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Create Gleaming Teeth This Summer With Our Veneer Treatments For Patients Near Ballsbridge

Nothing screams summer like healthy glowing skin and a bright, white smile, so why not treat yourself to a brand new set of pearly whites in time to celebrate the summer months?

At Dublin18 Dental Care we offer the latest cosmetic dental treatments, including veneers. We offer world-famous veneer treatments, including Da Vinci veneers and Lumineers, which have both been featured on television makeover shows and are favourites with celebrities.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are ultra-thin veneers, which produce incredible, natural looking smiles. Lumineers are very thin (just 2mm) but they are also very strong and hard-wearing. Lumineers are ideal for those looking for a bright and glossy smile, which still looks natural.

Da Vinci veneers

Da Vinci veneers are very popular; they are thinner than traditional porcelain veneers, which means that minimal preparation is required and the results are incredible.

Why would I choose veneers?

Veneers are a very effective treatment for people who are unhappy with the look of their smile and long for a healthy, bright and natural looking smile. Veneers can be used to address many different aesthetic flaws, from chipped and worn teeth to stained and discoloured teeth and gaps between the teeth.

Veneers are applied over the top of the natural teeth; the veneers we use at Dublin18 Dental Care near Ballsbridge are very thin, so they do not feel uncomfortable and preparation is kept to a minimum; this prevents damage to the tooth enamel.

Veneers are custom-made for the individual patient to ensure that they fit properly; once they are ready, we will fit them in place and check that you are happy with your new smile before fixing the veneers to your teeth.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous new smile for the summer, look no further than Dublin18 Dental Care; we can give you the smile of your dreams!