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Botox For Patients Near Stillorgan At Dublin18 Dental Care 3 Areas Now €250

If you’re looking for an anti-ageing treatment, which produces amazing results without the risks of surgery, look no further than Botox. We use Botox to create youthful, smooth skin and combat common signs of ageing, including facial lines, folds and wrinkles. We are now offering an incredible price of €250 for 3 areas, so call now to make sure you don’t miss out!

Everything you need to know about Botox

Botox is a purified form of botulinum toxin type A; although it is derived from a toxin, it is used in extremely small quantities and is approved for use across the UK and Ireland. We have many years of experience in providing facial aesthetic treatment and we use our expertise to create beautiful, natural results. With us, you are in safe hands and you will be amazed at the difference such a simple and quick procedure can make to your appearance.

Botox helps to reduce the visibility of wrinkles by interrupting the transmission of nerve signals to the muscles in the face; this prevents muscle contraction, contributing to beautiful smooth skin. Botox is a very popular solution for crow’s feet, lines and the forehead and wrinkles around the mouth and nose.

Is Botox treatment painful?

Botox treatment involves having a series of injections, which sounds very daunting but is, in reality, not painful at all. We use a very fine needle and we control the flow of the Botox very carefully to prevent any discomfort; we can also use a very mild anaesthetic to numb your skin beforehand if you are anxious about having treatment or worried about pain.

The treatment sessions only take around 15-20 minutes and treatment doesn’t cause any unpleasant symptoms, which would require you to take time off to recover. With Botox, you simply come in, have your treatment and then you’re free to go. The results of your treatment will start to appear shortly after and they should last around 3 months.

Can I prolong my treatment?

Yes! If you would like to prolong the results of your Botox treatment, we are happy to arrange repeat sessions. Many of our patients have treatment every 6 months.


Anti Wrinkle Injections At Dublin18 Dental Care For Patients Near Blackrock

Spring has finally sprung and many of us are looking forward to longer days and warm evenings in the garden. If you’re preparing for a special event or you simply want to give your skin a bit of a boost in time for the summer, now is the perfect time to start thinking about Anti wrinkle treatment.

What is Anti wrinkle treatment and how could it benefit me?

Do you ever look in the mirror and think your skin looks a little older, duller and rougher? Are you tired of focusing on your wrinkles every time you see yourself or look at photographs? If you are, Anti wrinkle injections could help. This popular anti-ageing treatment helps to rejuvenate and revive the skin without the need for surgery.

Anti wrinkle injections are a toxin, but it is used in extremely small quantities and is a safe and effective treatment. Anti wrinkle injections are injected into the skin to smooth lines and wrinkles, including lines in the forehead and glabella and crow’s feet, and refresh the complexion. Our aim is to produce a natural and healthy look to boost your confidence and help you to look and feel younger.

Anti wrinkle injections are a popular choice for men and women who are looking to roll back the years without undergoing surgery. This treatment produces temporary results and there is no pressure to top-up treatment in the future. The procedure is quick and safe and you can see the results straightaway.

Our springtime offer!

We are delighted to offer our patients an amazing springtime fresh skin package for an incredible price of 350 Euros. This includes your treatment session, a top-up session two weeks later and samples of Restylane skin products, which are on sale at the practice. If you have any questions or you would like to find out more about Anti wrinkle injections or Restylane, please don’t hesitate to pop in or call the practice.

Is Anti wrinkle injections treatment painful?

We use an extremely fine needle for Anti wrinkle injections treatment and this helps to reduce pain and we also offer a pre numbing gel to soothe the skin and prevent you from feeling any discomfort when you have treatment. The procedure is very quick, usually taking around 20 minutes and you can return to normal life straightaway without having to worry about taking time off to rest or recover.




Anti wrinkle injections For Patients At Dublin18 Dental Care Near Foxrock

The festivities of Christmas and New Year have faded into a distant memory and the days are finally getting longer and lighter. With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to give your complexion a refreshing, healthy glow! At Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock we don’t just cater for your oral health needs; we also offer the latest facial rejuvenation treatments, including anti wrinkle injections.

What are anti wrinkle injections and how does it work?

Anti wrinkle injection is a very popular treatment for combating the signs of ageing, which include wrinkles and lines and dull looking, saggy skin. The signs of ageing result from a loss of collagen in the skin; collagen is a fibre, which helps to give the skin bounce and firmness.

Although it is a toxin, Anti wrinkle injection is used in extremely small quantities and is approved for medical uses, as well as cosmetic treatment. Anti wrinkle injection is injected into the skin and it helps to reduce the visibility of lines and wrinkles by reducing the normal contraction of the facial muscles.

How long does treatment take?

One of the major benefits of this treatment is the speed and convenience. The treatment process is incredibly simple and once you have decide which areas of your skin you would like to treat, the actual procedure takes just 15-30 minutes. As the procedure is so convenient, this means that treatment does not have to interfere with your day to day routine and you could even fit an appointment into your lunch break.

Are anti-wrinkle injections safe?

At Dublin18 Dental Care your safety is our priority and we use treatments that are approved and tried and tested. Our staff team is highly trained and they have experience in providing a range of dental treatments and anti-ageing facial rejuvenation treatments. If your skin is in need of a boost and you’re looking forward to special events and occasions this spring, Anti wrinkle injection is a safe and effective means of getting a radiant, youthful complexion without undergoing surgery. The results of treatment are temporary, so you don’t need to make a decision about committing to long-term or permanent treatment.

If you would like to find out more about our treatments or arrange a consultation, call the reception team today or pop into the surgery and see us! We are now offering an amazing special offer of 350 Euros!

Anti Wrinkle Injection Treatment For Patients Near Foxrock

Anti wrinkle injection is a very popular anti-ageing treatment, which helps to target wrinkles and give your complexion a smooth and youthful finish. To celebrate the New Year we are now offering three areas of treatment for just €350 near Foxrock.

What is Anti wrinkle injection and how does it work?

Anti wrinkle injection is a toxin, which is injected into the skin to reduce the visibility of lines and wrinkles. Although Anti wrinkle injection is a toxin, it is used in extremely small quantities and is considered a safe treatment, which has major benefits for those looking to turn back the clock.

Anti wrinkle injection makes wrinkles and lines less visible by restricting the contraction of the muscles in the face. It is particularly popular for treating crow’s feet, laughter lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nose and mouth.

What does treatment involve and how long does it take?

Anti wrinkle injection treatment involves a series of injections into targeted areas of the skin; a fine needle is used to inject Anti wrinkle injections into the areas of the face you wish to address. The injections are painless and usually treatment is complete within half an hour. There is no need to take time off to recover after Anti wrinkle injection treatment and you will not experience pain after treatment.

The results of Anti wrinkle injection treatment last between 4 and 6 months; after this point, it is possible to top up the treatment if you would like to prolong the results of your treatment.

Is Anti wrinkle injection for me?

If you are conscious of your wrinkles, you long for a younger looking complexion or you simply want to revitalise and rejuvenate your skin, Anti wrinkle injections could be the solution. This treatment is non-invasive and the results are temporary, so it is a good idea for people who want to look younger but are not sure about committing to invasive treatment.

If you would like to find out more about Anti wrinkle injection treatment at Dublin18 Dental Care  call the practice today!




Summer Glowing Skin With A Combination Of Anti wrinkle injections And Facial Fillers For Patients Near Monkstown

Summer is just around the corner and most of us are looking forward to weddings, birthday parties, garden parties and holidays. With so many exciting events on the horizon, it’s a great time to treat yourself to some facial treatments, which will give you gorgeous, glowing skin in time for the summer months.

Dublin18 Dental Care are delighted to bring you our summer special on Anti wrinkle injections, with three areas for just 350 Euros!

About Anti wrinkle injections

Anti wrinkle injections are an extremely popular facial treatment, which smoothes the skin and creates an even, youthful complexion. Anti wrinkle injections are a form of toxin (Botulinum toxin type A), but it is used in very small quantities and is considered to be a very safe treatment when administered by trained professionals. The Anti wrinkle injection is injected into the skin using a very fine needle; the treatment only takes 20-45 minutes and the results are visible almost immediately.

Anti wrinkle injections are a temporary treatment; the results tend to last between 6 and 9 months and treatment can be topped-up to prolong the results. Anti wrinkle injection is a very popular treatment for crow’s feet, laughter and frown lines, fine lines and dull, lifeless skin.

Facial fillers

Facial fillers are a very effective anti-ageing treatment; they help to add volume and bounce to the skin and give you a gorgeous, natural glow. During dermal filler treatment a very thin needle is used to inject the filler into areas of the skin and the results become visible very quickly. Facial fillers are ideal for those who want a younger, fresher look without committing to long-term or permanent treatment or facing side-effects or complications associated with more invasive treatments.

If you are looking to roll back the years in time for the summer, contact Dublin18 Dental Care near Monkstown today!






Anti-Wrinkle Injections Discounted Spring Offer At Dublin18 Dental Care For Patients Near Carrickmines

Spring is coming, the days are longer and temperatures will hopefully start getting a little warmer, so why not put some spring in your step and indulge in anti-ageing treatment at Dublin18 Dental Care?

We provide anti-wrinkle injections, which are both effective and painless and we are offering a spring special discount price of 350 Euros for 3 areas!

About anti-wrinkle injections

Have you noticed lines around your eyes or wrinkles on your forehead? Do you want to look as young as you feel? Well, we may have the perfect solution. Anti-wrinkle injections are a minimally-invasive treatment, which produces results quickly with no need to take time off to recover. Anti-wrinkle injections are ideal for people who want to look younger without committing to invasive or long-term anti-ageing treatment. The results last for around 3 months and then you have the choice whether or not to top up the treatment.

Anti-wrinkle injections are great for people who are preparing for a special occasion, such as a wedding, and want to look their best without going under the knife or spending a huge amount of money.

What does the procedure involve?

Anti-wrinkle injections use purified protein to smooth the skin, reducing the visibility of lines and wrinkles. Treatment only takes around 10-20 minutes and there is no recovery time. The injections are done using very fine needles and they are painless.

Before treatment we will discuss with you where you would like to have the injections; most people target the skin around their eyes, mouth and forehead, as these areas are prone to wrinkles.

If you would like to start the spring with a confidence boost and gorgeous fresh new look, call us today at Dublin18 Dental Care near Carrickmines to find out how our anti-ageing treatments could help you. Our special discount is available this spring; ask staff for details!



Start The New Year By Banishing Those Dreaded Wrinkles, At Our Clinic Near Monkstown

With February 2013 underway the stress of the last twelve months, particularly the festive period, can take its toll on the way we look and feel about ourselves.  What better way to beat the post-Christmas blues than to treat yourself to anti-wrinkle injections at Dublin18 Dental Care.

You may have found yourself looking in the mirror and felt unhappy with the image staring back at you. Age, like many other things in life happens to us all whether we like it or not, and the dreaded signs of wrinkles appearing around the eyes, mouth or forehead is part of the maturing process. But, fear not, there are treatments available to combat wrinkles and lines to boost your looks and your confidence.

Boost your looks

Our anti-wrinkle injections can banish those pesky wrinkles quickly and effectively and create a smoother, more youthful complexion in no time. Anti-wrinkle injections often feature in the media with many celebrities taking advantage of them to create a younger and fresher appearance for their time in the spotlight.

Now, they’re available at Dublin18 Dental Care near Monkstown ready for you to take full advantage.

How do anti wrinkle injections work?

Anti-wrinkle injections work by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to the facial muscles.  This makes the muscle less active and therefore softens and smoothes the appearance of persistent lines and wrinkles caused by facial movement.

At Dublin18 Dental Care we make anti-wrinkle injection appointments convenient for you; whether it is on your lunch break or a late evening.  Our team will be happy to take you through your treatment step by step to ensure you know what to expect before your treatment commences.




Anti-Wrinkle Injections For Christmas At Dublin18 Dental Care In Dublin

Christmas is coming and you may be trying your best to shift a few extra pounds or find the perfect little black dress in time for the festive party season. This is the time of the year when we all strive to look our best and if you’re worried about wrinkles or you’re dreading look at photos you’ve been tagged in because you’ll be drawn to your crow’s feet or your laughter lines, fear not, as there is an amazing solution available at Dublin18 Dental Care in Dublin.

Anti-wrinkle injections are designed to smooth the complexion without the need for surgery or anaesthetic. The injections are administered using a very fine needle and they are painless. Treatment time is very short and you don’t need to worry about taking time off to recover or dealing with swelling or bruising. You’ll be able to return to your normal daily routine straight away and the incredible results will be visible immediately.

Anti-wrinkle injections for Christmas

If you’re looking to treat yourself, as well as everybody else this Christmas, why not give yourself a brand new, youthful look in time to enjoy the festive season? Anti-wrinkle injections produce results every time and they will not only give you a fresh, young complexion, but they will also give you plenty of confidence in time for the New Year.

If you’re trying to think of novel and unique gift ideas, this could also be a great present for any image conscious relatives or friends. If you know someone who would benefit from a confidence boost, forget about the usual Christmas gifts and book them a session; it’ll be a great surprise and you won’t even need to worry about negotiating the crowds of eager shoppers or battling the wintry weather.

The Lowdown On Dermal Fillers For Patients Near Monkstown

What’s the secret behind a youthful look and fresh face? If you asked that question to 100 different people, you’d likely get 100 different answers. Most people have clear ideas about tricks or treatments they can perform to keep them looking young and to ensure they age gracefully. We often see glamorous celebrities on TV or in films and their skin looks flawless, youthful and wrinkle –free, and now the secret of their looks is available to all.

Recreate a youthful glow

Science, on the other hand, explains that collagen and fat deposits in the face are responsible for a youthful look. At birth, our faces are filled with an abundance of both materials, resulting in the aforementioned youthful appearance. Unfortunately, as we age, those collagen and fat deposits slowly break down and the need for restoring our youthful glow is vital. This is where dermal fillers come into play.

Dermal fillers are applied through a course of injections at the affected area and most patients report a successful outcome anywhere from nine months to a year following the procedures. This state of the line treatment gives ageing skin a new lease of life and reinstates that youthful look. From forehead lines and lines around the mouth, to the lips themselves; dermal fillers result in a fresher, younger looking you. They can also be used for areas such as the décolletage, aged hands, and pitted scars.

What’s more, these magic little treatments are safe as they leave no noticeable trace of the procedure. The only evidence is a restored youthful look and a reinstated sense of confidence. Who wouldn’t want any of that? For more information on dermal fillers and our other beauty treatments please contact the team at Dublin18 Dental Care near Monkstown.

Get A More Youthful Look With Our Anti-Wrinkle Injections For Patients Near Foxrock

No one likes to admit it, but ageing is a natural part of life. The day will come when each of us will look in the mirror and see a more wrinkled, aged version of ourselves. When wrinkles occur on the face, they tend to be prevalent around the eyes or mouth, changing a person’s appearance. Just because they are common, they aren’t something that you have to live with.

Anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections give you a non-surgical face lift, they eliminate wrinkles and they reinstate the youthful wow factor ageing compromises. These injections consist of a purified protein which gets injected into areas of the face where lines and wrinkles may have appeared. Anti-wrinkle injections are performed as an outpatient procedure, eliminating the need to worry about recovery time and typical issues representative of cosmetic surgery.

These painless injections take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes to complete, giving you the freedom to transform your appearance without spending time you don’t have doing so. In fact, a number of patients opt to have the procedure on their lunch break from work, leaving our office transformed and looking younger.


While our injections aren’t permanent, the effects can be seen for up to three months. Imagine how quickly your appearance can be transformed—in less than half an hour, anti-wrinkle injections will allow you to emerge fresh-faced, feeling confident and looking great, whether you want to feel more youthful before a special occasion or just feel more self-assured.

For more information about what anti-wrinkle injections can do for you and how they can transform your appearance, contact one of our highly-trained and professional consultants here at Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock. Get in touch today and we will discuss the benefits of anti-wrinkle injections with you as well as helping you regain that wow factor.