Braces in Dublin – improving your smile at any age

Many people have a certain idea when they think about braces – maybe you think they are only for young people, that they are unsightly and spoil the look of your teeth or that they are difficult to care for or painful.

Here at Dublin18 Dental we can change your perception of braces in Dublin and encourage you to take the leap to permanently improve the appearance and feel of your teeth whilst looking and feeling good during the process.

braces-in-dublinBraces have come such a long way. Treatment times are shorter and the whole process is more comfortable. The end result has cosmetic benefits and can also improve the health of your teeth.

What is the process?

First we will do a consultation to assess whether braces are the best solution for you at our practice based in Dublin. Braces can be used to straighten teeth or close gaps and we need to check the position and condition of your teeth to be sure we tailor the treatment to each individual.

Your braces can be fitted in a single appointment and, after that, you will need to take good care of them and pay special attention to your oral hygiene as they will require extra care on top of your normal routine.

You will then have regular appointments and support to keep the process on track and ensure that the braces are doing their job. We do our best to minimize discomfort and will offer guidance on eating and generally caring for your braces in everyday life. Overall treatment time varies but can be as little as six months.

Dublin18 Dental – putting you first

We know you will have a personal, positive and professional experience when you come to us. Visiting the dentist, especially for longer term work, is an experience that is much easier when you are recognised as an individual and given the treatment you deserve.

At Dublin18 Dental, we put the patient at the centre of our practice so that you feel supported and well informed at every stage. Thousands of clients have come to us for everything from check ups to extensive work and the feedback has been excellent.