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6 Month Smiles For Patients Near Ballsbridge

If you’re searching for a quick, discreet orthodontic solution near Ballsbridge, 6 Month Smiles could be just what you’ve been looking for! This amazing treatment straightens the teeth in just 6 months!

What is 6 Month Smiles and how does it work so fast?

6 Month Smiles is an innovative orthodontic system, which employs the latest technology to speed up tooth movement. 6 Month Smile braces are fixed braces, which comprise of self-ligating wires and light brackets; these parts generate forces, which move the teeth quickly with reduced friction. This system is primarily aimed at patients who have problems with the front teeth and this is another reason why treatment works much faster than other treatments on the market; by focusing solely on the teeth that can be seen when you talk or smile, treatment is more concentrated and times are much shorter.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of 6 Month Smiles?

There are many advantages of 6 Month Smiles. Firstly, the time frame is much shorter than most other treatments and secondly, fixed braces are reliable and the treatment process is incredibly simple. These braces are also more discreet than traditional fixed braces and the technology enables gentle movement, which increases comfort. The brackets are clear and the wires designed to match the shade of the teeth, so your braces should be barely noticeable when you smile.

6 Month Smiles is also less expensive than other treatments because the process is so simple and fewer appointments are required.

The only real downside of 6 Month Smiles is that it is not suitable for everyone. Ideally, this treatment is geared towards patients who have issues with the social 6, the teeth at the front of the mouth. If you have problems with the back teeth or general alignment issues or you have very complex needs, which require significant movement, other options will probably be preferable.

Botox At Dublin18 Dental Care: Our Special Summer Offer: Three Areas €350 Was €495 For A Limited Period Only Near Ballsbridge

If you’re looking to revive and refresh your skin and combat those wrinkles this summer, why not take advantage of your amazing summer special discount price of €350 three areas? If you’re sick of staring at lines when you look at yourself, you hate having photos because you think you look wrinkly, or you’d simply like to treat your skin to an anti-ageing treatment in preparation for special summer occasions, call us now and book your appointment! This incredible offer is available for a limited time only, so don’t miss out!

What is Botox?

Botox is a purified form of botulinum toxin type A, which has been used for many years as an effective treatment for reducing the visibility of lines and wrinkles on the face. Botox is used in extremely small quantities and is a safe, non-invasive treatment, which produces amazing results.

Botox is a popular choice for patients who have frown lines, laughter lines and crow’s feet and it helps to make the skin look smoother, healthier and younger.

How does Botox treatment work?

Botox helps to smooth the complexion and tackle wrinkles by preventing nerve signals to the muscles; this reduces muscle contraction in the facial muscles. The results of Botox treatment are temporary and they usually last around 3-6 months.

The Botox procedure is simple, quick and painless. Once we have discussed the areas you want to treat and explained the treatment process, we simple inject Botox into specific spots in the skin. We use a very fine needle to prevent pain and the average treatment session takes around 20 minutes.

After treatment, you will be able to get back to the rest of your day without any need to take time off and you will soon notice the effects of treatment. Once the results start to fade, you have the choice to continue treatment by arranging repeat sessions, usually around every 6 months.



Fixed Orthodontics For Teenagers Near Ballsbridge At Dublin18 Dental Care

With orthodontic issues, such as crooked, crowded or protruding teeth, it’s often best to intervene early for the best results and we often recommend treatment for teenagers. Addressing problems early saves teenage patients from suffering pain and experiencing problems with cleaning their teeth, speaking and eating and increases the chances of successful treatment. We offer various options for teenagers, including fixed orthodontics.

What are the benefits of fixed braces for teenagers?

Fixed braces have withstood the onslaught of popular new invisible braces and remain the most effective solution for many patients. Fixed orthodontics are versatile and they are capable of correcting major issues, as well as minor problems.

Fixed braces are proven to work and the success of treatment is not dependent on the patient in any way, as is the case with removable braces, which have to be worn for a minimum time each day.

Fixed brace treatment is also very simple; once the brace is in place, patients don’t have to worry about taking it out and putting it back in or remembering where they put the brace before they started cleaning their teeth or went out for dinner.

Braces are not the trendiest accessory, but modern braces are more discreet than older versions and the results will be well worth it! At the end of treatment, your smile will look amazing and you can eat and speak with confidence.

Are fixed braces the best option for my teenage son or daughter?

It’s impossible to say which treatment is best for anyone without examining their teeth and analysing their bite. We have detailed consultations with all our patients to identify issues, determine the severity of orthodontic problems and ascertain the best course of action. Once we have the relevant information about your child, we can discuss the options with you and decide which treatment to go for.


Fresh Faced Glowing Summer Skin At Dublin18 Dental Care For Patients Near Ballsbridge

With summer just around the corner and hurtling towards us at speed, now is the perfect time to treat your skin to a beautiful, dewy glow. Whether you’re gearing up for a season of parties or special occasions, or you’re looking forward to an exotic holiday, we have some amazing facial treatments to roll back the years and give your complexion a gorgeous, radiant and fresh-faced glow.

We can offer anti wrinkle treatment, as well as anti wrinkle injections combined with fillers to rejuvenate and revive the skin, banish wrinkles and lines and create a more youthful look for the summer months.

What is Anti wrinkle injections and how does it work?

Anti wrinkle injections are one of the most popular facial treatments on the market. It is a non-surgical treatment, which is most commonly used to tackle lines and wrinkles. Anti wrinkle injections is a form of toxin, which is injected into the skin; it works to smooth the complexion by restricting contraction of the facial muscles. This helps to prevent lines from forming in the future. Much has been made of Anti wrinkle treatment in the newspapers, as it is very popular with celebrities and now you can get the A-list look in Dublin18.

About fillers

Fillers are another form of non-invasive treatment, which are used to smooth the skin. They add volume to the skin to replace lost collagen and elastin and are ideal for people who want fuller, smoother skin without having surgery. Fillers can also be used to create a more defined aesthetic and to emphasise the lips.

About the procedure

The procedures for fillers and Anti wrinkle injections are very similar. After your consultation when you have decided which areas of the face to treat, you will be given a series of injections using an ultra-fine needle and the filler or Anti wrinkle injection will be injected into the skin. The results will start to become noticeable shortly after. The procedure typically takes less than half an hour and it really is as simple as it sounds.

The results of facial rejuvenation treatment are temporary, with the effects of Anti wrinkle injections set to last around 3-6 months and filler treatment up to 9 months.

Composite White Fillings With Dr Paul Hooi At Dublin18 Dental Care For Patients Near Ballsbridge

Even the most diligent dental patients can encounter problems with their teeth from time to time and we have the treatments to patch you up and ensure you are free from pain and infection. Fillings are a very common treatment used to treat tooth decay. We offer high quality, aesthetically pleasing white fillings to strengthen your teeth without impacting on the beauty of your smile.

What are white fillings?

White fillings are a popular modern alternative to silver amalgam fillings. White fillings are made from a mixture of dental composite, resins and glass ionmers and they are designed to make your teeth stronger and fill cavities without changing the aesthetic of your tooth. There are various shades of composite available and we do our best to match the filling to your natural tooth shade for a completely invisible finish.

If you have a cavity, this weakens the tooth and there is a risk that bacteria can spread through your tooth; fillings help to prevent this and strengthen your tooth.

Filling treatment

Dr Paul Hooi is an experienced dentist and he uses his skill and creativity to create seamless aesthetics. Using dental composite, Dr Hooi restores the teeth, maintaining their natural beauty and ensuring that you don’t feel a thing.

Treatment is short and painless, as we use mild anaesthetic to numb the tooth prior to the procedure. Your dentist will clean the cavity thoroughly and removed decayed tissue, before the composite is poured into the hole and shaped. At this stage, bonding material will have been placed inside the cavity to enable the composite to stick firmly and the composite is in putty form. Dr Hooi will use his expertise to shape the composite before using a curing light to set it firm and making any final adjustments.

Silver amalgam fillings

White fillings have become very popular over the last few years thanks to their cosmetic benefits, but silver amalgam fillings remain a popular choice, especially for patients who have cavities in the molar teeth. We offer different types of filling to cater for patient’s individual needs.




Six Month Smiles-Springtime Offer €2500 With Dr Eddie Goggins At Dublin18 Dental Care For Patients Near Ballsbridge

If you’re searching for a discreet orthodontic treatment, which also works amazing quickly, we have great news! Six Month Smiles could be just the solution you are looking for!

What is 6 Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a fast, discreet fixed brace treatment, which is specially designed for patients with minor and moderate orthodontic issues. This treatment focuses on the social 6, the term used to describe the front teeth, and uses the latest technology to straighten the teeth extremely quickly.

Most fixed braces take at least 12 months to straighten the teeth, but this treatment works much faster, producing beautiful smiles in just six months. Treatment time is short for two main reasons: firstly, the treatment focuses on the front teeth only and secondly, the braces use self-ligating technology, which accelerates tooth movement.

Who can benefit from 6 Month Smiles?

If you’ve spent most of your life shying away from photos or keeping your mouth closed, rather than showing off a wide smile because you have crooked, wonky or misaligned teeth, 6 Month Smiles could help to restore your confidence and correct these issues. Six Month Smiles is ideally suited to those with minor or moderate issues with their front teeth and it is an excellent option for patients who are desperate to see results quickly.

In addition to working rapidly, 6 Month Smiles also offers discretion, as the braces are made from transparent brackets and wires. The braces are also comfortable and fees are considerably lower than many of the alternative options.

Special offers at Dublin18 Dental Care

To celebrate the arrival of springtime, we are offering the incredible 6 Month Smile treatment at a special price of €2,500. Please call the practice to find out more and arrange your free consultation. Dr Eddie Goggins has experience in using this treatment to create beautiful, straight smiles and he looks forward to welcoming you to the practice.






The Importance Of Hygiene Visits For Both Adults And Children At Our Dental Clinic In Deansgrange

We pride ourselves on promoting good oral health and helping our clients to achieve healthy, beautiful smiles and we are delighted to offer a range of hygiene services. Our expert dental hygienists are an integral part of the Dublin18 team and we encourage adults and children to attend regular hygienist appointments to boost oral health and keep gum disease and cavities at bay.

What do hygienists do and how could I benefit from hygiene sessions?

Dental hygienists are experts in oral hygiene; they are trained to provide a range of hygiene services, including cleaning treatments and fresh breath treatment, as well as preventative services, such as sealant treatment and fluoride varnish, and advice about oral hygiene, healthy eating and oral health and quitting smoking.

Seeing a hygienist has many benefits; cleaning treatments help to remove bacteria and plaque from the mouth, which lowers the risk of gum disease, bad breath and decay and removes surface stains, giving the teeth a lovely, healthy sheen.

The mouth is often considered as a window to the body and numerous studies have now established a link between oral and general health; regular hygiene sessions reduce the risk of gum disease, which in turn, lowers the risk of serious illnesses, including heart disease and strokes.

Children can benefit from seeing a hygienist for preventative treatments, which help to protect the teeth from cavities.

How much do hygiene treatment sessions cost?

A 20 minute session with a dental hygienist costs €50 and a 30 minute session costs €68.

Call us today to book your next appointment at our dental clinic in Deansgrange!




Considering 6 Months Smiles? Take A Look At Our Amazing Special Offers Near Ballsbridge!

Have you always wanted a straight smile? Do you long for beautiful pearly whites but dread wearing braces for years on end? If so, we have the perfect solution: 6 Month Smiles.

You may have guessed by the name, that this treatment takes just six months to produce beautiful, straight smiles. Most treatments take at least 12 months to move the teeth, so this is a really fast option, which is ideal for those who are preparing for a special occasion and patients who have been put off braces by lengthy treatment times in the past.

About 6 Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a fixed braces system, which promises speed, convenience, comfort and discretion. These braces are able to work in half the time of traditional fixed braces because they focus solely on the ‘social 6’, the teeth at the front of the mouth, which can be seen when you smile. By concentrating on these teeth, treatment time is slashed and patients who have minor issues do not have to undergo more intensive treatment than is required.

Six Month Smiles is suitable for adults and some teenagers; it is a perfect choice for those who have always longed for a straight smile and patients who have minor or moderate issues, such as mild crowding, which affect the front teeth.

Six Month Smiles work very quickly, but they also offer additional benefits, including very discreet braces. These braces are made from clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires and they use the latest self-ligating technology to increase the speed of treatment and prevent friction.

Our pricing

We are offering the amazing Six Month Smiles system for an incredible price of just €2500. Call in to the practice or give us a ring to find out more about this great deal or the treatment in general.


Fixed Orthodontics For Children And Teenagers Near Ballsbridge

Nowadays, there is a great deal of emphasis on the new breed of orthodontic treatments, with many people opting for invisible braces and removable aligners, but fixed braces are still very popular and they have successfully treated thousands of people over the course of several decades. Fixed braces remain a very popular choice for children and teenage patients and modern braces have a wealth of benefits for younger patients.

About fixed braces

Fixed braces are made up of brackets and wires, which generate forces to move the teeth over the course of time. In most cases, treatment with fixed braces takes at least 12 months but the exact treatment time is dependent on the complexity of the orthodontic prescription and the amount of movement required.

Fixed braces are attached to the teeth and they can only be removed by a dentist; once they are in place, the treatment process is very simple and all you have to do is attend regular check-ups. Occasionally, the braces may be adjusted or tightened.

Fixed braces are beneficial because they are suitable for patients with a wide range of orthodontic problems and they are a great choice for those with complex needs, as they provide a lot of support and bring about much more movement than some of the more popular cosmetic systems.

Are fixed braces painful?

Fixed braces have a bad name because they don’t look that attractive and people assume that they are very painful, but modern braces are much more delicate than older styles and you can choose from different colours. When you first have braces fitted it is normal for them to feel tight and painful, but you will be advised to take painkillers and the pain should subside once your mouth starts to adjust to the braces; you may also experience discomfort when you have your braces tightened, but again this should subside quickly. Contact the team at Dublin18 Dental Care near Ballsbridge for more information about children’s orthodontics.

White Fillings At Dublin18 Dental Care Near Ballsbridge

White fillings have become a favourite of patients for a number of reasons.

  • They look far more attractive than metal fillings
  • They are felt to be safer than metal fillings

Both points are equally valid. For many years metal, amalgam fillings were the restorative of choice for damaged teeth, but research and experience revealed over time that these were prone to leak. Heavy metal leakage is no picnic and so when possible most dentists prefer to use white fillings, which contain no metal material.

Why do I need a filling?

Fillings are a handy tool for preventing further tooth decay and saving your natural teeth. When plaque and bacteria are able to sit on the surface on your teeth they eat away at the enamel, first causing erosion and then decay. Small holes can begin to appear in your tooth, which if left unchecked can turn into large holes, after which they become massive cavities. Cavities are painful and can often mean the end of your natural tooth, with extraction often the only option. If a dentist spots a small amount of decay in time they can use malleable white dental fillings to seal the tooth and prevent any further decay from occurring.

What else can white fillings be used for?

White fillings can also be used for aesthetic reasons, for example, if you suffer from a chipped tooth at the front of your mouth then white filling material can be used to restore the tooth. As long as the damage isn’t structural, white fillings can be used to correct fractures and cracks to teeth that a visible when you smile. This is often a more cost effective option that veneers or crowns and provides results that are similar in appearance. If you are interested in having white fillings get in touch with the team at Dublin18 Dental Care near Ballsbridge.