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Patients Near Foxrock-Be proud Of Your Pearly Whites With Zoom! Whitening

If you’ve read a magazine or browsed the celebrity news columns of the newspaper of late, you’ll be familiar with the latest A-list accessory; the bright white smile. A white, radiant smile has been regarded as a sign of success and good health for centuries and today, in a society where looks are everything, whitening is extremely popular and a quick and simple way to give your smile a makeover!

What is Zoom! whitening?

Zoom! whitening is one of the world’s most popular whitening treatments, used by celebrities and dental patients all over the world. Zoom! whitening is a professional in-chair whitening treatment, which lightens and brightens the teeth in under an hour, meaning you don’t have to wait long to show off your dazzling new smile.

How does Zoom! whitening work?

The Zoom! whitening procedures takes around one hour; whitening agent is put on the teeth and then activated using an intense ray of UV light. The whitening agent bleaches the teeth, removing stains and creating a natural white glow, which makes the smile look healthy and radiant. The procedure is not painful, there is no requirement for injections or anaesthetic and the results are visible instantaneously.

Why is whitening so popular?

Tooth whitening is popular because it is affordable, effective and simple. The procedure is non-invasive, there is no need for injections and the results are visible immediately. Tooth whitening is a very safe and quick means of making your smile look healthier and more attractive; in just an hour, your pearly whites will be transformed and you can be confident that your smile looks a million dollars. If you would like Zoom! treatment please contact us at Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock for more information.

Patients From Foxrock Can Treat Themselves To Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Wrinkles are something that everyone will have to deal with at some point in their life, as the ageing process will eventually take its toll and cause places such as the eyes and mouth to form the dreaded wrinkle.

Premature ageing

But for many the effect of wrinkles may come a little prematurely due to the stresses of day to day life, and with the summer holidays causing heightened stress among many parents as they battle the daily chores of being a parent why not treat yourself to a few anti wrinkle injections to make yourself feel and look better.

Dublin18 Dental Care near to Foxrock not only offers an array of dental surgery, they also offer a range of cosmetic surgeries as well, and anti wrinkle injections just happens to be one of these.

Facial injections

Anti wrinkle injections are ultimately a facelift without the hours of painful surgery, and involve injections of purified protein into the most affected areas on the face to give you that new youthful look. You don’t even have to worry about recovery time, as the injections don’t cause the same amount of strain of the body as major cosmetic surgeries would.

The injections themselves are mostly painless and are often completed in a time frame of 10 to 20 minutes, which can act in your favour, as they won’t take too much time out of your day to have completed. The effects also last quite some time and can remain visible for up to three months, so you won’t be required to attend consistent visits to help you maintain your new wrinkle free life.

For more information make an appointment and discuss the benefits of the anti wrinkle injections and find out how you can get your fresh youthful skin back.



Why The Hygienist Is Important For Patients Near Foxrock

Aside from visiting your dentist the most important person you can visit to prevent any damage or decay to your teeth and maintain your general oral hygiene is a hygienist, as visiting a hygienist can prevent 90% of a dentists work.

Preventative dentistry

At Dublin18 Dental Care near to Foxrock the hygienists play a key role within the practice as they are trained to help patients prevent gum disease and can also educate you with ways to help keep everything in your mouth healthy, which will help prevent treatment risks in the future.

What is the job of a hygienist?

Many will be wondering what it is a hygienist does, and this is a simple and straight forward set of procedures. Firstly, they will remove any hard deposits of calculus, otherwise know as tartar, which has built up on your teeth and instruct you on ways in which you can prevent this from reforming within your mouth. The hygienist will also carry out a number of teeth cleaning procedures that may be required by the patient, such as deep root planning and a scale and polish. They can also help by looking at your diet and any other potential dental risks within your day-to-day life to help keep your teeth clean, and can provide tailor made programmes to help prevent any serious dental conditions in the future.

Oral health

It is recommend that patients visit their hygienist at least twice a year, however this can change from patient to patient depending on an individual’s oral health, and regular check ups can help determine how many yearly check ups each person will need.

By attending these visits your oral hygiene can be kept in check and in the long run help prevent problems such as gum disease and will help improve your overall health situation, as studies have suggested that issues such as gum disease are related to other more serious conditions such as heart disease.








Restylane Skin Care Range Exclusive To Patients Near Foxrock

Restylane is one of the most tried and trusted brands in facial aesthetics. They made their name through producing the first dermal filler based on hyaluronic acid (a substance found naturally in the body) to be approved by the American Food and Drug Administration. Their products have also reportedly been used in over 11 million procedures worldwide in the last fifteen years. Dermal fillers create volume and smooth out wrinkles from within, but now Restylane have branched out into skin care products which hydrate and nourish from the outside. We at Dublin18 Dental Care near to Foxrock are proud to be one of only a select few who stock Restylane skin care products in Ireland.

So what is so special about this cream?

The hyaluronic acid utilised in Restylane dermal fillers are incorporated into their skin care range as tiny particles which will make your skin glow. These creams will also help fill out minimal lines and help maintain moisture. The range incorporates several creams which will have more of a specific impact than the general benefits provided above. The night cream, for example, helps to counteracting ageing of the skin and will have your skin looking enhanced in as little as 4 weeks.  The night cream is very similar to the makeup of skin and helps to build up a protective skin barrier which will help your skin breath and recover at night. A night ‘serum’ is also available which contains retinol – one of the most effective ingredients available for reducing wrinkles and age spots. The day cream, in contrast, improves the skin’s detoxifying ability and results in improved smoothness and hydration. The range also includes a hand cream and facial cleanser. Restylane even produce a ‘recover’ cream, with natural anti-inflammatory qualities, which can help your skin recover from other cosmetic treatments.

Pop in and peruse!

If you live near to Foxrock, you live alongside one of the few Irish distributors of this range of creams. Why not take advantage of this? Come in and check out the range today.


How Can Patients Near Foxrock Keep Perfect Teeth After Orthodontic Braces

Traditional metal wire braces are sometimes compared to ‘train tracks’, and, if we shake this comparison from its common position as an insult, there is something appropriate, maybe even poetic, about it. Orthodontic treatment is a kind of journey, potentially quite a long one, towards the glistening Valhalla that is a corrected smile. Unfortunately, however, the journey does not end once the braces are off. The last hurdle – you’re running on those train tracks now – is in fact the few months post-brace, a period when your teeth could ‘relapse’ and negate all that dental work. How can you avoid this? Simple: A bonded retainer.

What is a retainer?

A retainer is a removable device, usually made of plastic and wires, which keeps in place (or ‘retains’) the position of your teeth after brace treatment, and they usually come in one of three types: Hawley, Essix or Bonded. At Dublin18 Dental Care near to Foxrock, we provide bonded retainers for patients.  Your mouth is especially prone to relapse during the first month after brace treatment and it is recommended to wear a retainer at all times, but there is no fear of forgetting with a bonded retainer as they are, quite literally, bonded to your teeth. Bonded retainers can also have the aesthetic advantage of being practically invisible. They can be fixed to the inside surfaces of teeth, though in some cases this will affect the quality of your bite and may not be suitable.

Retainer care

Bonded retainers are often left in place for months, years or even lifetimes! Despite the miracles they are capable of working, they also require a little bit of care. When brushing, take some extra time out and brush around the retainer thoroughly. Floss daily and, if it helps, use a floss threader to floss between your teeth and retainer. Remember to attend regular dental checkups and cleanings, and also stay away from sugary food and drinks. The care required for retainers is similar to braces, so the transition shouldn’t be too strange.


Smile Makeover Transformations with Veneers for Patients Near To Foxrock

There are many reasons why people might feel slightly self-conscious about their teeth, ranging from having missing teeth to discoloured teeth. However, it’s a shame not to be proud of your teeth – as the saying goes; the best thing you can wear is a smile! Dublin18 Dental Care can help you with treatments to make over your smile and help you feel more confident, and one of these is dental veneers.

What is a veneer?

Veneers are incredibly thin shells of tooth-coloured material which fit over your teeth to improve their appearance. After a mould is taken of your teeth, to ensure your veneers fit your mouth specifically, the veneers are created in a laboratory. These are then ‘cemented’ in place, and then treated with a special light in order to fix them onto your teeth. The comparison is often made to false fingernails. Veneers can be made of porcelain, ceramic or a composite material (this is used in a procedure called ‘composite bonding’). Porcelain is the most commonly-used material as it is easy to make it tooth-coloured, and it is very strong – with a good hygiene routine, porcelain veneers can last between five and ten years.

What how can veneers help my smile?

Veneers can help cover imperfections to render a more uniform, brilliant smile. Stained or discoloured teeth can be helped with veneers, while damaged teeth – for example, a tooth which has become chipped, can be covered with veneers too. This is particularly suitable if there are just one or two damaged teeth that need ‘repairing’. Equally, uneven gaps between teeth can be covered with veneers, to give a more uniform smile. Veneers are not usually an ideal solution for crooked teeth, but can give an ‘instant fix’ appearance for crooked teeth, unlike the longer process of orthodontics.

The Different Dentures Available for Patients Near Foxrock

It is vital to replace missing teeth, both due to their importance for eating and speech, and cosmetic reasons – more serious tooth loss can affect your whole face shape. One of the most common methods of replacing lost teeth is through the use of dentures. The many different types of dentures now available mean that the stereotype of the teeth in the glass of water by the bed is no longer necessary; the different types of dentures offered by Dublin18 Dental Care near to Foxrock, mean that there will be a type suited to each patient’s specific needs.

Acrylic dentures

The most common type of dentures are made from acrylic resin, chosen because of its strength, cosmetic appearance and its comfort. There is no chance of the dentures not fitting or becoming loose in your mouth, as they are designed to the exact specifications necessary for each patient. Partial or full dentures are available, partial dentures being used for patients who have lost a single tooth or a few teeth, while full dentures are used when a replacement of a full set of teeth is necessary.

Chrome cobalt dentures

Chrome cobalt dentures are made from metal, and so the structure of the dentures themselves tends to be slightly stronger than those made of acrylic. Chrome cobalt dentures attach into the roof of the mouth, and allow for a slightly more comfortable feel for the tongue, as well as greater overall strength and sturdiness. Your dentist can recommend which type of dentures would be most useful for you.


An alternative to dentures is dental implants, which are inserted directly into the jawbone. These provide greater stability than other dentures, but are only suitable for patients with healthy gums and suitable bone structure. Your dentist can advise you further on your suitability for this procedure.




Emergency Saturday Dentistry for Patients Near Foxrock at Dublin18 Dental Care

It goes without saying that taking care of our teeth is of vital importance. Without healthy, strong teeth, we cannot eat properly or speak correctly, not to mention the negative way unhealthy teeth affect our appearance. Yet no matter how much care we take of our teeth, accidents can still happen. Some of the worst problems that affect our teeth can occur quickly, when we least expect it, rather than as part of a gradual process. These sorts of ‘immediate’ problems can range from trauma– such as having a tooth knocked out or chipped in an accident – to an abscess suddenly making itself known by causing extreme pain that simply cannot (and should not) just be covered up with painkillers. When problems like this strike, it’s important that you visit a dentist for emergency dental care.

Emergency dentistry at Dublin18 Dental Care

When problems such as chipped teeth, abscesses, loosened teeth or any unexplained severe pain in your mouth make themselves known, the first thing you should do is call the dentist. It’s not worth thinking that you should put it off, or just try to ‘grin and bear it’, as this will not only cause you to suffer, but could lead to further problems if the problem is not treated right away. Try to call Dublin18 Dental Care near Foxrock straight away, and we will try to see you as soon as possible, on the same day, to ensure that the problem can be solved as swiftly. This includes on Saturdays, when emergency dentistry is also available.  We can help with many problems, from emergency root canal surgery to helping with tissue damage or teeth that have fallen out. Call Dublin18 Dental Care to help with your emergency dentistry needs on 01 235 4631.

Why Should Patients Near Foxrock Wear a Bonded Retainer After Braces Treatment?

Braces are hardly greeted positively, so wanting to rid your mouth of any additions post treatment is more than understandable! However, it is possible for the teeth to return to their original position, thus negating the entirety of your brace treatment. That is, unless retainers are used.

What is a retainer?

Put simply, a retainer is a removable device, usually made of plastic and wires, which keeps in place (or ‘retains’) the position of your teeth after brace treatment. Retainers come in the three types: Hawley, Essix and Bonded. Hawley retainers are the best known of the three types and utilise a metal wire that surrounds the teeth to keep them in place, they also have the added benefit of being adjustable for minor tooth movement. Essix retainers are clear, made of PVC and similar in appearance to ‘ invisible’ braces. Bonded retainers consist of a wire that is permanently bonded to the back of your teeth.


It can take months for your teeth to set post-treatment and they will be especially prone to ‘relapse’ after the first month, so it is crucial that you wear a retainer during this period! At this stage your retainer should be worn throughout the day, except for when you eat or brush your teeth. Your dentist will most likely guide you through how long you should wear a retainer in this manner. This period could be anything between two and twelve months, but can, in some circumstances, be more. It is recommended that, following this, the retainer is still worn occasionally, whilst sleeping for instance, to prevent any possible problems from occurring in the future. This goes especially for people with tongue thrust issues!

In conclusion

Remember: Attend your check-ups, listen to your dentist near Foxrock and wear your retainer or all that hard work may be for nought!

Patients from Foxrock with Severe Tooth Misalignment can Find the Ideal Treatment with Fixed Braces

For many patients their orthodontic problems are too severe for treatment with aligner systems such as invisible aligners or the Inman Aligner, but this needn’t mean they can never have the smile of their dreams.

How fixed braces can help.

Patients from Foxrock who suffer with complex orthodontic cases that involve twisted teeth, severe misalignment, pronounced overbites and other serious orthodontic problems can find the solution they need with fixed braces.

Fixed braces may not be as aesthetically pleasing as clear aligners, but they can complete the job of tooth movement a great deal better and a great deal quicker. Your fixed brace with provide constant treatment throughout the time you wear it, able to provide tooth movement for every tooth in your mouth, not just the ones you see when you smile. Moving the whole mouth will create a better bite and a better facial appearance, bringing balance and symmetry to your smile and face.

Oral hygiene for fixed brace wearers

Your new smile will soon be in place, but you wouldn’t want to ruin the big reveal with teeth damaged by decay and staining. This is why it is so important for anyone wearing a fixed brace to clean their teeth thoroughly and invest in special brushes and floss to help them clean their teeth, brackets and wires correctly. This will mean that your smile will be stunning, white and straight once your braces have been removed.

Fixed braces have been used for many, many years and are a great device to help those with complex orthodontic problems find the smile they always dreamed of.

Discuss you orthodontic problem with one of the friendly Dublin18 Dental Care practitioners, who can help you find the right brace treatment for your specific orthodontic condition.