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Dublin18 Dental Care Provides Dental Crowns to Patients from Stillorgan

Crowns are a common dental treatment acting as synthetic cover for a natural tooth that has become cracked or chipped. Often this is because of an accident or injury, but sometimes the hard outer shell of a tooth, called the enamel, can break down over time.

A crown is available in different types for patients from Stillorgan. Traditionally crowns were made of porcelain and these are still the most popular, as they offer the most natural-looking results. Some people prefer to get the cheaper, metal crowns, especially if the tooth is in the back of the mouth, but as it is the front teeth that are most likely to get chipped in an accident or when playing sports, porcelain or ceramic crowns are still much in demand. The huge advantage of porcelain crowns for damaged teeth at the front of the mouth is that it is possible to match new tooth to the colour of natural teeth.

We can make this appointment very simple for you.  It involves just one visit.  We make our porcelain cerec crowns on the same day, so no need for you to wait for two weeks with a tempory crown.

Teeth which demonstrate extensive damage can be restored or optically enhanced with all ceramic porcelain crowns.  For this purpose, the outer dimensions of the entire visible area of the tooth are removed and replaced by a tooth-shaded all ceramic cover.

Older restorations that are regarded as ‘unattractive’ can also be given a natural and unobtrusive appearance.

Celebrity Smiles are One Step Away in South Dublin

Cosmetic surgery and celebrities has always gone hand-in-hand; from Jordan’s breast implants to magazines trying to spot which ageing actresses have had Anti wrinkle injections, both the stars themselves and their fans seem to be obsessed with cosmetic procedures. And now a new trend has developed among younger celebrities desperate to get the edge over their “Hello!” rivals; cosmetic dentistry.

The most common procedure, and one that is very easy to spot in before and after photos, is the fitting of veneers. These act like covers for your own natural teeth, giving you a perfectly straight and dazzling smile; the kind of smile that usually takes years of orthodontic work which is why celebrities with veneers are easy to spot.

Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham and her husband David and pretty much the entire cast of the TV show “The Only Way is Essex” have been seen sporting whiter-than-white smiles recently. And dental experts are sure that the quick and easy fix offered by veneers is the answer.

Yet while these celebrities will no doubt have paid top money for their new smiles, the results are not always a complete success. If the veneers are the wrong size or shape, or even too white, then the smile can easily end up looking fake and everyone can spot that you have had dental work done; whether you’re famous or not. David Beckham’s dental work has improved on his own natural smile, even to the extent of keeping his slightly misshapen canine teeth when they could easily have been covered with veneers or pushed into a more perfect position by using braces.

Compare that to some other celebs and their smile stands out for all the wrong reasons. With cosmetic dentistry at Dublin18 Dental Care in South Dublin, less is more and we will do all we can to ensure the results at the end of veneer treatment is all you ever hoped for and more.

Smiles by Dublin18 Dental Care in Dublin can Guarantee a Day You’ll Never Forget

Let us help you look your best for the start of this exciting new chapter of your life. They don’t call it ‘the big day’ for nothing – with cameras flashing and all the attention on you, it’s important that you feel confident about your smile and can look back with pride at those special wedding photos. So whether you’re the blushing bride or the charming groom, Dublin18 Dental Care can help give you the smile of your dreams.

Teeth Whitening

Want to get those pearly whites gleaming for your big day? At Dublin18 Dental Care in Dublin we offer two different types of tooth whitening treatment:

  • In-Surgery Zoom! whitening – have your teeth whitened in the surgery with the latest Zoom! Advanced technology and see the results in less than an hour.
  • Patient Home Whitening Kits – receive a kit with everything that you require to get beautiful white teeth from your very own home.

6 Month Smiles

If you’re getting married in the summer and want a quick result and a straighter smile, then you might want to try our 6 Month Smiles treatment plan. If your front teeth are crooked or you’d like to close some of those gaps, these discreet, tooth-coloured braces are a safe and cost-effective way to get perfectly aligned teeth in just six months.


Need a bit of extra help to get that perfect smile? If you want a complete smile makeover, why not try veneers? A veneer is a thin, tooth-coloured casing made of porcelain (or similar materials). When veneers are fitted teeth that are broke, stained, crooked or badly damaged are filed-down slightly under a local aesthetic. Next, the custom-made veneers are fitted over each tooth and secured with a special dental cement, which will bond the veneer to the tooth – leaving you with a beautiful set of strong, natural-looking teeth.  At Dublin18 Dental Care we can offer you a whole range of veneers to choose from, including Lumineers and Da Vinci Veneers – why not come in to the surgery for a consultation to see which veneers are right for you?

You’ve already got the man or the woman of your dreams – now get the smile of your dreams to match!

How can Patients near Dun Laoghaire get Whiter Teeth from Dublin18 Dental Care?

Teeth whitening is big business nowadays, but there are so many different methods it can be difficult to decide which one to go for. Luckily this post is designed to help you choose the best option.

Home methods

There are many products out there that promise to whiten your teeth for a fraction of the cost of a visit to a professional. These include:

  • Whitening toothpastes: are the most accessible treatments and can be used daily. It is important to note, however, that these products are great at removing stains and plaque, but most of them will not whiten your teeth beyond their natural colour.
  • Whitening strips: can be bought over the counter and are applied in your own home. Many reviews state that these products can make a noticeable difference, especially when maintaining whiteness achieved during professional treatments.
  • Whitening trays: are moulded around your teeth and can often be worn several times to maintain whiteness.

The above products have been shown to produce whitening effects and are perfect for people who just want their teeth to be a couple of shades brighter. These products contain chemicals that can be harmful to your mouth, so care should be taken and you should always follow the instructions.

Professional methods

When considering professional teeth whitening, it is important to consult the team at Dublin18 Dental Care serving Dun Laoghaire first, which will help you find the method that is right for you. Laser whitening, for example, is becoming increasingly popular, because the procedure generally doesn’t take long and the results can be seen immediately. Professional methods are sometimes similar to home remedies, for example your dentist can provide you with a mouth tray to use at home. These treatments often involve a greater concentration of hydrogen peroxide and therefore provided brighter and longer lasting results

It is important to note that no whitening treatment can last forever and repeat applications may be necessary after a year or two.

How to get a Perfect Celebrity Smile from Dublin18 Dental Care serving Rathmichael

You may have noticed something strange going on in celebrities’ mouths recently. It’s hard to miss. All the stars are sporting brilliantly white, perfectly shaped teeth, seemingly from nowhere. But how did they do it?

Good oral hygiene is obviously a factor, but you could clean your teeth ten times a day and still fall far short of having a Hollywood smile. Expensive cosmetic dentistry has been all the rage for a long time in Tinsel Town, and recently celebrities closer to home have been getting in on the action.

Cheryl Cole, for example, now has one of the best smiles in the industry. She claims that this is due to wearing invisible braces for many years and teeth whitening procedures, but the clear change in shape also suggests that she has had veneers fitted.

Veneers are a thin layer of dental porcelain bonded to the surface of a tooth to improve its shape. They can last for up to thirty years if they are of good quality and well looked after. Unfortunately they are rather expensive for the average buyer, often costing hundreds of pounds for one tooth.

If you are determined to achieve a perfect celebrity smile (and have the means to do so) it can be a great boost to your confidence. Cabinteeely Dental Care dentists can work wonders for patients in the Rathmichael area. You’ll be flashing your new smile at everyone! However, be careful you don’t go overboard, as many celebrities’ teeth are now too perfect and therefore look fake. It is important to find the right dentist who can advise you about your options.

Most of us will have to settle with teeth whitening kits and frantic tooth brushing until we can raise the hundreds of pounds required for high quality veneers. Maybe natural, healthy teeth aren’t too bad after all.

Invisible Aligners in Dublin can Help You Attain the Perfect Smile

Do you dream about having that perfect ‘Hollywood Smile’ like the ones you see every time you turn on the television, watch a film, or open your favourite glossy magazine? Well, with invisible aligners you are one step closer. However, don’t be put off by that dreaded word ‘braces,’ which may provoke thoughts of teenagers and high school days, as today more and more people are choosing to correct their smile in their later years with the help of invisible aligners from dentists in Dublin.

Why choose invisible aligners?

Invisible aligners are a modern alternative to braces. They are comfortable, they are convenient, and most importantly, they are clear. So let’s get down to the facts. Invisible aligners can improve your smile and correct the alignment of your teeth in an easy and painless way. You don’t have to worry about metal wires and brackets irritating your mouth and gums, as your aligners will be custom-made to your own mouth and gums, to fit perfectly and comfortably. Invisible aligners allow you to enjoy the pleasure of a gorgeous smile without the pain and embarrassment of fitted braces.

These ‘barely there’ aligners can be removed at any point, in order to suit your needs and lifestyle. Invisible aligners are also a great deal easier to clean than other braces, meaning your breath and smile will always look fresh and healthy. The aligners are changed every two weeks in order to gradually correct the position of your teeth, for gentle yet effective movement.

So, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with your dentist now to experience the benefits of invisible aligners  for yourself and enhance your self-esteem and confidence. Trust us, you really won’t stop smiling!

Dental Veneers from South Dublin Dentists to Seal Over Cracks

Dental veneers from can instantly improve your appearance and give you the confidence you never thought you would have. Having dental veneers fitted at Dublin18 Dental Care is a quick and painless process, which can transform your smile in as little as two visits.

Dental veneers can conceal the flaws in your mouth, such a damaged or chipped teeth, crooked teeth, stained teeth, and can even fill in gaps between your teeth. Those problems that you thought could never be resolved can now be fixed, with dental veneers custom-made to suit your face and smile.

Are dental veneers for me?

You can choose from a range of cosmetic dental veneers in South Dublin, but the most commonly used material for veneers is porcelain. Porcelain veneers are strong and long-lasting and are the most natural looking of all the veneers.

Any other options?

The alternative to porcelain veneers are composite veneers, which are cheaper, but do no last as long. They also stain more easily than porcelain veneers, so although porcelain veneers are usually more expensive, you may save money is the long-run.

How are veneers fitted?

The veneers are fixed onto the surface of the teeth, like a false nail over a real nail, eliminating any flaws that may have previously existed. Having dental veneers is nothing to worry about and If you can have artificial eyelashes, a fake tan, fingernails and hair, then why not improve the one thing that will make you feel most confident – your smile.