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Implant Retained Dentures For Patients Near Foxrock

If you’re sick of struggling with ill-fitting dentures or you’re looking for a convenient, long-term tooth replacement treatment, why not consider implant-retained dentures? These innovative prostheses offer all the benefits of denture treatment with a host of added extras.

What are implant-retained dentures?

Implant-retained dentures are dentures that are anchored by dental implants. Traditionally, dentures are held in place by the suction of the gums, but with this treatment, implants are used to secure and stabilise the denture. With implants in place to hold the denture, there is no risk of the appliance slipping or sliding.

Dental implants are small titanium appliances, which are designed as a substitute for tooth roots; they are placed inside sockets in the jaw bone and they integrate into the bone tissue, enabling them to offer the same degree of functionality as a tooth root. Once an implant has integrated into the bone, it can then be attached to the denture; implants are also compatible with dental bridges and crowns.

How could implant-retained dentures benefit me?

Implant-retained dentures offer stability, functionality and excellent aesthetics, but perhaps most importantly, they give you the peace of mind that your denture will never come loose or slide when you ear eating or speaking in public. This can be a real concern for many patients with dentures and implants are an amazing solution to many of the issues commonly brought up by denture wearers. With implants, the denture is stronger and more stable, so you can chew more powerfully and eat a wider range of foods. Implants can also lower the risk of bone loss and they are very easy to look after.

If you’d like to find out more about implant-retained dentures in Dublin18, call us now!

Denture Repairs At Dublin18 Dental Care Near Monkstown

Dentures have a bad write-up because they are usually featured in films sitting in a glass next to an old person in bed; however, the reality is that modern dentures are a really impressive piece of dental kit and they can make a massive difference to your quality of life. Dentures are not just for older people; they can be used to treat much younger people and they have a range of benefits for your oral health and your general wellbeing.

At Dublin18 Dental Care near Monkstown we offer the finest modern dentures and a full repair service to ensure that your dentures are in good condition and make sure that you are comfortable and pain-free.

Denture repairs

Dentures are durable and hard-wearing, but they can be damaged; if you bite down on something very hard, you are involved in an accident or you drop your denture by mistake, the denture may break.

Over the course of time, you may also find that your denture starts to feel a little loose; this is because the shape of the mouth is constantly changing. Loose dentures are problematic because they may slip when you are eating and they can irritate the gums, creating sore spots, which can be painful, especially when you eat.

If you have problems with your denture, we are happy to help and can repair or replace broken or ill-fitting dentures.

We advise all our patients to attend regular checks; when you visit the practice we will check the condition of your denture and the fit and address any problems.



Denture Treatments For Missing Teeth For Patients Near Grand Canal Dock

Dentures have been used to replace missing teeth for decades, but if you thought dentures were still bulky, fake-looking and uncomfortable, you may be surprised to learn about the modern dentures we have on offer at Dublin18 Dental Care. Gone are the days of painful false teeth; modern dentures are light, comfortable, functional and they look exactly like natural teeth to give you a great looking, healthy smile.

What are dentures?

Dentures are sets of false teeth; they are designed to replace missing teeth and can be used to replace a small number of teeth or an entire arch and we offer partial and complete dentures. Dentures help to restore function to the mouth and create an attractive smile. They also provide support for your cheeks to prevent them from looking sunken, and they enable you to eat and chew properly.

Types of denture

At Dublin18 Dental Care near Grand Canal Dock, we have many different types of denture on offer, including partial and full acrylic dentures, implant-retained dentures and chrome cobalt dentures. Acrylic dentures are bespoke and they create very natural aesthetics; there is very little chance of them coming loose and they are very comfortable.

Chrome cobalt dentures are made out of metal; they are usually attached to the roof of the mouth and they are recommended for durability and wear. Chrome cobalt dentures are more robust than acrylic dentures and they are considered more comfortable for the tongue.

Implant-retained dentures have become very popular in recent years. These dentures are held in place by dental implants. Dental implants provide maximum support and anchorage for the dentures, giving patients peace of mind that their denture will never come loose and the ability to eat whatever they want.



Dentures Made Easier For Patients Near Foxrock

People of all ages can suffer with missing teeth due to injury, accident or because of tooth decay and gum disease. If this does happen then you may require dentures for simple day-to-day tasks such as eating, drinking and speaking. They can also improve the aesthetics of the mouth and face.

When we think of dentures there is the old stereotype of them being sat in a glass of water on a bedside table or in the bathroom ready to scare you during the night. However, these are the dentures of the past and just like everything else dentures have also changed over time.

At Dublin18 Dental Care there are a whole range of different dentures to meet your needs.

The range of dentures includes;

Firstly, there are implant-retained dentures which work in combination with a dental implant. The implant is a false tooth root which is placed into the missing tooth socket and the denture is placed onto the top of the false root acting as a tooth substitute.

Full acrylic dentures are designed for those who require a new, full set of teeth and are designed to be comfortable whilst being worn. They have been devised for greater stability so that they won’t come loose like the dentures of the past.

Partial acrylic dentures are exactly the same as full acrylic dentures but are designed to replace a single or several teeth rather than a full set.

To look at our full range of dentures and to find out which are best suited to you, make an appointment at Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock.



What Are The Different Types Of Dentures On Offer For Patients Near Dublin18?

The word denture tends to conjure up a familiar specific image: the plastic pink-gummed falsies floating in water next to the bathroom taps in some elderly person’s home. For decades, that’s all dentures were; uncomfortable, ill-fitting clearly fake teeth that could pop out at whim. But, due to technological advances, the face of dentures is now very different.

Today, dentures come in a variety of textures and are made from various materials. Dentures function as more than just replacement teeth, they can make a big difference in a person’s smile. Most importantly, dentures can be tailored to fit specific needs, from partial acrylic dentures to implant retained dentures, the Dublin18 Dental Care team near Dublin18 is equipped to meet your needs.

Partial acrylic dentures

Partial acrylic dentures were designed for people in need of replacement teeth from one tooth to a few. These dentures can cover gaps in your teeth where there are missing teeth. Above all, they are comfortable to wear and you don’t have to worry about them coming loose as each set is specially tailored to fit each individual wearer’s unique mouth.

Full acrylic dentures

Like the partial counterparts, these dentures best suit people who need a whole set of teeth replaced. Before full acrylic dentures are featured, a dentist will look at the conditions of your teeth and gums so that they are able to recommend what kind of denture—partial or full acrylic—would suit you best.

Chrome cobalt dentures

Chrome cobalt dentures are made from metal and are usually attached to the roof of the person’s mouth. These dentures are sturdier and have a stronger structure than other dentures and are not uncomfortable for the tongue.

Implant retained dentures

Perhaps, the most invasive dentures, implant retained dentures are inserted into the jawbone by way of artificial teeth, which are an excellent alternative to natural teeth. Because of the procedure requirements, patients wanting to receive implant retained dentures must have healthy gums and bone levels so that the implants will fuse with the jawbone. A dentist will assess whether you meet these requirements by conducting an assessment. Although the procedures for procuring these dentures isn’t as straightforward as other dentures, they are a more permanent solution as they offer a stable foundation without any need to change your oral health routine.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Dentures Available For Patients Near Leopardstown

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and/or surrounding tissues. Fake teeth have been used for a long time, as early as since 700 B.C. Obviously, things have improved greatly since that time, nowadays’ dentures being used can be easily look like the real teeth.

Types of dentures

At the moment, there are two types of dentures available: complete and partial ones.

Complete dentures replace an entire set of natural teeth. They are made after the teeth have been removed and the gum tissues begin to heal. Usually, a complete denture can be installed in 8 to 12 weeks after the teeth have been removed. Complete dentures can be made out of acrylic or chrome cobalt. The latter ones give the patient more comfort and stronger structure.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are for those who have lost one or several teeth. They are used when at least one or more natural teeth have remained attached in the patient’s jaw. A partial denture is basically a bridge that can cover the holes in your smile left by the missing teeth. It is made out of a pink acrylic base that is set with real-looking false teeth. The entire construction is supported by a metal framework.

Removable or permanent

Partial dentures can have two modes for attachment: removable or permanent. The removable ones use metal clasps so that they can attach to the remaining natural teeth, while the permanent ones are bonded directly to the teeth for a more secure fit.

There is one more option available for those that have lost at least one tooth: implant retained dentures. These are artificial teeth that are inserted into the jawbone that look and feel exactly like real teeth. In order for a patient to take this treatment, he or she must have healthy gums and acceptable bone levels so that the implants can properly fuse with the jawbone. For more information on dentures please contact our friendly team at Dublin18 Dental Care near Leopardstown.



The Different Dentures Available for Patients Near Foxrock

It is vital to replace missing teeth, both due to their importance for eating and speech, and cosmetic reasons – more serious tooth loss can affect your whole face shape. One of the most common methods of replacing lost teeth is through the use of dentures. The many different types of dentures now available mean that the stereotype of the teeth in the glass of water by the bed is no longer necessary; the different types of dentures offered by Dublin18 Dental Care near to Foxrock, mean that there will be a type suited to each patient’s specific needs.

Acrylic dentures

The most common type of dentures are made from acrylic resin, chosen because of its strength, cosmetic appearance and its comfort. There is no chance of the dentures not fitting or becoming loose in your mouth, as they are designed to the exact specifications necessary for each patient. Partial or full dentures are available, partial dentures being used for patients who have lost a single tooth or a few teeth, while full dentures are used when a replacement of a full set of teeth is necessary.

Chrome cobalt dentures

Chrome cobalt dentures are made from metal, and so the structure of the dentures themselves tends to be slightly stronger than those made of acrylic. Chrome cobalt dentures attach into the roof of the mouth, and allow for a slightly more comfortable feel for the tongue, as well as greater overall strength and sturdiness. Your dentist can recommend which type of dentures would be most useful for you.


An alternative to dentures is dental implants, which are inserted directly into the jawbone. These provide greater stability than other dentures, but are only suitable for patients with healthy gums and suitable bone structure. Your dentist can advise you further on your suitability for this procedure.




Dentures from Dublin18 Dental Care are a Welcome Delight to Patients from Dun Laoghaire

When you think of dentures certain images may come to mind, such as toothless old folks with their teeth in water and comedy moments with teeth flying across the dining table. However, modern dentures are actually far removed from this stereotype and there are now many different kinds of dentures to fit your individual needs, provided at Dublin18 Dental Care near Dun Laoghaire. These include:

Partial acrylic dentures, which are dentures designed to replace a few missing teeth. They are made out of pink acrylic resin and are usually cheaper than shelling out on dental implants or bridges. It also prevents your other teeth from drifting into the empty spaces left by your missing teeth and eating is made much more comfortable. They can be made far more quickly than the traditional metal framed dentures, but it must be noted that they are less durable.

Full acrylic dentures follow the same basic principle of partial acrylic dentures, but are designed to replace all of your teeth.

Chrome cobalt dentures are more durable than their acrylic counterparts. They are often held in place by clasps attached to your natural teeth, so products like poligrip are not necessary. They are generally thinner and some have an open palate at the top of the mouth to allow more sensation whilst eating. This form of denture takes longer to craft and will cost more than acrylic dentures.

Implant retained dentures are dentures that are assisted by dental implants. If the bone in your mouth is not strong enough to support dentures, implants are placed and the dentures are attached to them. They do not occupy the entire palate, which is better for eating as well as helping patients with a sensitive gag reflex. They are more secure than other kinds of dentures and after a while it won’t feel like you’re wearing any false teeth at all. Missing teeth can cause bone loss, as the teeth reposition themselves, but implant retained dentures prevent this and maintain your natural facial structure.

It is advisable to talk to the Dublin18 Dental Care team to find out what type of denture is right for you.