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Innovative Clearstep Treatment For Patients Near Dun Laoghaire

When it comes to straightening your teeth, there are literally hundreds of options available. Traditional braces have competition and many patients opt for clear aligners to get the work done in half the time as traditional wire and metal. One such innovation that has taken teeth straightening by storm is the Clearstep treatment and its completely clear aligner.

If you’re like the vast majority of our patients who desire a straighter smile without the bulk of metal braces, you’ll love the discreet option Clearstep provides. This is an excellent treatment choice for patients who want desirable results without the social stigma of wearing a brace.

Advanced technology

Clearstep braces use advanced technology to help you achieve your perfect smile. Through the use of clear positioners that are worn for two weeks at a time your teeth are gently nudged in the right direction. Unlike other types of braces, Clearstep aligners do not affect your speech and they are completely removable, making maintaining your oral hygiene routine easy. What’s more, the aligners can be removed at meal times, which mean you can enjoy your food without the hassle of braces getting in the way.

This new innovative technology is one that needs to be seen in person. Clearstep aligners have taken the world of smile makeovers by storm and we are inviting you to get in touch with us at Dublin18 Dental care near Dun Laoghaire to arrange a consultation today. We are confident that if the Clearstep treatment provides the right fit for you, you will not be disappointed.