Why you should see an emergency dentist for immediate care

It is in the nature of dental emergencies to leave one in severe pain and discomfort that interferes with daily life, whether this is eating, sleeping or working. Putting pain and discomfort aside for a moment, there is the worry that whatever is the cause of the pain will get progressively worse if not treated as soon as possible by a qualified emergency dentist Dublin.


Whether it be a tooth that has fallen out or an abscess or toothache, attending to a dental emergency at a suitably experienced emergency dentist Dublin will save a patient from much distress and the cost of complex treatments which is most likely to be the case should the problem go ignored.

At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, we have a dedicated emergency dentist Dublin to provide timely quality care in the event of a dental emergency. Here’s why we believe patients should contact us immediately should a dental emergency arise.

Top benefits of seeking urgent dental care

Opting for immediate dental care will slow down the progression of the dental problem. Minor dental issues simply do not disappear, but rather when left untreated will escalate into bigger problems that no longer can be ignored. Minor issues are relatively cheaper to treat and with quicker timeframes than more serious problems.

The best way to save natural teeth, and by extension one’s smile, is to resolve poor oral health issues as soon as they arise. Teeth that have been knocked out can be saved as long as patients seek urgent care from an emergency dentist. Lost teeth will need to be replaced with a suitable missing teeth replacement device which will cost far more than visiting the emergency dentist as soon as the tooth falls out.

An emergency dentist can offer relief from pain. The patient will then be able to continue with their daily activities free of pain and discomfort and safe in the knowledge that their dental integrity is being protected.

Emergency dental care will decrease the risk of infection. It is par for the course for infections to spread if not treated promptly. It is best to have the problem checked out on the first signs of infection. It is not unheard of for an infection in the mouth to make its way to the brain. Another worrying concern about mouth infections is that the pathogenic bacteria that cause the infection can also threaten cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.

Outside of a tooth knocked out by accident, many other types of dental emergencies can be avoided by attending routine dental check-ups. Our dentist will be able to identify signs of cavities or swollen gums and take suitable measures to restore full dental health.

The smart decision as soon as a dental emergency occurs is to get the urgent care you need. At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms we know that you want to get on with your life as soon as possible which is why we have included emergency dental care on our list of services. Please get in touch with us should you need the help of an emergency dentist.