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Why Not Consider Dental Implants Near Leopardstown?

If you have missing teeth there are a number of treatments available to replace the teeth including dental implants. The luxury of dental implants are that they look and feel exactly like your own teeth. Dental implants can give you back the self esteem you need to help you feel better in yourself and boost your confidence. This also allows you to eat properly with confidence and without pain.

They are designed so that they fuse with the bone becoming permanent just like a natural tooth root.  So whether you are missing teeth and have a gap, are in need of an extraction and are considering something to fill the space or if you would like your dentures retained by implants, dental implants could be the choice for you.

Implant surgery

If a patient requires dental implants then surgery will be needed to place the implants into the mouth. This will require an X-ray and a CT scan in order to obtain a 3D picture of the mouth to assist with the smooth running of the implant surgery. Once this has been done the surgery will take place under local anaesthetic to ensure the patient is at ease throughout.

If this is something you are considering, feel free to contact us at Dublin18 Dental Care and we can talk you through your treatment.  You would require an extended implant consultation where we would take X-rays and assess your case.  Suitability depends on a variety of factors which will be discussed in more detail at your visit.

To find out which option is best for you, make an appointment at Dublin18 Dental Care near Leopardstown to discuss the choices available.


Your Teeth Will Thank You For Seeing One Of Our Hygienists Near Leopardstown

Prevention is better than cure in all walks of medicine and oral hygiene is the front line of defence against plaque, decay and infection regarding your pearly whites. Many people ask what the difference between a dentist and a dental hygienist is and, hopefully, the little introduction here has given you some idea; dentists cover everything, including the messy recover work, whereas dental hygienists work hard to make sure you never require messy recovery work. ‘But surely brushing twice a day takes care of that?’ Perhaps, but perhaps not; there could be a multitude of variable you are ignoring: Do you floss? Are brushing those newly protruding wisdom teeth? Are you teeth just starting to look bad even though you are brushing? If you’ve even hesitated at any of those questions, perhaps consider seeing a hygienist…

The cleaning itself

When you visit one of our hygienists near Foxrock, you will receive a special type of tooth cleaning called ‘scaling and polishing’. Even if you brush thoroughly twice a day for two minutes, there will still be areas that a conventional tooth brush cannot reach. Hygienists, however, are equipped with both the specialist knowledge and equipment to tackle and clean these common problem areas. They will even polish your teeth, thus removing any surface blemishes. Regular appointments are also advised as the trained eye of the hygienist can spot any potential problems that a layman might miss.

A little advice

Knowledge is power (or something like that) and perhaps the greatest gift the hygienist can offer is that of knowledge. They will be delighted to instruct you on the best homecare tooth cleaning products on the market and guide you through the best techniques that can be used to ensure a thorough cleaning. They can also offer dietary advice (as food obviously affects the teeth) as well as other general oral healthcare advice (such as how to give up smoking). You are in charge of your own oral health but, armed with the hygienists help, hopefully you’ll never have to visit us for more than a check-up. Even if all you need is confirmation that you’re doing everything right, a trip to the hygienist can be indispensable.


Fixed Bridges To Make Your Teeth Sparkle For Christmas For Patients Near Leopardstown

A dental bridge is not the most high profile dental treatment, but it could be the perfect solution if your smile needs a little attention in the run up to Christmas. A dental bridge is a treatment used to replace a missing tooth, so if you’re missing a tooth or you have a severely decayed tooth, which you have been advised to have removed, a dental bridge could be the ideal solution to restore your sparkly smile this festive season.

About dental bridges

Missing teeth can cause many problems, from difficulty with speaking and eating to a lack of self-esteem caused by feeling unhappy about the way your smile looks. Missing teeth can also cause the neighbouring teeth to move out of position and the gaps are also breeding grounds for bacteria, which increases the risk of decay and gum disease. Replacing missing teeth enables you to speak clearly, eat what you like and smile with confidence.

A dental bridge is a type of restoration, which is used to fill a gap in the smile. A bridge is made of a false tooth, which is known as a pontic, which is fused to a crown on either side. The false tooth is designed to match the colour of your natural tooth so that it blends in perfectly and cannot be distinguished from your other teeth. Fixed bridges last for several years and they are an affordable and effective means of replacing missing teeth.

Get ready for a gorgeous Christmas!

If you’re suffering from low self-esteem or you are unhappy with your smile because of a missing tooth, a dental bridge could help you to enjoy a magical Christmas. The treatment process is simple and we can have you showing off your new smile in perfect time for Christmas parties and New Year festivities. To find out more about dental bridges at Dublin18 Dental Care near Leopardstown click here: https://www.dublin18dentalrooms.ie/dental-bridges-dublin.html

Filling Treatments For Patients Near Leopardstown

Fillings are essential for restoring functionality to broken teeth while maintaining comfort and protecting you against bacteria. The fact of the matter is, most people need some type of dental treatment and millions of people around the world have fillings. Fillings are common, but that doesn’t mean they have to be intrusive.

Amalgam Fillings

Once upon a time, amalgam fillings were the only type of fillings available. Made from metal, these silver filings are strong and can withstand vast amounts of pressure put on the tooth, whether the person knows or not. Since amalgam fillings do not blend with natural teeth and are quite noticeable, they are often not as popular a choice for fillings.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings use a common and popular material to seal broken teeth. As we discussed, amalgam fillings can be noticeable when a person smiles or opens their mouth to laugh, they are often unattractive and alert everyone to the fact that you have undergone dental work. Composite fillings, on the other hand, are naturally coloured to blend in with your teeth. In fact, since most people are unable to deduce a composite filling from a natural tooth on first glance, composite fillings have increased and continue to increase in popularity.

Cerec Onlays

Also metal free, Cerec onlays allow the filling to blend in with a patient’s natural teeth. Cerec Onlays have an edge over composite fillings, however, in that they allow a patient’s treatment to be completed in one visit to the dentist, empowering patients with confidence and pride.

With so many fillings options available, it can seem a bit overwhelming choosing which method would best suit you. Get in touch with one of our highly-qualified Dublin18 Dental Care team near Leopardstown today to discuss your treatment options.



What Are The Different Kinds Of Dentures Available For Patients Near Leopardstown

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth and/or surrounding tissues. Fake teeth have been used for a long time, as early as since 700 B.C. Obviously, things have improved greatly since that time, nowadays’ dentures being used can be easily look like the real teeth.

Types of dentures

At the moment, there are two types of dentures available: complete and partial ones.

Complete dentures replace an entire set of natural teeth. They are made after the teeth have been removed and the gum tissues begin to heal. Usually, a complete denture can be installed in 8 to 12 weeks after the teeth have been removed. Complete dentures can be made out of acrylic or chrome cobalt. The latter ones give the patient more comfort and stronger structure.

Partial dentures

Partial dentures are for those who have lost one or several teeth. They are used when at least one or more natural teeth have remained attached in the patient’s jaw. A partial denture is basically a bridge that can cover the holes in your smile left by the missing teeth. It is made out of a pink acrylic base that is set with real-looking false teeth. The entire construction is supported by a metal framework.

Removable or permanent

Partial dentures can have two modes for attachment: removable or permanent. The removable ones use metal clasps so that they can attach to the remaining natural teeth, while the permanent ones are bonded directly to the teeth for a more secure fit.

There is one more option available for those that have lost at least one tooth: implant retained dentures. These are artificial teeth that are inserted into the jawbone that look and feel exactly like real teeth. In order for a patient to take this treatment, he or she must have healthy gums and acceptable bone levels so that the implants can properly fuse with the jawbone. For more information on dentures please contact our friendly team at Dublin18 Dental Care near Leopardstown.



Why Night Guards Are Important For Patients In Leopardstown

When you’re trying to take care of your teeth there are a number of different things you do, such as brushing, flossing, using mouthwash and even taking part in regular dental and hygiene check ups. But what many forget is that while you may be taking care of your teeth while you’re awake, you also need to take care of them while you sleep.

Dublin18 Dental Care near Leopardstown understands the importance of mouth guards to protect your teeth, and while you may think that they are mainly used to protect you whilst playing sport, you can also use them to protect your teeth while you sleep.

Night grinding

The most common need for a night guard is bruxism, which is the grinding or clenching of the teeth whilst you sleep. This can have a severe and damaging effect on your teeth and your jaw joint, as grinding your teeth whilst sleeping can wear the teeth through the enamel and into the dentin of your teeth and can loosen your teeth by destroying the bone supporting them. By wearing a night guard this problem can be dealt with as it distributes the bite forces evenly within your mouth, and acts as a barrier between any trauma that may be caused between the teeth and jawbones.

Night Guards

Dental night guards can also help those who suffer from snoring or mild sleep apnea, as the mouth guard can pull the lower jaw forward slightly which will open your airways and reduce the volume and frequency of the snoring. Many people who have used mouth guards have reported that other issues such as headaches and facial pains have also been reduced due to their use.

Night guards are also available in an array of forms such as soft night guards, hard/soft night guards and hard night guards. Contact the practice at Dublin18 Dental Care for more help and advice on night guards.



Home Tooth Whitening Kits For Patients Near Leopardstown

Want whiter teeth without having to leave your own home? Well, we can almost make that a reality; Home tooth whitening kits are becoming increasingly popular. Some kits can be used entirely at home, though some will require a mould of your mouth to be taken at your dentist’s before home treatment can begin.

How do these wondrous kits work?

Be it by a dentist or yourself, a tray (or mould) will be produced in the shape of your teeth. It should be noted that when done professionally, these trays can take between 5 and 10 days to produce. Your kit should also include some tubes of bleaching gel. Once you have your tray, you will squeeze some of the gel into the tray and wear it for a specified time period. Some kits require roughly 30 minutes a session but others can require up to two hours, some kits even require the tray to be worn overnight. You then just keep repeating this daily until you achieve your desired result – this can take anywhere between a matter of days and a matter of weeks. As these are home bleaching kits, the bleaching solution provided will be weaker than the products used by your dentist. This is why home treatment can take a little longer to complete.

How much whiter will my teeth be?

This varies both according to the person participating and the treatment used. Your dentist will guide you through the most appropriate treatment and advise you on the likely result during your initial consultation.

Am I suitable?

Some people, such as those suffering from gum disease or other dental health issues, sadly may not be suitable for any form teeth whitening. This is why it is important to consult your dentist about any form of teeth whitening, rather than simply buying an over the counter product from a pharmacist. It should be noted that teeth whitening will not alter the colour of crowns, veneers or fillings, so these may need to b altered too. If you would like more information about whitening treatments available please do contact us at Dublin18 Dental Care near to Leopardstown.


Patients Near To Leopardstown Learn More about Tooth Extraction

Unfortunately, teeth do not always stay in perfect shape, and sometimes, in spite of all the treatments available, extracting a tooth is necessary. Tooth extraction might seem like an extreme procedure, but in some cases it is the only option – and of course, it is better than letting the tooth decay, or fall out on its own, both of which would be incredibly painful, whereas tooth extraction with Dublin18 Dental Care can be a relatively easy procedure. There are several reasons why extraction might be necessary. These can include damage being done to the teeth, for example via sports injuries or falls. If teeth cannot be repaired, extraction may be the safest option. Extraction might also be necessary if you suffer from periodontal disease (gum disease), as the tooth may become loose of its own accord. Sometimes extraction is not as a result of injury or disease: for example, removing a tooth may be a way to alleviate tooth overcrowding. This can happen with children whose adult teeth come through a little earlier. Similarly, extraction may be necessary for some people as their wisdom teeth grow through.


What is the procedure like?

Although extraction sounds scary, every step is taken to make it as easy and pain-free as possible. After discussing the procedure with you, the dentist will give you a local anaesthetic. This will take effect almost instantly, and so means that you should not feel any pain. A tool called an elevator is used to gently increase the size of the socket around the tooth, and then the tooth will be extracted using a special kind of forceps. You may feel the pressure of this while the procedure is taking place, but it will not be painful so much as a sensation of mild discomfort.

The Different Types of Veneer for the Different Types of Patients near Leopardstown

Dental veneers, sometimes called false nails for the mouth, are thin shells of tooth coloured material, which are attached to the teeth to cover up any aesthetic ailments a patient near Leopardstown may suffer from, such as: Broken, damaged, discoloured and, to an extent, crooked teeth. They can also help cover up tooth gaps. Veneers do come in a variety of types- here is a quick rundown of the popular varieties. 

Porcelain or composite veneers? 

At their most basic, veneers come in to two types: Porcelain and composite. Composite veneers are lower in price than porcelain, but are best for the treatment of small cracks or chips. They can also maintain are larger portion of the natural tooth. Porcelain veneers, in contrast, are stronger, with a more natural appearance and can last five to ten times longer than composite veneers, meaning porcelain veneers may be cheaper in the long run. During the procedure, a small part of your tooth will be removed. The amount removed will be equivalent in size to the thickness of the veneer being produced.


Lumineers are like standard dental veneers, but ultra thin and ultra strong. Their thickness is comparable to contact lenses. In contrast to standard veneers, very little of your natural tooth structure needs to be altered to accommodate them. As a result the procedure is often reversible, unlike with normal veneers. Lumineers are, unsurprisingly, more expensive than standard veneers as only one laboratory produces them.  

Da Vinci veneers

Da Vinci veneers are one of the most trusted veneers brands and have been featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover TV programme. Da Vinci veneers purport to be thinner, stronger and more resilient to staining than standard veneers. 

Consultation! Consultation!

If any of the types of veneer listed above piqued your interest, then make sure to contact Dublin18 Dental Care!


Perfect Teeth with Six Month Smiles for Patients from Leopardstown Looking for Straight Teeth in Six Months or Less

In today’s fast paced world we want everything to be done quickly and efficiently and the same is now required from our orthodontic treatments. This why a revolutionary cosmetic dentistry technique called Six Month Smiles was created, helping patients from Leopardstown straightened their crooked smiles in six months or less.

Why have Six Month Smiles?

If you have crooked teeth, misaligned or gappy teeth then Six Month Smiles may just be the brace for you! Six Month Smiles braces are incredibly popular in the USA because they are difficult to notice and are swift, with great results. Perfect!

How does it work?

Six Month Smiles use incredibly discreet tooth coloured wires and brackets, which are barely noticeable in the mouth. This makes Six Month Smiles a great treatment for adults who are trying to resolve a dental issue but don’t want an obvious metal brace in their mouths.

Over the treatment time the wires slowly and gently bring the teeth into an aligned position. The focus is on the front teeth, or the teeth you can see when you smile, which is why this treatment is quicker than other brace systems.

Six Month Smiles are often used in the treatment of patients with specific time frame in mind, who are looking for effective treatment in time for a wedding or another special occasion. They are also one of the most discreet fixed brace systems, which are only noticeable from very close up. This means they are able to combined the effective tooth movement of fixed braces with the discreet nature of removable aligners, making them a great all-round brace.