What does a dentist do during a dental check-up?

What do you do to maintain a healthy body and avoid illness and disease? You know to eat a well-balanced diet, exercise, get plenty of sleep and get screened for dreaded diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. But did you know that routine check-ups at the dentist Dublin also play a part in keeping your body healthy and disease-free?


Our dentist Dublin at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms offers comprehensive oral health examinations to ensure you have healthy teeth and gums to enjoy an overall good quality life. What forms part of this oral health examination?

What does a dentist Dublin check during a dental check-up?

The main purpose of regular dental check-ups is to identify problematic signs that point to a poor oral health issue developing. It is important to catch these signs in the early stages so that a dentist can implement preventive measures to stop the problem from escalating further.

Treating minor symptoms is advantageous for the patient for a number of reasons. Preventive dental care treatment costs far less than it would be to treat fully-fledged problems. For example, a deep dental cleaning procedure to remove plaque deposits from enamel holds a relatively lower price tag than root canal therapy to save a tooth from loss or to replace a lost tooth with a replacement device.

In addition to costing less, preventive dental care may also mean spending less time in dental appointments. Treatment plans for dental diseases like periodontitis are often lengthy and time consuming so it is best to tackle minor signs of gum disease than wait for the condition to worsen until you’ve reached advanced stages of the disease.

In addition to the usual tooth and gum check, our dentist carries out a comprehensive oral examination that includes a scrutiny of the jaws and joints as well as the soft tissue in areas such as the tongue, cheeks and gums.

Another important part of our dental check-up appointment is the screening for oral cancer. Our dentist knows to look for changes in the mouth and the symptoms that indicate the risk for mouth cancer. Oral cancer can be a disease with fatal consequences if not diagnosed early and so suitable treatment can be implemented. Patients often do not know what symptoms to look out for and so a knowledgeable dental professional is required to diagnose the condition.

It may be hard to believe but just by examining the teeth and gums, a dental check-up can offer useful insights into the state of the patient’s overall health. Poor oral health issues like advanced gum disease can be a predictor of other life-threatening medical conditions. The bad bacterium that is responsible for the development of periodontitis has been found to trigger strokes, heart attacks and other inflammatory conditions.

These harmful pathogens line the blood vessels and arteries where they tend to cause clots and impede blood flow. Patients with severe gum disease are a risk factor for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

A proper dental check-up is the best way to protect the loveliness of your smile as well as your heart and lungs. Get peace of mind that all is well with the state of your dental health by scheduling a comprehensive dental examination today at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms.