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The Different Types of Veneer for the Different Types of Patients near Leopardstown

Dental veneers, sometimes called false nails for the mouth, are thin shells of tooth coloured material, which are attached to the teeth to cover up any aesthetic ailments a patient near Leopardstown may suffer from, such as: Broken, damaged, discoloured and, to an extent, crooked teeth. They can also help cover up tooth gaps. Veneers do come in a variety of types- here is a quick rundown of the popular varieties. 

Porcelain or composite veneers? 

At their most basic, veneers come in to two types: Porcelain and composite. Composite veneers are lower in price than porcelain, but are best for the treatment of small cracks or chips. They can also maintain are larger portion of the natural tooth. Porcelain veneers, in contrast, are stronger, with a more natural appearance and can last five to ten times longer than composite veneers, meaning porcelain veneers may be cheaper in the long run. During the procedure, a small part of your tooth will be removed. The amount removed will be equivalent in size to the thickness of the veneer being produced.


Lumineers are like standard dental veneers, but ultra thin and ultra strong. Their thickness is comparable to contact lenses. In contrast to standard veneers, very little of your natural tooth structure needs to be altered to accommodate them. As a result the procedure is often reversible, unlike with normal veneers. Lumineers are, unsurprisingly, more expensive than standard veneers as only one laboratory produces them.  

Da Vinci veneers

Da Vinci veneers are one of the most trusted veneers brands and have been featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover TV programme. Da Vinci veneers purport to be thinner, stronger and more resilient to staining than standard veneers. 

Consultation! Consultation!

If any of the types of veneer listed above piqued your interest, then make sure to contact Dublin18 Dental Care!


Dublin18 Dental Care Helps Patients from Foxrock with Discoloured Teeth

Many people with stained and discoloured teeth feel embarrassed when they smile and they often find an excuse to hide their teeth from others. If you are one of these people, then don’t worry – you are not alone. Tooth discolouration is extremely common and can occur due to a number of reasons. Dublin18 Dental Care is here to help patients from Foxrock and nearby areas identify them:

Food and drink

The outer surface of the teeth – the enamel – becomes stained or discoloured over time by certain foods and drinks. Drinks such as coffee and tea, red wine, fizzy drinks like cola and foods that are high in sugar and acid, such as sweets and citrus fruits, are the primary causes of tooth discolouration.


Cigarettes or cigars are another contributor to tooth discolouration with nicotine stains often difficult to get rid of. 


Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to control our genetic make-up and some individuals are genetically pre-disposed to tooth discolouration.


Tooth discolouration is a common side-effect of the ageing process. As we age our tooth enamel wears and become thinner, making the tissue inside our teeth (dentin) more visible. Dentin also darkens with age making teeth appear more yellow.


Certain antibiotics (tetracyclines) can stain the teeth, particularly when taken in childhood or by mothers during pregnancy.

It is important to maintain good oral hygiene and have a good diet in order to keep your teeth looking clean and healthy.

Tooth Whitening

If you are suffering from tooth discolouration and want a beautiful, sparkling white smile again, we have the perfect solution for you at Dublin18 Dental Care. We offer two types of tooth whitening treatments:

1.      In-Surgery Zoom!

This treatment takes place in the dental practice and takes up to one hour for instant results. A gel is applied to your teeth and then a special light will trigger the gel and whiten the teeth.

2.      Patient Home Kits

Home whitening kits involve tooth whitening that doesn’t need to be carried out in-surgery. With our home-whitening kits you’ll have noticeably whiter teeth in a matter of weeks or even days.

If your teeth are stained and discoloured, or you simply want a brighter, whiter smile, call Dublin18 Dental Care to book a consultation.

Celebrity Smiles are One Step Away in South Dublin

Cosmetic surgery and celebrities has always gone hand-in-hand; from Jordan’s breast implants to magazines trying to spot which ageing actresses have had Anti wrinkle injections, both the stars themselves and their fans seem to be obsessed with cosmetic procedures. And now a new trend has developed among younger celebrities desperate to get the edge over their “Hello!” rivals; cosmetic dentistry.

The most common procedure, and one that is very easy to spot in before and after photos, is the fitting of veneers. These act like covers for your own natural teeth, giving you a perfectly straight and dazzling smile; the kind of smile that usually takes years of orthodontic work which is why celebrities with veneers are easy to spot.

Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham and her husband David and pretty much the entire cast of the TV show “The Only Way is Essex” have been seen sporting whiter-than-white smiles recently. And dental experts are sure that the quick and easy fix offered by veneers is the answer.

Yet while these celebrities will no doubt have paid top money for their new smiles, the results are not always a complete success. If the veneers are the wrong size or shape, or even too white, then the smile can easily end up looking fake and everyone can spot that you have had dental work done; whether you’re famous or not. David Beckham’s dental work has improved on his own natural smile, even to the extent of keeping his slightly misshapen canine teeth when they could easily have been covered with veneers or pushed into a more perfect position by using braces.

Compare that to some other celebs and their smile stands out for all the wrong reasons. With cosmetic dentistry at Dublin18 Dental Care in South Dublin, less is more and we will do all we can to ensure the results at the end of veneer treatment is all you ever hoped for and more.

How to get a Perfect Celebrity Smile from Dublin18 Dental Care serving Rathmichael

You may have noticed something strange going on in celebrities’ mouths recently. It’s hard to miss. All the stars are sporting brilliantly white, perfectly shaped teeth, seemingly from nowhere. But how did they do it?

Good oral hygiene is obviously a factor, but you could clean your teeth ten times a day and still fall far short of having a Hollywood smile. Expensive cosmetic dentistry has been all the rage for a long time in Tinsel Town, and recently celebrities closer to home have been getting in on the action.

Cheryl Cole, for example, now has one of the best smiles in the industry. She claims that this is due to wearing invisible braces for many years and teeth whitening procedures, but the clear change in shape also suggests that she has had veneers fitted.

Veneers are a thin layer of dental porcelain bonded to the surface of a tooth to improve its shape. They can last for up to thirty years if they are of good quality and well looked after. Unfortunately they are rather expensive for the average buyer, often costing hundreds of pounds for one tooth.

If you are determined to achieve a perfect celebrity smile (and have the means to do so) it can be a great boost to your confidence. Cabinteeely Dental Care dentists can work wonders for patients in the Rathmichael area. You’ll be flashing your new smile at everyone! However, be careful you don’t go overboard, as many celebrities’ teeth are now too perfect and therefore look fake. It is important to find the right dentist who can advise you about your options.

Most of us will have to settle with teeth whitening kits and frantic tooth brushing until we can raise the hundreds of pounds required for high quality veneers. Maybe natural, healthy teeth aren’t too bad after all.