Don’t Forget To Ask About Bonded Retainers In Dublin

After undergoing months or years of orthodontic treatment whether it was during your childhood or adulthood, bonded retainers are essential to hold the newly straightened teeth in this position permanently.  You will be fitted with both essix retainers and fixed bonded retainers to protect your new straight smile.

Why choose bonded retainers?

After completion of your orthodontic treatment a metal type bar is fixed to the back of your upper and lower teeth.  It is very discreet and it keeps your teeth straight and exactly in the position we want them to be in. Whilst wearing retainers it is important to keep an excellent oral hygiene routine just as you did when wearing braces.

Also, patients who are wearing removable retainers who have previously had orthodontic treatment elsewhere in the past, may also now consider bonded retainers instead.  Bonded retainers will prevent the need for patients to wear their removable retainers every night. This makes it far more convenient all round with the same assurance of knowing that their straightened teeth will remain in this fixed position.

We provide this service for all current orthodontic patients or new patients who no longer choose to wear their removable appliances.

Feel free to contact us at Dublin18 Dental Care in Dublin to discuss bonded retainers in more detail or to make an appointment.