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A true test of support! Our emergency dentist Dublin

Suffering an accidental injury, resulting in tooth loss and excruciating dental pain, or the sudden onset of unrelenting toothache can be traumatic and debilitating. Inevitably this will happen on the weekend or in the evening when the dentist is normally closed. At our surgery, Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, we have an emergency dentist Dublin to ensure that you are not left on your own. All you have to do is phone our number and follow the advice given. During working hours we will do our best to make sure you are seen on the same day you contact us.


Common dental emergencies

A dental emergency is not always highlighted by a bleeding mouth or broken tooth. A sudden dental pain can be as a result of a number of conditions that may require urgent attention. If the sudden toothache cannot be explained it is often not sensible to take a painkiller, but rather to phone our emergency dentist Dublin number. An abscess can form between the teeth and gums and if there is swelling it is best to phone earlier rather than later. Severe tooth sensitivity could be caused by some recent treatment, again it is advisable to contact the emergency number. One of the more obvious problems to identify as requiring our emergency dentist Dublin is an accident resulting in a tooth becoming dislodged. In this case it is best to retrieve the tooth preferably not handling it with your hand, but in a tissue or handkerchief. If it is possible, try to wash off any dirt with milk, but if none is to hand use saline. As soon as possible place the tooth back into the hole it was dislodged from and bite down gently to hold it in place. Contact our dentist and follow the instructions carefully. There is no definitive set of rules that dictates when a dental emergency is an emergency. If you are suffering from any oral pain either from an accident or any other cause it is best to phone our practice number for the best advice.

Treat dental pain like any other pain

Our body is alert to anything that may not be functioning correctly, much like an early warning system, so there is every reason to seek emergency treatment if you suffer sudden oral pain. If you were to suffer a sudden pain in the chest or anywhere else, the first course of action would be to phone the emergency services. Oral pain is exactly the same as that, a signal from your body to alert you to a problem which should be taken note of and acted upon. It is important to ensure that you maintain a healthy mouth. When your mouth sends out that warning signal you should not delay in seeking the advice of our dental practitioner.

Regular dental maintenance

Of course dental emergencies happen just like any other medical emergency and it is not something that anyone wants to experience. However, to reduce the risk of having to call the emergency dentist, proper regular maintenance of your dental health will help to minimise any potential  problems.

Why you should see an emergency dentist for immediate care

It is in the nature of dental emergencies to leave one in severe pain and discomfort that interferes with daily life, whether this is eating, sleeping or working. Putting pain and discomfort aside for a moment, there is the worry that whatever is the cause of the pain will get progressively worse if not treated as soon as possible by a qualified emergency dentist Dublin.


Whether it be a tooth that has fallen out or an abscess or toothache, attending to a dental emergency at a suitably experienced emergency dentist Dublin will save a patient from much distress and the cost of complex treatments which is most likely to be the case should the problem go ignored.

At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, we have a dedicated emergency dentist Dublin to provide timely quality care in the event of a dental emergency. Here’s why we believe patients should contact us immediately should a dental emergency arise.

Top benefits of seeking urgent dental care

Opting for immediate dental care will slow down the progression of the dental problem. Minor dental issues simply do not disappear, but rather when left untreated will escalate into bigger problems that no longer can be ignored. Minor issues are relatively cheaper to treat and with quicker timeframes than more serious problems.

The best way to save natural teeth, and by extension one’s smile, is to resolve poor oral health issues as soon as they arise. Teeth that have been knocked out can be saved as long as patients seek urgent care from an emergency dentist. Lost teeth will need to be replaced with a suitable missing teeth replacement device which will cost far more than visiting the emergency dentist as soon as the tooth falls out.

An emergency dentist can offer relief from pain. The patient will then be able to continue with their daily activities free of pain and discomfort and safe in the knowledge that their dental integrity is being protected.

Emergency dental care will decrease the risk of infection. It is par for the course for infections to spread if not treated promptly. It is best to have the problem checked out on the first signs of infection. It is not unheard of for an infection in the mouth to make its way to the brain. Another worrying concern about mouth infections is that the pathogenic bacteria that cause the infection can also threaten cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.

Outside of a tooth knocked out by accident, many other types of dental emergencies can be avoided by attending routine dental check-ups. Our dentist will be able to identify signs of cavities or swollen gums and take suitable measures to restore full dental health.

The smart decision as soon as a dental emergency occurs is to get the urgent care you need. At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms we know that you want to get on with your life as soon as possible which is why we have included emergency dental care on our list of services. Please get in touch with us should you need the help of an emergency dentist.

Our emergency dentist Dublin has your back

We are all too familiar with when those unexpected moments bring on an unforeseen event that causes us distress and panic. It’s all about knowing how to deal with those events and how and where to get help. Our team at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms understands the trauma that such situations can cause, and we have a plan. Our emergency dentist Dublin has been set up to help you cope with those dental crises, and we can provide you with a dedicated emergency number to call.

Determining what is an emergency

Emergency conjures up different meanings to different people. For example, we see people going to A&E at a hospital for ailments that are not generally classed as an emergency by the medical profession. Nothing is definitive, and if you feel distressed by an event that has caused a dental problem, you should phone us on our emergency line, and we will discuss your particular problem. By providing an emergency dentist Dublin service, we want you to know that we are here to help you no matter what your dental crisis is.

Obvious dental emergencies

Often, patients don’t want to trouble the dentist and feel that they can simply wait until they get an appointment. We want you to know that you should feel free to contact us in an emergency. You should never have to suffer for days with a constant toothache because a toothache is like any other body pain; it is your body’s way of alerting your brain that there is a malfunction and that you should act immediately.

Any sudden impact to the jaw, resulting in constant pain or severe bruising that does not subside, requires a call to our emergency dentist Dublin. If you damage a filling or crown by accident, then you require immediate attention. If you are bleeding from your mouth, have sores in your mouth, have a loose tooth or find that a tooth or part of your gum has noticeably discoloured, we suggest giving us an emergency call.

Some foods can cause bad breath, and we suggest brushing and rinsing after every meal. However, if the bad breath or bad taste persists, give us a call; this could be an indication of oral infection or some other health condition. If you do not feel well after a dental procedure, it is important to give our emergency number a call. If you are involved in an accident and a tooth becomes dislodged, you will need to follow a very specific procedure before calling us.

What to do if you knock a tooth out

Knocking a tooth out as a result of an accident causes a traumatic shock to your system, and you need to very carefully follow this procedure. As quickly as possible, retrieve your tooth by the crown (never touch the root), and immediately wash it, preferably with milk, but if you have none, use fresh water. Holding the tooth by the crown, place the tooth carefully back into your tooth socket, and using a clean handkerchief or tea towel, bite down to hold the tooth in place and call us immediately.

Always here for you

We at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms are your team, ready to provide you with any dental service, and we want you to know that we are here for any dental emergency. If in doubt, call us and discuss your problem with us, we will guide you!

If you need an emergency dentist Dublin, where do you go?

We, at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, understand how suffering intense toothache or knocking a tooth out accidently can cause distress and panic. It’s important to know that your emergency dentist Dublin is there for you in your time of need. A phone call to our emergency number will provide you with advice and peace of mind.


Your teeth are precious

Your teeth are a vital part of who you are, not only from a practical point of view, to help you chew your food, but from a cosmetic point of view they enhance your features. So if you experience a dental emergency make sure that you have our emergency dentist Dublin’s telephone number handy.

What is an emergency?

If you are playing any sport or you fall resulting in a tooth being knocked out or damaged you need to phone us immediately and follow our instructions. A dislodged tooth can be saved but you need to act quickly and do not handle the teeth by the root, always pick it up by the crown. Try to wash it clean in milk rather than water and immediately gently push it back into its socket. Hold it in place with a piece of kitchen towel or gauze. If you have developed bleeding gums and the bleeding will not stop this requires urgent attention and you need to phone us immediately. Incessant toothache is one of the worst experiences and we know that it can make you irritable, especially if you have endured it for hours and have not been able to sleep. Any swelling that you detect in conjunction with toothache needs to be attended to quickly. If you find that your teeth have become extremely sensitive when you brush, eat or even without doing anything, get in touch with us. If you have injured your jaw and you are experiencing pain let our emergency dentist Dublin know and we will advise you if it’s a dental issue or a medical one.

What do we consider non-urgent dental problems?

If a filling or crown has become dislodged we advise you to make an appointment as soon as possible, but we would not consider that to be an emergency. If you experience mild sensitivity with your teeth or a dull toothache that responds to pain killers,you should make an appointment, but it is not considered emergency treatment. If your night guard or retainer has been damaged we can replace that for you at your next appointment. Even for non-urgent dental events we are here to listen and advise you.

Prevention is best

Attending your regular six-monthly dental check-ups will help to ensure that sudden dental flare ups of toothache do not occur. It is also important to always complete whatever course of treatment we have recommended for you when you are on a dental treatment plan. What you eat and drink can have a detrimental effect on your teeth and gums. Remember that your daily oral hygiene routine is a simple way to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

Dublin 18 Dental Rooms: our emergency dentist is here for you

There is arguably nothing worse than dental pain, especially if you are the one feeling that pain! A tooth can’t be rubbed better and the constant pain that can ensue from a chipped tooth or a dislodged one can be unbearable for patients. Pain is also a thing that many of us fear and the thought of having to wait for long periods of time to get access to help to alleviate the symptoms can be unendurable. At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, we don’t want our patients to suffer. If you are struggling with pain, we will always try to see you as soon as we can. We have a wide range of treatments on offer for all dental needs and we will be able to help you get back on track. Whether you have hurt yourself during a sporting activity or you have damaged a tooth while eating, for example, our emergency dentist Dublin will be able to help.


What you need to do

If you are in the unfortunate position that you have hurt yourself, we have emergency appointments every day of the working week from Monday to Friday. Simply call us up on the day that you are in pain and we should be able to give you an appointment on the same day, wherever possible. If it is at the weekend, or in the evening, we also have a dedicated phone line that you can call for advice. No matter how long you need treatment for, we will deliver the care that you require with our emergency dentist Dublin to get you back on track, pain-free.

What treatments do you offer?

Every case will vary, but typical emergency treatments can be fixing broken wires and brackets on braces, emergency tooth extraction, restoring a loose crown or filling, wisdom tooth pain management, or toothache relief, as well as dental infection care. We have been supporting thousands of patients at our dental rooms and while we specifically aim to prevent dental issues occurring, we know that sometimes these issues are unavoidable and you will need our help beyond office hours. We are here for you.

What will happen during an emergency appointment?

Once you have an emergency appointment to come and see us, you will be treated with the same high standards that we pride ourselves on delivering to all of our patients. We are highly experienced and understand those who have a dental phobia, we also recognise that when you are in acute pain, you will also be needing a lot of TLC. Upon coming to see us, we will examine your mouth thoroughly to assess your dental needs and you can discuss the concerns you have. We will then be able to advise you on the treatment plan for your specific situation and we aim to alleviate any pain that you are experiencing as soon as we possibly can. As members of the Irish Dental Association, you can feel reassured that we will carry out the best procedures for your needs and are well-qualified to do so.

So, if you are in pain and don’t know what to do, call Dublin 18 Dental Rooms and let us take care of you with our emergency dentist Dublin.

Emergency dentist; how we can help you

Need an emergency dental appointment, but aren’t sure what we can do for your aching tooth?


At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, our emergency dentist Dublin is very proud to be able to offer our patients same-day appointments as well as top-quality dental treatment when they need it most; when they may be in discomfort!

In this brief article, we provide insight into some of the most common dental procedures that our emergency dentist Dublin offers.

Pain relief

It goes without saying that if you are seeing our emergency dentist Dublin, you are probably in a bit of discomfort, whether this is caused by an abscess, decay or a cracked tooth.

And so, one of the first things we can do is offer pain relief, in the form of a numbing or local anaesthetic.

If we have concerns that your discomfort may linger after the appointment, as is the case with abscesses, we may also prescribe pain relief for you to take at home. But be aware that if you have a dental abscess you will need to attend the necessary follow-up appointment with your general dentist, to prevent the infection and discomfort from returning.

Temporary filling

If it has been some time since you saw a member of our team and you are now having a toothache, you may need to have a filling or many fillings applied.

And if that filling is very small, we can aim to fit a permanent one at your emergency appointment, but when a large filling is needed, this will typically be fitted by your general dentist and our emergency team will fit a temporary one.

Temporary crown

A well-fitted crown requires the tooth that it is fitted to having a lot of preparation work performed on it.

And so, in an emergency setting, we do not have the time or the resources to do this and will fit you with a temporary crown. If you have lost a crown and still have it with you, we will aim to restore it fully, but this may be better suited for your regular dentist if the tooth has succumbed to damage or decay. Hence, the temporary crown!


If there has been a trauma, or if you have an extremely decayed tooth that is causing discomfort, our emergency team may be able to extract it for you.

This will require us to take X-rays and may require stitching afterwards, depending on whether a simple or surgical extraction is required.


If you have had to see our emergency dental team because of a dental abscess, we will likely send you away with antibiotics. This will help to reduce the infection, swelling and discomfort while you wait for the follow-up appointment.

This will need to be taken until the course is completed and even after the root canal or extraction has been performed. Dental abscesses tend to recur if antibiotics do not manage to destroy all of the bacteria, so don’t risk it.

If you are allergic to antibiotics, our team will offer you an alternative.

FAQs about our emergency dentist answered

Unsure if a trip to an emergency dental team will resolve that toothache? Or are you worried about being judged?


At Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, our emergency dentist Dublin can offer same-day appointments to all of our patients, helping you get back on track and out of discomfort as soon as possible. Perfect!

Here, we answer 5 FAQs that we receive about our emergency dentist Dublin.

Will an emergency appointment relieve discomfort?

Most certainly; our emergency dentist Dublin operates to alleviate the discomfort that can accompany some dental emergencies, such as abscesses or loose fillings.

Depending on the nature of the emergency, we may be able to only offer a reprieve and you will need to follow up with your regular dentist to prevent some issues from recurring, such as a dental abscess.

We are also able to prescribe medications to help with emergency dental issues, such as antibiotics.

Will I be judged?

No; our team at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms will not judge you if you have a dental emergency.

Our emergency team is here to help get patients out of discomfort as soon as possible and to prevent more invasive techniques from being needed at a later date. We will offer you advice, treat the issue and refer you to other services if required.

So, don’t be worried about calling us!

What constitutes a dental emergency?

One of the most common reasons to see an emergency dental team is discomfort. If it is distracting you in your daily life, causing you to miss sleep, then please seek help from our emergency team as soon as possible.

If you notice any swelling in your mouth, to your face or underneath your jawline, you should call us. For other issues such as cracks, chips, oral bleeds (that last for longer than 20 minutes), lost fillings or crowns, you should also seek a same-day appointment.

If during brushing you spot that you have an ulcer that is larger than a 5 pence piece, you should call our team, as this can be a sign of oral cancer and should be investigated as soon as possible. 

Will I need a follow-up appointment?

Potentially, but this will depend on the nature of the dental emergency.

If you are having a cracked tooth repaired, then your dental team will be informed by us, but if you need more substantial work completed such as a root canal, then you will certainly need to see your regular dental team.

If you have a dental abscess, we may be able to resolve some of the pressure and prescribe antibiotics, but for either an extraction or a root canal, you will need to see your regular dentist.

Can I have a tooth removed at an emergency appointment?

This will depend on the condition of the tooth, but our emergency team will be able to remove a tooth if it is damaged or decayed beyond repair.

Don’t worry! We will take the time to perform X-rays if needed and of course provide you with pain relief before we remove the tooth. We may also stitch the area to promote faster healing. For this kind of emergency treatment, you will need a follow-up with your regular dentist.

The importance of an emergency dentist

A dental emergency can be an uncomfortable, painful and extremely distressing situation to find yourself in. If you have a dental emergency but are not registered with a dentist or have avoided the dentist for a significant amount of time, then do not let this prevent you from contacting us here at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms to find an emergency dentist.


There are many different types of dental emergencies and our emergency dentist will be able to help address your issue quickly and effectively to ensure minimal complications and less damage to your surrounding teeth and gums. If you have a dental emergency, then you have to contact our emergency dentist as soon as possible to help prevent any chance of infection and further complications in the future.


Toothache is one of the most commonly experienced dental emergencies. Toothache can occur at any time; however, it is usually a sign of an underlying dental issue that is progressing or having a harmful effect that needs to be treated immediately. Most dental issues are asymptomatic, but if you are experiencing a toothache, then you must speak to our emergency dentist to find out what may be causing the problem.

Toothache can occur as a result of many different reasons. The main cause of toothache is usually a certain extent of tooth decay that may be happening in your tooth.

Tooth decay can occur as a result of the buildup of plaque and tartar around your teeth; bacteria can thrive on this accumulation and begin to make holes in your teeth. This is known as cavities, and it eventually results in tooth decay.

If you are experiencing a toothache that has not relieved itself within two days or does not subside with the use of painkillers, then you need to speak to our dentist for an emergency appointment immediately to have this addressed.

Another reason for toothache may be a dental abscess, which is also a dental emergency that should be treated immediately. Abscesses can be painful, and the quicker you see your dentist, the easier this will be for you. Issues with your crown or filling can also cause toothache; therefore, they should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your tooth.

Sometimes, you may have some form of infection in your mouth, which may also cause a toothache and even result in fever if left untreated. So, speak to our dentist at Dublin 18 Dental Rooms, and this can be treated quickly and effectively with a course of antibiotics. We may ask you to revisit us following your antibiotics course to make sure that there are no other underlying dental issues present.

To help prevent dental emergencies, we recommend that you visit our dentist on a regular basis for checkups and professional cleaning. Do not contact your GP as they will not be able to help you with dental treatment; contact your dentist for an emergency appointment immediately, and you can hopefully begin your recovery very soon.