The solution for straighter teeth

If you have crowded, misaligned or protruding teeth, have you ever wondered how a straightened smile would feel? There are many modern solutions to this problem that wave goodbye to the unsightly and invasive techniques of days gone by. There are now several options within the world of modern braces in Dublin at Dublin18Dental. There is a range of clear, near-invisible braces that gently guide the teeth into place over several stages. The majority of the braces are also removable, so you are able to take them off to brush and floss as normal.

braces-dublinWhy Dublin18Dental?

Here at Dublin18Dental, we are a little bit different. Located in the beautiful village of Cabinteely in Dublin, we combine the reliability and trustworthiness of tradition, with the skill and precision of modern technology to give you the best possible quality of dental care, including braces in Dublin.

For 17 years now, we have been providing top quality dentistry using cutting edge equipment and accomplished techniques, whilst ensuring the environment we provide it in is designed with the comfort and relaxation of our patients in mind.

Our dental professionals are highly trained, and relentlessly pursue post-graduate level qualifications in order to keep themselves at the forefront of their field.

Still unsure?

If you are a nervous patient, you’re not alone. Many people have a fear of the dentist, or have had a bad experience in the past. The Oral Health Foundation in 2016 found that 48% of people are unhappy with their teeth. At Dublin18Dental, you can be assured that you are in safe and experienced hands, with an experience designed to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. If this is not enough, worry not.  We have the facilities to provide intravenous sedation, by our professional anaesthetist, with full associated medical care.

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If you would like to look further into braces in Dublin, contact the friendly, informative staff at Dublin18Dental and book yourself an initial consultation to see what we can do for you. You are just one step away from achieving the straight smile you have always dreamed of.