see an emergency dentist for your dental emergency

The foremost reason to choose an emergency dentist in times of a dental emergency is that, unlike other medical practitioners, an emergency dentist will not only provide relief from pain but, most importantly, will treat the cause of the pain. Not treating the cause of the pain, you run the risk of the pain reoccurring at a later date.

An emergency dentist is most qualified to understand how the different structures in the mouth work and what signs to look out for to diagnose a problem. They are also best placed, due to their knowledge of dentistry and experience in dental care, to suggest appropriate treatment solutions,

Dental pain is only one symptom of a dental emergency. There are others like an abscessed tooth or a knocked-out tooth. An emergency dentist can reliably treat both conditions. Timely professional care is key to treating dental emergencies like these. When a tooth is knocked out of its socket, it does not necessarily mean that the tooth is lost. Dislodged teeth can be saved provided that prompt action is taken.

Treatment at the hands of an experienced emergency dentist provides you with peace of mind that your poor oral health issue is receiving the appropriate attention from the right dental professional. An emergency dentist is best placed to treat dental emergencies as they are suitably equipped with the relevant knowledge and specialised dental tools and equipment.

When dental emergencies are not treated in the right way, this can cause unwanted complications at a later date, requiring more costly treatment to treat. Tooth fractures, for example, that are not properly treated can lead to bacteria and germs entering vulnerable areas of the tooth structure causing infections and an abscessed tooth.

An emergency dentist is a dental professional who is specifically trained to treat various dental emergencies, so it only makes sense to treat your dental predicament at an emergency dentist. Our friendly emergency dentist at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms is experienced in treating a wide range of dental emergency situations. Contact us to find out more about the emergency dental services we provide and how you can receive the urgent treatment you need in times of a dental crisis.