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Clear Aligners For Discrete Straightening For Patients Near Monkstown

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of getting braces but been put off by the thought of wearing unsightly fixed braces, invisible aligners may just be the solution you’ve been waiting for! At Dublin18 Dental Care near Monkstown we offer the latest orthodontic treatments, including invisible aligners, which straighten your teeth without anyone else even being able to tell that you’re having treatment.

How do invisible aligners work?

Invisible aligners are designed and fabricated based on your individual treatment plan; each aligner is slightly different and you wear them in a set order to encourage the teeth to move into position gently and gradually. Each aligner is worn for two weeks and then replaced with the next aligner until treatment is complete and you have a gorgeous straight smile.

The aligners are made from transparent plastic, which means that they are virtually invisible to other people; they are also removable, which gives you more freedom than fixed braces.

Invisible aligners are removable but they have to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours per day to ensure optimum results.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

The most obvious benefit is that the aligners are invisible, so you don’t have to worry about your image while you have treatment. Many people also enjoy the freedom of removable braces, although this can be a disadvantage because the success of treatment is dependent on you wearing your aligners for at least 22 hours per day. Invisible aligners are also very comfortable and they use the latest technology to prevent friction and move the teeth quickly and gently.

If you’re looking for an image-friendly treatment, which will give you a gorgeous, natural looking and healthy smile, contact us today to find out about invisible aligners.



Patients Near Deansgrange Learn The Facts About Invisible Aligners

If you ask anyone to describe braces, they will probably present you with a description of unattractive metal train-track braces, but the truth is that there is now a huge range of braces on offer and invisible aligners is one of the most impressive treatments on the market.

What are invisible aligners?

Invisible aligners are an orthodontic system, which uses a series of custom-made clear plastic aligners to move the teeth into the correct position. The aligners are almost invisible, meaning you can get the smile of your dreams without worrying about anyone else even noticing that you are wearing braces.

How are invisible aligners different?

Invisible aligners are different to conventional braces in many ways; for starters, the aligners are removable, not fixed to the teeth and they are virtually invisible. Invisible aligners work by encouraging the teeth to move into the desired position by using carefully designed aligners; each aligner is shaped slightly differently and by the time the last aligner is removed, the teeth should be straight. Each aligner is worn for two weeks and then replaced by the next aligner in the series. The aligners are manufactured based on your dentist’s instructions and impressions and photographs of your smile. Dublin18 Dental Care also uses the latest imaging software to show patients how their smile will look at the end of treatment.

Am I a suitable candidate?

If you’ve been put off having orthodontic treatment in the past but you would love a straighter, more attractive smile, invisible aligners could be the perfect solution. Invisible aligners are suitable for patients of all ages and it can treat a range of different orthodontic problems, including crowding, spaces between the teeth and misaligned teeth. If you have a very complex orthodontic prescription, you may be advised to consider an alternative treatment, which can produce more movement. Contact Dublin18 Dental Care near Deansgrange for more information.

The ‘Invisible’ Braces for Adult Orthodontic Patients from Monkstown

Invisible braces are the most innovative development in orthodontics, helping adult patients achieve the perfect smile without the need for noticeable fixed wires and brackets. One of the most innovative of these brace system is invisible aligners, a pioneer of the clear aligner orthodontic system.

What are invisible aligners and is it for me?

The invisible aligner treatment is comprised of a series of clear aligners, which are replaced every two weeks with a new aligner that is a slightly different fit to the one before. This gradual change of aligners helps move the teeth gently and effectively and, as the aligners are made from clear plastic, discreetly.

Your aligner will be made from your specific dental impressions and from imagines taken of your mouth and teeth.

Patients from Monkstown who are looking to treat problems such as misalignment, tooth gaps, twisted teeth, crooked teeth and overbites may be able to find the treatment they need with the invisible aligners.

What are the other benefits of invisible aligners?

As invisible aligners are removable you are able to eat and brush your teeth without the usual concerns over dental hygiene. Fixed braces trap plaque and food debris, which then rests against the surface of the tooth causing tooth decay. This doesn’t happen with invisible aligners, as you are able to take them out during mealtimes, so no food becomes stuck and you can soak them in retainer cleaner and clean the entire surface of your teeth with ease.

Also, as invisible aligners do not require dental cement to attach them to your teeth, so you will not cause any damage to the front of your teeth, which can occur with fixed brace treatments.

If you have any questions concerning the invisible aligners treatment please feel free to get in touch with use by calling or emailing the clinic.

Adult Braces from Dublin18 Dental Care Available to Patients from Foxrock

Metal braces can be unsightly and make many people think of the TV series “Ugly Betty”. This is a major concern for adults who are unhappy with their teeth, but unwilling to deal with the stigma of being a grown up with a mouth full of metal. Braces are for children, right?


At Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock we can show you different options that will give you the perfect smile without looking too obvious. These include:

Inman aligners, which are braces that look like a retainer or gum shield. An important difference is that they are fitted with spring-loaded coils that sit behind your teeth, which is met by an opposing force provided by a clear metal wire around the front of your teeth. This positions your teeth accurately and, most importantly, invisibly. They are removable for special occasions but should ideally be worn around 20 hours a day.

Invisible aligners are similar to Inman aligners in the way that they are a clear, retainer type brace. They are carefully moulded to move your teeth very slightly and should be worn for two weeks before being replaced with a slightly tighter pair. They are also easy to clean and removable.

Clearstep braces function in the same way as invisible aligners. Importantly they do not affect your speech, as some retainer style braces can give you a slight lisp.

Fixed braces are available for people who want to achieve fantastic results and are not concerned about having visible braces. They are not removable but very easy to get used to.

Dublin18 Dental Care’s 6 Month Smiles uses fixed braces to improve your smile in 6 months. The colour of the wire in the braces is matched exactly to your teeth, so it’s difficult to see that they are there. This is a combination of the discreetness of invisible braces and the reliability of fixed metal braces. Arrange an appointment with your dentist to find out more.

Once you have achieved your desired look it is wise to use a bonded retainer to stop your teeth from sliding back into their original positions. The retainer is small and made of wire and it is attached to your teeth using dental glue for added security.

Invisible Aligners in Dublin can Help You Attain the Perfect Smile

Do you dream about having that perfect ‘Hollywood Smile’ like the ones you see every time you turn on the television, watch a film, or open your favourite glossy magazine? Well, with invisible aligners you are one step closer. However, don’t be put off by that dreaded word ‘braces,’ which may provoke thoughts of teenagers and high school days, as today more and more people are choosing to correct their smile in their later years with the help of invisible aligners from dentists in Dublin.

Why choose invisible aligners?

Invisible aligners are a modern alternative to braces. They are comfortable, they are convenient, and most importantly, they are clear. So let’s get down to the facts. Invisible aligners can improve your smile and correct the alignment of your teeth in an easy and painless way. You don’t have to worry about metal wires and brackets irritating your mouth and gums, as your aligners will be custom-made to your own mouth and gums, to fit perfectly and comfortably. Invisible aligners allow you to enjoy the pleasure of a gorgeous smile without the pain and embarrassment of fitted braces.

These ‘barely there’ aligners can be removed at any point, in order to suit your needs and lifestyle. Invisible aligners are also a great deal easier to clean than other braces, meaning your breath and smile will always look fresh and healthy. The aligners are changed every two weeks in order to gradually correct the position of your teeth, for gentle yet effective movement.

So, what are you waiting for? Make an appointment with your dentist now to experience the benefits of invisible aligners  for yourself and enhance your self-esteem and confidence. Trust us, you really won’t stop smiling!