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Importance Of 13 Point Dental Health Checks For Patients Near Dublin18.

This month is oral cancer awareness Month, so book your check-ups now.

We cannot stress the importance of regular dental check-ups enough. With our 13-point health checks we are able to perform a thorough, yet quick and painless, examination of the teeth, tongue and gums, to look for any warning signs of developing dental health problems and check for any changes in the mouth. Any changes that we do notice will be recorded in your notes.

As part of our 13 point checks, we look out for potential signs of oral cancer, which is also known as the silent killer. Often, patients are unaware of the symptoms of this deadly disease and sadly, this means that cases go undiagnosed until an advanced stage. With our checks, we are able to look for symptoms on a regular basis and this means that cases can be diagnosed early when the chances of successful treatment are much higher.

Oral cancer screening

This month is Mouth Cancer Awareness Month and the Dublin18 Dental Care team is urging patients to arrange regular dental checks and take advantage of oral cancer screening. We are delighted to be supporting such a worthy campaign and we will be on hand to offer screening tests and to talk to patients about oral cancer.

Symptoms of mouth cancer include abnormal lumps or swelling in the mouth or throat, red or white patches of tissue in the mouth, difficulty swallowing, a persistent sore throat and ulcers that take a long time to heal. If you have a mouth ulcer, this is usually nothing to worry about, but if you’ve had it for more than 2 weeks, it’s a good idea to get it checked out just to be on the safe side.

How often should I have a check-up?

We recommend 6 monthly check-ups for adults and children. We offer flexible appointment times and we are happy to see members of the same family together for greater convenience. If you’re due a check-up, now is the time to call and book your appointment!


Check Up And Teeth Cleaning For €60 At Dublin18 Dental Care For Patients Near Dublin18

Are you thinking about packing your bags and heading off on holidays this year? Have you got your passport, printed your boarding pass and sorted your holiday wardrobe? Have you remembered to book your pre-holiday check-up? If not, call us now! The last thing you want is a dental injury! Don’t experience a toothache while abroad- book in with us today and take advantage of our amazing pre holiday check up and a full teeth cleaning for just €60.  This offer will run for two weeks only so book now to avoid disappointment. Call our team on 01 2354631!

The importance of pre-holiday dental checks

The last thing you want when you saved all year and looked forward to a relaxing sun-drenched break with the family or your partner is to be sat by the pool nursing a broken tooth or laid up in bed with toothache. We advise all our patients to keep up to date with their dental check-ups and if you’re heading overseas and you haven’t been to see us for a while, now is the perfect time to arrange your appointment. Check-ups allow us to identify any issues and have a good look at your teeth to make sure they are in good condition. If we spot problems or warning signs, we can then treat them before you head off on your holidays to make sure you can enjoy the sun and make the most of your time off.

At the moment, we are offering a special price of just 60 Euros for a check-up and a full tooth cleaning treatment, but appointments are going fast, so call us now! Our cleaning treatments will ensure your smile looks beautiful and bright in perfect time for those holiday snaps!



Teeth Whitening, Check Up And Teeth Cleaning All For €99 In June For Patients Near Dublin18.

Our summer special!

To celebrate the impending arrival of the summer, we are offering an amazing special offer on whitening and cleaning treatments, with a discounted package available for just €99! This amazing offer includes whitening treatment, a dental check-up and tooth cleaning to ensure your teeth look brilliant and bright!

Hurry as limited places!

We are offering dentist-prescribed tooth whitening treatment in addition to a dental check up and full teeth cleaning all for €99. To book your appointment, feel free to call the team on 01 2354631; there are limited places available, so hurry! Your bright white summer smile is just around the corner!

Six Months Smile Summer Promotion €2500 At Dublin18 Dental Care For Patients Near The City Centre

We have great news for patients looking for a swift, effective and discreet orthodontic smile this summer; we are offering the incredible Six Month Smiles treatment for a special price of €2500.

Everything you need to know about Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is an innovative fixed brace orthodontic treatment, which provides a discreet and rapid option for patients who have issues that affect the front teeth. These braces are not your average braces; they use the latest technology, including self-ligating wires, to work quickly and reduce pain and discomfort. The speed of tooth movement is accelerated by the technology and the braces focus on the front teeth only to cut treatment time drastically.

Most fixed braces take around 12-24 months to straighten the teeth, but this system produces amazing straight smiles in just 6 months, making it a great choice for patients wanting to look their best for special occasions.

On top of the speed of treatment, this system boasts additional benefits, including discreet braces and comfortable treatment. The brackets are small and clear and the wires are designed to blend in with the colour of the teeth.

Who is a suitable candidate for Six Month Smiles?

Six Months Smiles is ideally suited to patients with minor or moderate orthodontic problems that affect the social 6, the teeth that are visible when smile. These braces are not generally recommended for patients with more complex needs; however, we do have some amazing solutions for patients with all kinds of orthodontic prescriptions. We have removable and fixed brace treatments and we can go through the different options with you during your consultation.

To find out more about Six Month Smiles and our amazing summer deals, call us today!


We Are Delighted To Announce The Arrival Of Our Brand New Omni Cam Cerec Machine At Dublin18 Dental Care For Patients Near Dublin18

We are proud to invest in new technology to ensure our patients have access to the best dental services and treatments and we are delighted to announce the arrival of our new Cerec machine.

What is Cerec?

Cerec is an innovative form of technology, which enables us to offer a range of restorative services on-site. With Cerec, we are able to design, process and fit new, bespoke restorations in a single session, so you can enjoy your new crown or onlay straight away, rather than having to wait for it to be sent from a laboratory.

Cerec technology uses state of the art design and imaging software to process and convert images of the patient’s teeth into detailed 3D models, which are then sent to the on-site milling machine. This means no more conventional putty impressions for our patients for cosmetic dental procedures, no more temporary crowns or long waiting periods. We are also able to get more involved in the design process and we only need one session, which means fewer injections and less time in the dental chair.

Benefits of Cerec

The Cerec 3D omnicam scans the prepared tooth in just seconds, which eliminates the need for unpleasant silicone impressions which patients can find uncomfortable, especially those with sensitive gag reflexes.  Cerec restorations are milled out of a solid ceramic block in just a few minutes and they are then ready to be placed immediately. This eliminates the need for temporary fillings and crowns and means that you only need one visit.

We can use Cerec to create custom-made veneers, inlays, onlays and crowns and provide you with the very best restorations quickly.

Happy New Year From The Team At Dublin18!

We at Dublin18 Dental Care would like to wish all our patients a happy and prosperous 2014.  We would like to thank you for your continuous support and for choosing Dublin18 Dental Care for all your dental needs.

Last year was a momentous year for us and we were absolutely delighted to win the Customer Service Award 2013. Your loyalty and support mean the world to us and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

Why should I choose Dublin18 Dental Care?

Dublin18 Dental Care is a modern and innovative dental practice, which retains all the features of a family practice. We cater for all the family and we provide an extensive treatment list to cater for everyone’s needs. We promote good oral health and offer a full range of general dental treatments and dental hygiene services, as well as an impressive array of cosmetic dental treatments, restorative dentistry services, orthodontic treatments and facial aesthetic services.

Our highly trained team is renowned for providing first class dental care and ensuring that all clients feel relaxed and comfortable in our care. We have experience in caring for children and patients with dental phobia and we offer a range of techniques to help nervous patients to feel less anxious. We also make sure we make every trip to the dentist fun for your younger patients and always strive to ensure that every client feels valued and part of the Dublin18 family.

We aim to make dental care hassle-free and straightforward for our clients; we offer finance options to enable patients to spread the cost of treatment and we have a very clear pricing policy. We also offer special discounts on a host of different services and price reductions for students and pensioners

Teeth Whitening For Christmas For Patients Of Dublin18

Christmas is coming and it’s understandable to want to look your best, so how about treating yourself or somebody you love to a tooth whitening treatment? We offer high quality gold standard home whitening kits, which enable you to enjoy an amazing new smile in the comfort of your own home.

If you’ve noticed that your teeth are looking a little yellow or you want to add a bit of brightness to your smile, home whitening is a great option.

Why would I choose tooth whitening?

Even the most diligent dental patients can suffer discolouration. If you like a cup of tea in the morning or a glass of wine with dinner, this can stain the teeth and over the course of time, general wear and tear tend to take their toll and the teeth lose their natural whiteness. Whitening treatment can give your teeth a healthy, radiant boost and make you feel more confident and attractive.

Our home whitening treatment is fast, convenient and completely pain-free; all you have to do is pop in to the practice for a quick consultation and then collect your whitening trays; you can then head home and start your treatment. All you have to do is wear your whitening tray every day (most people choose to wear their trays at night) for a period of between 10 and 15 days and you will notice an incredible difference.

How does home whitening work?

Home whitening is simple and safe; all you have to do is wear your whitening tray for a period of time each day for between 10 and 15 days. The whitening tray is custom-made to fit your mouth and it contains whitening agent, which will gradually lighten and brighten your teeth.

The beauty of home whitening is that you get the smile you want without having to do anything; you can simply put your feet up and relax and then enjoy your brand new, white smile.

Our Christmas special

This Christmas we are offering our patients in Dublin18 and beyond the opportunity to enjoy our bespoke, home whitening treatment and a full cleaning session for just €250. Our treatment whitens the teeth by up to 6 shades to ensure that you will be beaming in time for Christmas and New Year.

Call reception or pop in to the practice to find out more about whitening and our amazing festive offers.


Importance Of Schoolchildren’s Check-Ups For Children Near Dublin18

At Dublin18 Dental Care we believe that prevention is always better than cure and we encourage all our patients, big and small, to come for regular dental check-ups. We treat patients of all ages and we make every effort to ensure that children have a positive experience during their time at the practice. We want children to enjoy coming to the dentist and to learn about the importance of looking after their teeth and gums from an early age.

Dental checks for children

We advise parents to bring their children for regular dental checks from a very early age. Cavities can cause pain, but losing the milk teeth prematurely can also increase the risk of problems further down the line, as the adult teeth are forced to erupt earlier than planned.

We encourage children to brush their teeth twice a day and are happy to advise parents and children about teeth cleaning and choosing oral hygiene products. We try to make teeth cleaning and going to the dentist fun for children and we can recommend tricks and tips for parents to save battling at bedtime. One of the most popular tips is to encourage children to brush along to their favourite song; this is a great idea because most songs are between 2 and 3 minutes, which ensures that children brush for the recommended time.

We find that going to check-ups from an early age benefits children, not just in terms of their oral health, but also in their attitude to going to the dentist. Check-ups allow children to get used to the sights and sounds of the surgery, which can be a little scary at first and children who go to the dentist from an early age are less likely to be anxious about seeing a dentist when they are older.


As well as encouraging parents to supervise their child brushing their teeth, we also urge parents to keep an eye on their child’s diet. One of the most common problems we see is cavities, which are often caused by eating lots of sweets and chocolates and drinking fizzy pop and sugary juices. We are happy to advise healthy eating programmes and ideas for snacks and main meals at Dublin18 Dental Care in Dublin18.


Patients Near Dublin18 Can Protect Their Teeth During A Family Christmas With Our Mouthguards

Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone at any time and at this time of year, the last thing you want is to be spending your Christmas sitting in a hospital waiting room or suffering unbearable pain. At Dublin18 Dental Care near Dublin18 we want all our clients to have a very merry Christmas and we are encouraging sportsmen and people who grind their teeth at night to take advantage of our bespoke mouth guards.

Mouthguards for sport

Sport is great fun and it has a host of health benefits, but it can also be very dangerous, especially for your teeth, so we advise patients who regularly participate in dangerous or contact sports to wear a protective mouth guard. Mouth guards are designed to provide protection for the teeth to prevent injuries caused by falling or impact from balls or other hard objects. Sports that require mouth guards include rugby, hockey, lacrosse, boxing and ice hockey. Our mouth guards are custom-made for each patient to give a great fit.

Mouthguards for teeth grinding

Teeth grinding is a major cause of damage to the enamel and tooth structure and it can also cause headaches and jaw pain. Most people who clench or grind their teeth do so at night and this means that they are unaware that they are even doing it. We provide custom-made night guards to prevent the teeth from coming into contact with each other, thus preventing damage to the biting surfaces of the teeth and the muscles around the jaw joint.

Christmas is a time for relaxing and spending time with friends and family, not for worrying about injuries and pain, so why not contact us to find out more about our mouth guards. The treatment process is very simple, there is no pain involved and it is always better to be safe than sorry. Wearing a mouth guard gives you peace of mind, as well as protection, leaving you free to make the most of the festive season. To read more about our mouth guards click here: https://www.dublin18dentalrooms.ie/mouthguards-dublin.html


What Are The Different Types Of Dentures On Offer For Patients Near Dublin18?

The word denture tends to conjure up a familiar specific image: the plastic pink-gummed falsies floating in water next to the bathroom taps in some elderly person’s home. For decades, that’s all dentures were; uncomfortable, ill-fitting clearly fake teeth that could pop out at whim. But, due to technological advances, the face of dentures is now very different.

Today, dentures come in a variety of textures and are made from various materials. Dentures function as more than just replacement teeth, they can make a big difference in a person’s smile. Most importantly, dentures can be tailored to fit specific needs, from partial acrylic dentures to implant retained dentures, the Dublin18 Dental Care team near Dublin18 is equipped to meet your needs.

Partial acrylic dentures

Partial acrylic dentures were designed for people in need of replacement teeth from one tooth to a few. These dentures can cover gaps in your teeth where there are missing teeth. Above all, they are comfortable to wear and you don’t have to worry about them coming loose as each set is specially tailored to fit each individual wearer’s unique mouth.

Full acrylic dentures

Like the partial counterparts, these dentures best suit people who need a whole set of teeth replaced. Before full acrylic dentures are featured, a dentist will look at the conditions of your teeth and gums so that they are able to recommend what kind of denture—partial or full acrylic—would suit you best.

Chrome cobalt dentures

Chrome cobalt dentures are made from metal and are usually attached to the roof of the person’s mouth. These dentures are sturdier and have a stronger structure than other dentures and are not uncomfortable for the tongue.

Implant retained dentures

Perhaps, the most invasive dentures, implant retained dentures are inserted into the jawbone by way of artificial teeth, which are an excellent alternative to natural teeth. Because of the procedure requirements, patients wanting to receive implant retained dentures must have healthy gums and bone levels so that the implants will fuse with the jawbone. A dentist will assess whether you meet these requirements by conducting an assessment. Although the procedures for procuring these dentures isn’t as straightforward as other dentures, they are a more permanent solution as they offer a stable foundation without any need to change your oral health routine.